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Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Here are a few fun facts...
*Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade is the oldest parade in North America beginning on March 17, 1737.
*Chicago has been dyeing the Chicago River green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day since 1962 (with a short break during COVID).
*"Erin go Bragh" the cheer you hear at Irish pubs means roughly "Ireland Forever".
*The pot o' gold is from Irish folklore that says "fairies put a pot of gold coins at the end of each rainbow and leprechauns guard it".
*Shamrocks (clovers with three leaves) symbolize the Holy Trinity and Four Leaf Clovers symbolize good luck because of their rarity.
TMS helps Intermex employees expedite their Immigration documents

As disappointing as it is for legal aliens working in the United States to have their renewals delayed – perhaps to the point of being sent back to their countries of origin – it is also terrible for employers who have invested time, money and training to make these folks highly valued employees.  TMS was referred to provide Government Relations services to help expedite the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) paperwork.  TMS President Sharon Merchant and former Congressman Mark Foley reached out to former U.S. House and Senate colleagues to ask for their assistance.  According to Peggy Scholzen, Chief Human Resources Officer for Intermex, ““We are very thankful, and impressed, at how successful you were in helping us out”. 

Intermex is a leading provider of money transfer services in the U.S. to Latin America and the Caribbean.  With a state-of-the-art system, and a network of more than 100,000 payer locations, the company offers services in 50 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico to 17 Latin American countries and 4 African countries.  Intermex was founded in 1994, beginning operations in the states of Washington and Oregon.
TMS is Building Relationships in the City of Hollywood, Florida
Thanks to referrals from the City of Hollywood, The Merchant Strategy (TMS) has been hired to provide the public outreach for two private projects, one of them located in the beautiful Historic District.  The property owners at 1051 South Northlake Boulevard retained TMS to provide all required public outreach to notify stakeholders of the public meeting before the Historic Board.  Our tasks included development of a stakeholder database, meeting invitation, and signage.  We then attended the meeting to provide assistance to the owners.  The City also referred the property owners at 2427 Polk Street.  TMS has been retained to handle all public outreach to notify stakeholders of the project and hold a public meeting prior to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting with the City.  TMS will be responsible for developing a stakeholder database, meeting invitation, signage, meeting logistics and follow up.  As part of its deliverables, TMS will prepare a certified package for the property owner to submit to TAC as part of the approval process.
Sally Says, by Sally Merchant Chief of Security
Top of the day to you humans celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  Guess you will be out drinking green beer.  Know why I like that St. Patrick dude?   He got rid of snakes in Ireland.  Do you think he could do that here?  I hate snakes.  I hate ants, too.  They bite me and I can’t bite them back.  You remember me telling you about Max?  He is the big guy next door – a German Shepard.  I would like to eat him even more now.  My neighbor Ms. Marlene had a birthday party.  All my neighbors were there.  Max got to go, and I had to stay home.  He got all the good stuff - like shrimp scampi and ice cream cake.  Like I am not better than a geezer shepherd.  Things are kind of looking up at work.  My Aunt Kristi buys me toys and she showed me how to play.  It is kind of goofy, but turns out I LOVE it!  I do NOT love my “spa days”.  Mom tells me I am going as if it is good news.  They ruin my fabulous girl Bulldog smell.  Is anyone going someplace cool this summer?  We Bulldog girls do not like the heat.  I am a good eater and no one will mess with you.  That’s all for now. Sally