The Davis Principles
Hawks Family,

Happy Friday! It has been a long and trying week for all, I know. But we are encouraged by the strength and resiliency that we see in our community. As we continue to strive for ways to stay connected throughout, I hope you are able to enjoy some snapshots of recent activities here at school, and even at home.

Last Friday, our verse for the day was Psalm 29:11: “The Lord gives His people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.” This particular text could not have been more timely, and has been one that I have continued to fall back on as I have been going through the week.

The Lord will give us the strength that we need, in ALL circumstances. It is up to us to allow Him to be our source. During this challenging time, we all need His strength. Our students, parents, teachers, and staff all need to tap into that source daily. 

He also blesses us with a peace that only He can provide. During the difficulties, inconveniences and anxious feelings of this time, it is important to remember that He has things in control.

My prayer for our Hawks family is that we will rely on His strength, and claim the peace that He gives - together. In addition, may you and your family be blessed with health and safety.

Blessings ,

Bill Davis
TK-12 Principal
Hawk Spirit Day
Hawk Spirit! Several times during the course of the school year, the entire EAA School Family joins together in family groups to bond and celebrate being a Hawk. On March 12, Mr. & Mrs. Martinez planned group activities, students wore Hawk gear and colors and made the EAA gym reverberate when Mr. Davis lead the Hawk Cheer!
Waffle Wednesday... YUMMMM!
Walk down the hall on Waffle Wednesday and you will immediately be drawn to Mrs. Blue's 4th & 5th grade classroom. Students earn Blue Bucks each day for their school work. Once a month they can redeem those for yummy waffles. A whole waffle costs 20 Blue Bucks or a student can purchase a fraction of a waffle. Math and waffles. A winning combination!
Collecting Blue Bucks
Placing an order with the Waffle Wizzard!
Earth Day Poster Finalist
CONGRATULATIONS to EAA's own 3rd grader, Zach Baker for being chosen as a finalist in the 2020 Earth Day Poster Contest. Zach was one of 30 students chosen from entries from schools throughout the City of Escondido. The theme for this year was "Choose to Reuse." Great Job, Zach!
Training Young Scientists
Mrs. Blue is providing her 4th & 5th grade students with opportunities to explore science.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Davis!
The EAA Family actually surprised Principal, Bill Davis, with a birthday celebration! On March 4, after a fire drill, students found seats on the wall steps in the Hawks Nest. Mr. Zimmerman, EAA Vice Principal, lead out by calling representatives from each class to present the gifts made for Mr. Davis. After singing "Happy Birthday" the school day proceeded. Everyone continued the celebration with a piece of Birthday cake at lunch time.
Mr. Davis, EAA appreciates you!
 Thanks for all you do for EAA!
How EAA is Staying Connected
It is true...the school building is quiet. However, that does not mean that the EAA school family is not actively engaged in teaching, being taught and learning. One of the best parts of being a member of the EAA Family is that this is a group of people who truly care about each other. We want to stay connected. Enjoy some pictures showing how Hawks are surviving this unprecedented situation.
Ella Cooper, grade 11, prepping for her 3:00pm AP Lit meet with Ms. Whitley. Getting a little moral support from Hobie her (very happy to have us home) dog.
Mrs. Martinez giving Math instruction.
Kaitlynn Martinez studying Math.
Amanda Tapia
DNA Modeling Lab
Karver Gluck - Science Lab
Kyra Grant - Science Lab
Rebecca Perrington works on Spanish I assignments.
Duke, doing visitation with Mrs. Zimmerman
A social-distanced visit with Carlos & Itzell Villegas.
A Message from Mrs. Henkes:
A week ago, I wrote: "Spring break is here! God knows about rest; He invented it! "Come to me...I will give you rest." Reading is a wonderful way to rest while still engaging your mind. I've encouraged the students in K - 8 to check out an extra book or two for our extended vacation."

Well, here we are, "resting" on a different level. But God is still in control and most of us actually have more time to spend with Him. Some of you may be aware that the Voice of Prophecy has started a new dramatized audio program for our youth. I've been listening to them since they started. Check them out at  discoverymountain.com  and start with season 1. I've given out many bookmarks to remind the students. You can also listen through your favorite podcast network.

And don't forget about audio books. Those who listen to audio books will improve listening skills for comprehension and become more proficient readers with better vocabulary and expression. It's not a substitute for reading, but another relaxing mode using good literature. I checked out my first audiobook online from the Escondido Public Library this morning to see how easy it is. Super easy! And that puts thousands of choices for books at our fingertips. 

As always, choosing what to read, is a matter of prayer. And that is why EAA wants to be under God's umbrella. Stay dry and protected! 
With Love, 
DeeDee Henkes

Celebrating EAA Birthdays
Wishing the following Hawks the happiest of birthdays during the Month of March.

March 8 Oscar Kang
March 12 Eli Barrett
March 14 Abigail Aylward  & Michael Hebbel
March 15 Payton Chambers
March 21    Edward Rivas
March 23    Aidan Federico
March 24    Jaden Lopez-Sollano
March  28   Justin Trinity
March 31 Rachel Perrington
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