Dear Friends,

Those of you who have visited Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary any time since 2012 have probably met Rocket Man , one of our feisty Miniature Horses. He was only three at the time of his rescue. He turned ten this year. For the past seven years, Rocket Man has more than lived up to his name in the pasture he shares with his best buddy, Rain Man . He just loves to run and delights all of our visitors, young and old, but especially the classes of elementary school children who come here for Humane Education .

Today, Monday, June 17, Rocket Man heads to the hospital for major surgery on his left hip. He will be there for at least a week. The estimated cost for the surgery alone is $5,500. 

Won’t you please consider helping us raise the funding for his surgery?

While Rocket Man is away, we will keep Rain Man up at the Main Barn where he will be introduced to Mannie and Daffodil, two of our other Miniature horses at the sanctuary.

Rocket Man and Rain Man are inseparable, but because the incision will be large and the recovery long, we will not be able to send Rain Man along to keep him company. Although Rocket Man is 19 years younger than Rain Man, they are an amazing pair. They love to play together and Rocket Man definitely helps keep Rain Man young with his boundless energy and zest for life. I have a lot of confidence in the vet performing the surgery on Rocket Man and I will be at the hospital while it is being performed. Any help you could offer for Rocket Man would be greatly appreciated. Please give with your heart.

Most sincerely,
Susan Wagner, President
Equine Advocates

P.S. Please enjoy the adorable video below that was taken of Rocket Man before he developed this new problem with his hip. The surgery he will have tomorrow will help to return him to his old energetic self. I will be sure to keep you updated on his condition and progress.

Rocket Man will be on the road to recovery and back home recuperating in the Main Barn by the time we have our next public open day on Saturday, July 13th!! Please stop by and come give him welcome back pets and kisses!

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Thank you so very much!

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