Bonnie Cox, LWVIL President
FromFrom the President:   
Dear LWVIL Members,
I'm thrilled to share that we have completed our extensive search and have hired a new executive director. The announcement will be sent in a second email very soon.  We're confident that you will be impressed and just as excited as we are!
We're indebted to Krista Grimm who so graciously and competently served as our Interim Executive Director during these last few months.   I can't imagine what we would have done without her! We're very happy to not have to think about that for at least the next few months anyway. Krista has agreed to stay on until the end of the year to help make a smooth transition. Thank you, Krista!
As long as I've been on the board, Roberta Borrino has been there in the office managing the roster, getting out those TFAs, handling all manner of communications, doing the "techy stuff," and being the patient, pleasant, helpful voice at the other end of so many of my calls and inquiries. Roberta is going on to other endeavors including continued attention and devotion to her local LWV so it's not like she's leaving us altogether. Still, when her last day in the office rolls around next week, I know that many of you, like me, will miss her. Thank you, Roberta, for the myriad ways you served us all.  
I'm looking forward to seeing many of you on September 29 for the SOS event. It promises to be a fun and exciting event. You don't want to miss it!
Yours in League, 

Bonnie Cox
NewNew Board Treasurer Appointed 
Henrietta Saunders, CFA, and member of LWV Glenview/Glencoe, was appointed as LWVIL Treasurer. She will serve in the position and on the board until the next election of officers at the June, 2019 LWVIL convention.

Former Treasurer Olemuel Ashford resigned from the position for personal reasons. We are pleased that he remains on the LWVIL board as a director.
After four years of service, Roberta Borrino will be leaving the position of LWVIL Co mmunications and Administrative Coordinator. 
On Wednesday, September 26 from 3 -5 pm, there will be an Open House at the League office. All are welcome to drop in to thank Roberta for her help over the years and share best wishes. Light refreshments will be served. 
IllinoisVoter Service

Effective September 17, LWVIL voter guide is partially live re: statewide contests and congressional district contests.

Effective October 1, LWVIL voter guide will be totally live with all offices from statewide candidate contests through judicial elections.

Gubernatorial Debate
On Wednesday, October 3, there will be a gubernatorial debate cosponsored by ABC7, Univision, and LWVIL. The live broadcast debate on ABC7 will be 6pm to 7pm. Univision will broadcast the debate on October 7 at 10am in English with Spanish subtitles.
StateState of the State 2018: Did You Buy Your Ticket Yet?
Saturday, September 29 - 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Arlington Park Race Course, Arlington Heights, IL

LWVIL Ed Fund's biggest event of the year welcomes your support!   Read all about it and get your tickets  HERE.
LWVILWomen's March Chicago Update 

LWVIL is proud to be a sponsoring partner of this event - on behalf of all our local Leagues! Please read our press release.

Our focus and priority is voter engagement/ education awareness and to promote our Illinois Voter Guide . The march itself is highlighting first-time voters and even designating a special area for these individuals. Increasing registered voters is important, but let's not forget those who are registered but need to get to the polls.   Let's see if we can achieve measurable improvement from 2014's 49% midterm turnout of registered voters.

We encourage all our local Leagues to participate in this event. There are multiple opportunities:
  • Marching participant - LWV will have a meetup location on the West side of Buckingham Fountain - more details to come.
  • Assisting with voter outreach at our booth or in the march crowd
  • Volunteer to assist with the march (such as a parade marshal) - see the women's march chicago website for details - http://womens121marchonchicago.org/
  • Donating to support the event
We also encourage our local Leagues to help spread the word to members and social media followers. Flyers can be printed directly from the Women's March Chicago website and social media graphics are available as well.

Sister events are being planned in Springfield and Rockford areas - we will continue to keep you informed from the march organizers.

Marching and outreach materials:
If you are interested in helping plan and volunteer for outreach and booth activities, please contact LWVIL Board members Allyson Haut ( ahaut@lwvil.org ) and Jenny Grochowski ( jgrochowski@lwvil.org ).
IssuesIssues and Advocacy Update
SAVE THE DATE: Issues Briefing
March 2, 2019 9:30 am - 4:00 pm                                               
University Center 525 South State Street, Chicago, IL

Please save the date to join Leaguers from around the state to hear from leading experts and particip
ate  in workshops on the Issues you care most about! 
Send your suggestions for the program by October 5 to issues@lwvil.org, using subject line: March Briefing. 

Plans are underway to accommodate more participants and to share presentati
ons with downstate members.

