Weekly News & Updates: Friday, June 17, 2022
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ELC’s Re-Opening Team guides decisions for our congregation based on guidance from our local and national health experts, and upon Jesus’ instruction to love our neighbors. Because of rapidly changing conditions and updates from the CDC and WI Department of Health being released on Thursdays, it’s difficult to get communication out to our congregation in time for worship. Therefore, we ask that you check our current COVID risk level before attending church.

Current Risk: MEDIUM, updated 06/16/22 3:45pm
Click here to check our risk level. (Scroll to the box that says “COVID-19 County Check.” Choose “Wisconsin” and “La Crosse County” to show current risk level, usually updated Thursday afternoons.)

  • High risk: masks are required for anyone in our building over the age of 2
  • Medium risk: masks are not required, but encouraged especially for those at high risk for severe illness, or around someone who is at high risk for severe illness
  • Low risk: it is not necessary to wear a mask unless you choose

Please remember that if you are serving communion, are working directly with children under age five, or volunteering in the kitchen, that masks are required for those roles.
Reflections on Synod Assembly - Maddie Sweeney

This years Synod Assembly was my first time going to an Assembly. My experience is something that I will never forget and the memories made will last a lifetime. I found the music that was played inspiring. My most favorite hymn was played was on Friday night, Come Thou Fount. The hymn made me relax as we were all getting ready for a long weekend and made me feel comfortable going into Saturday. On Saturday, Come Thou Fount was the last song we sung before we went to break out sessions and finishing up business. I learned how all the churches can work together and now have a better understanding on how the church can come together as one and work together. It was fun to see people who we met back in May for the caucus and then meeting everyone else from the other churches in the area.
The workshops I attended were the workshop with our Assembly Musicians and the inter-religious relations and partnerships. I found the workshop so much fun! I learned so much about how much music has grown in the church and that no matter what church you go to in the ELCA that the same hymns will be played. In the interreligious relations and partnerships workshop, I learned how our friends from the Jewish community and the ELCA work together. We also went in depth about the church history and how the ELCA started. My experience with seeing the larger church was eye opening and a learning opportunity. I learned so much on how the world works with small synods. I have a better understanding now how all the synods work together. I have a better understanding on how the whole church works. The whole weekend at the Synod Assembly deepened my faith by drawing me closer to the ones that I see every Sunday and get to know them better. I also got outside my comfort zone by talking to people who were from other churches. I feel like a different person since the Synod Assembly.
We are excited about our upcoming Vacation Bible School week at English Lutheran Church, June 20-23. Thank you all for sharing your children with us. We look forward to a week of learning, creating, and sharing God's love with them!

We had to make a few changes to our program because we were notified that Sugar Creek Bible Camp will not be hosting day camps this summer. But we came up with a plan we are excited about and recruited older youth to step in and work with us to create a fun camp experience for your children! Here are the details:
  • Camp is 9am-12:15pm Monday-Thursday (drop off is 8:45-9am).
  • The preschool program will be extended 45 minutes.
  • The elementary program will be shortened.
  • Lunch is provided for everyone! We will let you know the menu next week. If we are having something your child does not prefer, you are welcome to send them with a sack lunch.
  • Each child should bring a box of crackers or fish crackers to share for the week. This will provide them a snack mid-morning. The snacks will be prepared so each child has an individual serving. 
  • Dress each day for the weather. We are hoping to do some activities outside.
  • On Sunday, June 26th we invite you all to our 9:30am worship service for a VBS closing program. More details on this to follow.
  • Camp will be NO CHARGE. If you have already paid, we will be refunding you.

We apologize for the late notice on the schedule change, but we just found out, along with many other churches. We are doing the best we can with the notice we have been given and still look forward to a great week. We understand this new schedule may not work for all of you. If you need to pull your children out of the program, please let us know as soon as possible!
Pastor Becky Goche was recognized for her five-year anniversary of ordination at this year's Synod Assembly. Congratulations on this milestone, Pastor Becky, and we give thanks to God for your leadership at English Lutheran Church!
Do you wish to help others discover a personal, intimate relationship with God? Are you interested in preparing for retreat ministry or training to become a spiritual director? Are you looking to hone your deep, compassionate, nonjudgmental listening skills? We invite you to consider the Spiritual Direction Preparation Program presented by the Franciscan Spirituality Center. 

FSC has trained more than 600 people in the practice of spiritual direction. This innovative training program is a mix of workshops and real-life experiences to prepare individuals to share their compassionate listening skills as trained spiritual directors in their communities.
Spiritual directors are compassionate, nonjudgmental listeners who accompany people on their spiritual journeys. Directors come from all walks of life and do not offer counseling, advice, or problem-solving but rather serve as trusted guides to help others discover their inner wisdom.

For more information see FSC's website or contact Steve Spilde at (608) 791-5297. The next cohort will begin in September 2022. Application deadline is August 1, 2022.