We have new procedures in place to enter the church building. The parking lot doors are open from 9am-12pm Monday through Friday. If you need to drop off or pick up an item, there is a table in the entry. Alert us to what you need. We will leave it for you to find and you may come and go in the entry as you please. You may pick up devotional books, The Lutheran magazine, and communion kits.

We ask that you stay in the entry if you need to enter into the building. Call us at 608-784-9335. A staff member is happy to come out and assist you with signing in and sanitizing procedures.

We know this is not an ideal situation and it's not the warm welcome you're used to. However, in order to keep our church family and staff safe, we ask that you do not come into the church unless it is absolutely needed. We want you to stay home and stay healthy so we can get back to worshipping together as a church family once again.