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March 8th is Election Day for Many Municipalities
If you live in Palm Beach County, you can learn more from the PBC Supervisor of Elections' webpage. To easily access it, click here. There are sample ballots, registration deadlines and more information. If you're in Broward County, click here. Martin County here and St. Lucie County here. All other counties can be found here at the Florida Department of State - Division of Elections.

TMS working with WGI for the City of Delray Beach on
the North Swinton Avenue Roadway Improvements Project

The City of Delray Beach’s Historic North Swinton Avenue is experiencing pavement deterioration including uneven surfaces of the roadways, asphalt cracking and accelerated deterioration adversely impacting roadway stability and rideability. This has increased maintenance and shortened the lifespan of resurfacing projects. Utility infrastructure within the corridor is at varying levels of age and condition and any required utility upgrades are to be incorporated into the design of the improvements as part of this project.

TMS is providing public involvement for this project. We created stakeholder databases to include all impacted parties, a project webpage to share information and provide updates, and a project hotline for any other questions. We are arranging public meetings and creating collateral materials. 

The reconstruction will include safety, access, utility and landscaping improvements from Lake Ida Road to SW 36th Street. There will be road, street lighting and sidewalk improvements and all underground stormwater and sanitary sewer structures will be evaluated. WGI will provide those services. 

WGI is a national design and professional services firm leading in technology-based solutions for the construction of public infrastructure.  They’re creatively transforming how our world is envisioned, designed, and experienced. They’re leading this improvements project. 
City of Hollywood
TMS has the pleasure of working on a number of projects in Hollywood. The word is out. If you need public involvement - TMS is your go-to!
Sally Says, by Sally Merchant Chief of Security
I know. I had to wear it. She even gave me five treats for the few minutes I endured it. In return I only tore off a few inches of red fluff and gave her my best dog model face...In better news, Ms. Julie is visiting now.  To welcome her, I worked her over real good.  I growled and acted like a jerk so she would bribe me with treats.  Mom knows my game, but lets me do it anyway.  Ms. Julie has to earn my approval.  Just another human to train and guard.  My job is never done.  Ms. Julie has a Marine daughter.  She is cool and I don’t scare her even when I try my best.  She is a bad ass type like me.  Our neighbor Ms. Senta is a girl bad ass, too.  She teaches humans to shoot.  Her little dog Chi Chi pees in my yard.  I would like to eat Chi Chi, but Ms. Senta might shoot me.  Oh and I found out why my Mom had that lab smell.  Diezel owns her new friend Mr. Jim.  Guess I am stuck with funky blonde lab smell.  If she takes me with her, I could eat lab for dinner.  Probably tastes like chicken.  Of course my Mom would have a cow.  Valentines Day was fun.  I didn’t want chocolate.  I got steak – my Mom knows how to treat a girl.  No mushy stuff, just a big steak.  Rare was perfect.  We are getting the Honda Classic where we live.  This is an epic opportunity to bark my face off and scare the crap out of all the humans who pass my back yard.  I wait until they are right next to my fence.  Then I ease over and l let it rip.  Sometimes they clutch their hearts.  If you are golfing behind my house, you better say my name so I know its you.  Otherwise, you get the standard treatment.  That’s all for now. Sally