Meet Sylvia & Vicky!
New arrivals Sylvia and Vicky came to the sanctuary on May 21. While Sylvia’s life and death rescue story is more dramatic, there is no question that Vicky could very well have ended up in similar circumstances. They both spent time in a foster home before coming here as we had to build a place just for them at the sanctuary. Please join us in welcoming these two great girls to Equine Advocates!
Sylvia , we believe is an Arabian/Quarter Horse Cross mare born around 2010. She was standing in the Kaufman Kill Pens in Kaufman, Texas and less than 24 hours from being shipped to Mexico for slaughter. With the help of a good friend with great connections, we were able to bail her out send her to a quarantine facility in Louisiana. Sylvia remained there for 40 days during which time she was examined and treated by a veterinarian. Eventually, she was shipped New York. Sylvia is a gem and simply adorable!

Vicky is a registered chestnut Thoroughbred mare born in 2006. She did not win a lot of money as a race horse, but the decision had been made by her last owner to breed her. After having given birth one foal, she had trouble getting pregnant again which is how we first heard about her situation. Fearing that she could fall through the cracks, we took her into our program. We are so happy to be able to give this beautiful mare a forever home at the sanctuary.
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