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Friday, September 25, 2020
Parking Lot Worship
Update for Confirmation Families & Congregation:

We ask congregation members who do not have a confirmation student to watch from their homes so there is more space for their families. This service will be live streamed on Sunday at 1:00p.

We have 19 confirmation students this year and receiving their family's RSVPs filled our hearts with joy! The faithful support of these young adults is known by those RSVP numbers. Comparing the number of invited guests with county COVID group gathering guidelines, we need to make adjustments. We will allow 6-7 people from each confirmation student's family in the designated seating space (distanced, with masks) in the parking lot. If your family has RSVP'd for more, we have designated parking spots for cars to back in to, roll their windows down to listen/watch the service from there. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but we wanted to try to accommodate everyone the best we could.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Cancelling or changing church events (and school, sports, work, etc. for that matter) is tough on everyone. As planners of these types of events, we are constantly talking about how and why we have to change our course of action on a dime during COVID-19. Our hearts ache that our confirmands can't share their special day with their extended church family in person, but we trust you will keep these students in your prayers as they celebrate the Affirmation of their Baptisms.
Hungry Jar
Hungry Jar Special Appearance ;)
We're bringing the Hungry Jar back! For the Confirmation service, we will be collecting regular offering as well as a special offering for the Hungry Jar! As you exit the parking lot, someone will be available for collection. The Hungry Jar money will be given to the Coulee Region Hunger Walk. It's been a long time... remember your dollar bills! ;)
Coulee Region Hunger Walk (Virtual!)
The Coulee Region Hunger Walk is virtual so you can participate anytime between October 4-11. Register online for $20 (benefitting WAFER, Hunger Task Force, and 40% goes to your choice). To be on English Lutheran's team, indicate "Kathy's Krowd" for the team name! After registering, download a pledge form and send it in with donations. You can also invite family and friends to donate online (again, use team name "Kathy's Krowd"). You may also send a check to the church office clearly marked for "Hunger Walk" by Sunday, October 4. Questions? Contact Kathy Hageseth at 787.1904 or the church office!
Can You Help?
There are so many disasters happening in our world. Lutheran Disaster Response brings God’s hope, healing and renewal to people whose lives have been disrupted by disasters in the United States and around the world. LDR is often first on the scene, and when the dust settles and the headlines change, they stay to provide ongoing assistance to those in need.

  • U.S. Wildfires
  • Hurricane Response
  • U.S. Severe Storms
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
  • U.S. Tornadoes
  • U.S. Flooding
  • South Sudan Relief
  • Middle East and Europe Refugee Crisis
  • AMMPARO: Protecting Migrant Minors

If you'd like to write a check instead of donate online, you may make a check payable to English Lutheran and mail it. Please clearly mark your check for "LDR - [specific cause from list above]."
Face Covering Required
Please remember that if you are in the building (volunteering, conducting church business, dropping things off, meetings, seeing a staff member - pretty much any situation!) that a face covering is required per Governor Evers' Emergency Order. ELC strives to model to minister to our community and our neighbors by keeping everyone as safe as can be during COVID-19. Please wear your mask at all times when in common areas or in the church office.
Habitat Ground Blessing
ELC is blessed happy to be part of Habitat for Humanity's local Faith Build! Here is a video of the Virtual Ground Blessing in case you missed it. Pastor Becky was asked to give a blessing.

ELC's Faith Build Team will be accepting donations for the Faith Build Auction in our parking lot entry the week of October 11. Click here for specific dates/times and a list of auction items that you can donate.

If you wish to contribute to the Faith Build fund, you may write a check to ELC and clearly mark it for Habitat for Humanity. Mail it to Jennifer's attention at 1509 King Street, La Crosse, WI 54601.
Annual Blessing of the Pets (COVID-Style)
Join us on Sunday, October 4 from noon until 1:00p for a drive-through pet blessing! Bring your pets - dogs, cats, chinchillas, fish and anything in-between! You may stop for a brief blessing by a pastor (please stay in your car) and maybe a treat for both your pet and any humans you bring along! Click here for a map of how to enter/exit the parking lot.

Send us pictures of your pets to include in a special piece during online worship that morning if you can't join us. Please be sure to include your pet's name.
New Devotionals!
New issues of Christ in Our Home and the Word in Season are outside by the parking lot doors. Stop by and pick one up!

There are also copies of The Lutheran for you to take home and enjoy.

If you're not receiving the Tue/Thu video devotionals from our staff and guests, sign up here!
Volunteer for Worship!
We are slowly beginning to bring people back to church. Beginning in September, we are looking for people to read the lessons and pray the intercession prayers during our live worship service. Readings and prayers will be emailed to you in advance so you have a chance to rehearse.

We are careful about social distancing, so only those on the schedule will be allowed in the building. Masks are also required for the duration of your time in the building (except for when behind the lectern). If you want to split the readings between family members, that is welcome.

Volunteers Needed!!
Box Car Loading for LWR is Saturday, October 10th from 7-11a. The loading is at 1260 Clinton Street. We have 22 various size boxes of quilts to transport there from church. Click here to see more about Lutheran World Relief!

On Thursday, October 1st at 10:00a, we'll be donating what is left of the rummage sale donations to various organizations. We need help loading the truck. Everything is boxed and ready to go!

Masks and socially distancing required for both volunteer opportunities.
Suicide Awareness Month
September is National Suicide Awareness month. If you or a loved one are struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide there are resources to help. The suicide prevention crisis line is 800-273-8255 or you may visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org for resources or to confidentially chat with someone. Locally, you can also dial 211 for resources and support. Please know that you are loved.

Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things in him who strengthens me."