SPOTLIGHT ON AN ISSUE: Criminal Justice Position Update Report
Submitted by Janet Kittlaus on behalf of the Update Committee

The current members of the Criminal Justice Position Update Committee are:  Laur a Davis, Palatine Area; Beverly Graham, Oak Park/River Forest; Patti Lackman, Central Kane County; Sharon Welch, Chicago; Lark Cowart, Central Kane County; Janet Kittlaus, Glenview/Glencoe

We quickly discovered that our "update" might be a more complex endeavor than we first imagined because the existing position did not address the criminal justice system in a comprehensive manner. The work of the Illinois Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform especially as well as other resources concerning criminal justice reform have offered us a wealth of information that was not available-or even imagined-the last time the position had been updated. As a result, our existing timetable (to get materials and consensus questions to members so that results were ready by the 2019 convention) was not feasible. We therefore requested of the Board an extension so that our work could be presented to the membership during 2019 and 2020 and consensus meetings results will be presented at the 2021 convention.  READ MORE

SPOTLIGHT ON AN ISSUES SPECIALIST: Janet Kittlaus - Criminal Justice
Raised on a farm outside of Lawrence, Kansas, Janet graduated from the University of Kansas. She became a member of the LWV of Evanston in 1980. In 2013, Janet moved her membership to the Glenview League, where she  and her husband, Lloyd, live in retirement. They 
served Lutheran Cam pus  Ministry  at Northwestern University from 1 980-2011. Janet, with Cheryl Wollin, headed 
Evans ton   Le ague's successful effort to secure the adoption of a death penalty abolition position at the State Convention in 2001. After failing to win approval of a national position opposing capital punishment in 2004, a second effort in 2006 was successful. Janet serves as the LWVIL Criminal Justice (including Juvenile Justice) and Death Penalty Issues Specialist. She and Lloyd are parents of two adult children.  

AdvocacyIssues/Advocacy Reports 
Please scroll down to find the following Summary Reports:
    Consolidation of Government
    Criminal Justice
    Electoral College
    Gun Violence Prevention
    Education Funding
Consolidation of Government - Jane Ballangee
Transform IL has two projects that are charged with providing better information for use by the State, Counties, Towns and villages to improve their planning process and to promote consolidation where possible.  They are the Transform Illinois Research Committee charged with updating the data reported by local governments through Annual Financial Reports (AFR) and LEAP, Local Efficiency Assessment Planning Project, which is designed to be an online resource for forecasting demographics, economics, and service needs.  The AFR project is in the beginning process and LEAP will have its first demo the beginning of October.
Criminal Justice - Janet Kittlaus
Bills signed by the Governor : SB3023 (PA100-1025) and SB3388 (PA100-0999)
Bill amended by the Governor and returned to the General Assembly: HB4208 and HB 5104
TFAs will in all likelihood be sent in response to the Governor's amendatory vetoes.
LWVIL signed on to a fact sheet in support of a proposal pending before the Cook County Board to end detention of children under the age of 13.
Electoral College - Rosemary Heilemann
The LWVIL Electoral College Committee is working to abolish the electoral college system for electing the President and Vice-President of the United States and replace it with a one-person, one-vote system of direct election. This can only be accomplished permanently by a constitutional amendment. This is supported by the LWVUS position on"The Selection of the President," first adopted in 1970, and updated since.With support from LWVIL affirmed at our last state convention, we were able to get a resolution passed at the LWVUS national convention in June to "urgently reaffirm our long-held position that the electoral college should  be abolished." Our committee has been making presentations in many communities.
You can view a presentation given at the Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy here.
The scripted PowerPoint and other materials are on the LWV Wilmette website: https://www.lwvwilmette.org/electoral-college-reform.html

We have several future presentations scheduled. For more information, to find out more about our committee, to join us, or to schedule a presentation, contact us at lwvabolishelectoral@gmail.com.
Gun Violence Prevention - Mary Klonowski and Holly Fingerle
TFA:   In conjunction with the Education Issues Specialists - Call the Education Department to object to using Federal education funding to purchase firearms for teachers and for teaching training in firearm use.

Attorney Generals of nineteen states, including IL, have filed a lawsuit for a temporary                 restraining order to prevent sharing downloadable files with plans for producing 3-D and ghost guns. Initially, the Trump Administration ruled that downloadable instructions violate gun export laws but have since reversed that ruling.

