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June 8, 2012                                     


Greetings Pinball Fans,


This has been an exciting few days here at JJP! On Tuesday, The Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine made it's first public debut at E3 in Los Angeles. We are thrilled to have had this opportunity to work with Dynamics, Inc. and attend the video game industry's biggest event! Our game was seen by thousands of people and covered by the worldwide media.


While some of you may have already seen some of the video footage, we have posted the video links below for those who haven't.         


Although this is a Beta game without complete sound, animation, rules and effects it was roundly applauded as innovative, groundbreaking and amazing by everyone who saw or played the game.                                                                                     

There were an incredible amount of positive reactions to the  game while at E3 and something Jack heard over and over was "I didn't know they still made Pinball Machines". Also, thank you to everyone who sent comments via email as well, your support and feedback are very much appreciated.


The excitement continues as Jack and Keith make their way to the Northwest Pinball Show in Seattle this weekend. Jack will be speaking on Saturday, June 9th at 6:00 pm. The ECLEWOZ Beta game will be shown at Jack's PinChat at 6 PM and it can be seen until 9PM when Jack and Keith head back to Chicago. There will be full live coverage of Jack's Chat on the Internet at  

For more information on the Northwest Pinball and Arcade show, visit   

We want to wish Matt Reisterer and his lovely Lady Kat the best of Health and Happiness as the get married this Sunday. Enjoy your lives together!


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WOZ Gameplay Clip - E3
WOZ Gameplay Clip - E3
Be sure to set Quality to 1080 HD

WOZ Teaser Video - E3
WOZ Teaser Clip - E3
Be sure to set Quality to 1080 HD

E3 Teaser Video 3 - Rainbow -WOZ Pinball - Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc.
E3 Teaser Video 3 - Rainbow




 Jeff Mullen, Founder of Dynamics, Inc. and Keith Johnson at E3



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The JJP Team at Pinball Expo - Thanks to Jim Schelberg of 

Team JJP: Top Row - Left to Right: Mark Weyna, Greg Freres, Keith Johnson, Jim Thornton, Drew Maniscalco, Joe Balcer. Bottom Row- Chris Granner, Matt Riesterer, Dennis Nordman, Bryan Hansen. Jack Guarnieri in Front


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