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation that gives gun owners a 60-day grace period to keep their Firearms Owners Identification Card active while their renewal application is being processed, even if the processing period extends beyond the card's expiration date. Previously, FOID cards were deemed invalid if they expired during the renewal process.
House Bill 4855  gives Illinois State Police 60 business days, instead of 30 calendar days, to review and approve renewal applications that are received in a timely manner.
"HB 4855 clarifies the reporting standards for hospitals and requires they report all mental health admissions to the state's Department of Human Services. Tightening the reporting standards allows the state police to intervene more quickly and suspend a person's FOID card
Health Care - Janet S. Craft, Margaret O'Hara
LWVIL supported bill: Passed into law
SB 3015 SA 2 & 3 Stock Asthma Rescue Medication in Schools  8/03 PA 100-026 passed both Houses unanimously.   Amends school code to stock medication for trained staff to administer when an individual experiences respiratory distress.  
LWVIL Supported 3 Bills:  Passed both Houses, vetoed by Governor
SB2332, HB4297 No Tobacco Products under 21 ; Governor statement, "...would push residents to buy products from non-licensed vendors or in neighboring states." The American Lung Association, supporter of the bill, in reply, "...failed the children of Illinois."
LWVIL will advocate with Coalition in veto session for these two bills:
HB 2624 SA3 Short Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act protects consumers by establishing maximum coverage of 181 days/year; clear disclosures on all sales/marketing materials.
HB4165 HA1 Do No Harm Healthcare Act requires General Assembly to ensure proposed federal waiver or attempt to restrict access to care be open to public debate and scrutiny.
Education Funding - Nancy Brandt, Ann Courter, Jean Pierce
The Education Funding Specialists are creating a Google Group of local League representatives who are particularly interested in Schools and Education Funding.
Initially, we would like for local League members to ask their school Superintendents
  • how the Evidence Based Funding Model is affecting their districts.
  • how local districts are working to help parents and children from birth through age 5 foster development so that all children will have the language, math, and social-emotional skills to succeed in school.
Please contact jeanpierce@lwvil.org to find out more.
Two Ed Funding Time for Action alerts were issued in August:
  1. Contact the Department of Education requesting that Federal funds for education not be used to put guns in schools. NOTE: When people could not get through the phone lines, they were advised to email the Federal Commission on School Safety at safety@ed.gov
  2. HB5175: Ask the Governor to sign this bill, which would prevent the Charter School Commission from overriding decisions of local districts.  The Governor vetoed the bill.  This will be revisited in the Veto Session.
Immigration - Kim Reed

National Front:
Family Separation: In a status update Thursday, the government said of the 2,654 separated migrant children, 2,181 have been "discharged," meaning they were either reunified with their parents or placed with a sponsor within the U.S., among other circumstances, such as the child turning 18 years old. As of Sept. 4, 2018, 416 children remain separated from their parents. This is about 80 children fewer than last week's update. Of those 416 children, 14 are under age 5. The parents of 304 children are located outside the U.S. - either because they were deported or because they sent their children to the U.S. with other family members.  https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/more-than-400-migrant-children-remain-separated-from-their-parents-heres-what-we-know

The Trump Administration is proposing to eliminate the Flores settlement, which prohibits children from being detained for more than 20 days. There's opportunity for public comment on this proposal. (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/09/opinion/editorials/dont-let-migrant-kids-rot.html )

Additionally, Immigration, Civil Rights, and good government groups continue to be very concerned about the administration's plans for a Public Charge (see http://www.icirr.org/our-work/details/20/public-charge ).

Governor Rauner vetoed:
SB35 Immigration Safe Zones Act
SB34 VOICES Act (Supports Domestic Violence and Trafficking Survivors)
SB 3103, the Immigration Tenant Protection Act

Governor Rauner signed into law:
SB3488 Anti-Registry Act (Resist Registry Programs Targeting Ethnic and Religious Groups)
SB 3109, which removes eligibility requirements related to immigration status from many professional licenses.

Public Charge Legislative Briefing held in IL: On August 23, 2018, ICIRR held a legislative briefing on the public charge at the Shriver Center.

Local Leagues continue to hold meetings and public forums to education their communities about immigration. 
HistoryHistory of the League
This is the eighth in our series. See all of these articles on our website:    http://www.lwvil.org/history-of-the-league.html

Seneca Falls Convention 1848
The following resolutions were discussed at the Seneca Falls Convention, 1848, by Lucretia Mott, Thomas and Mary Ann McClintock, Amy Post, Catherine A. F. Stebbins, and others, and were adopted:

WHEREAS, The great precept of nature is conceded to be, that "man shall pursue his own true and substantial happiness." Blackstone in his Commentaries remarks, that this law of Nature being coeval with mankind, and dictated by God himself, is of course superior in obligation to any other. It is binding over all the globe, in all countries and at all times; no human laws are of any validity if contrary to this, and such of them as are valid, derive all their force, and all their validity, and all their authority, mediately and immediately, from this original; therefore, READ MORE

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