The Davis Principles
Hawks Family,

Well, here we are Hawks. We find ourselves immersed in a new way of delivering education and finding ways to connect. These past few weeks have seemed like an eternity as we have all been forced into a temporary adjustment to our day-to-day operations.

As we have embarked on the start of the 4th quarter during this time of crisis, I find myself feeling grateful. It has been a blessing to see a team of dedicated educators come together, put their heads down and embrace the situation, working diligently to provide education from a distance. I have been amazed by the resiliency of our community as the COVID-19 situation has provided challenges for our families and students.

Tuesday evening, I was personally feeling anxious on the eve of starting distance learning as 4th quarter began. It felt to me like we were getting ready to start the first day of school..........again. My thoughts immediately took me to the text that was our prayer as a staff, and as a school, on that first day back in August. Psalms 90:17: "And may the Lord our God show us His approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful."

Our prayer remains the same today as it was when we began this school year. We pray that the work of our hands, and that of our students and families, will be blessed by God on a daily basis. Through His blessings, our efforts will be successful.

I am blown away by the team effort that is taking place, not just as a faculty and staff, but as a school family. As we end this first partial week of our final quarter, and reflect on the past few weeks, I find myself filled with pride. Pride to be a part of a community of amazing people who have come together to serve and support. I am proud to be a Hawk today.

Have a restful, healthy, and safe Sabbath and weekend.


Bill Davis
TK-12 Principal
How EAA is Staying Strong and Connected
Of course, teachers are sending lessons and assignments to students and students (and parents) are working diligently to learn and stay current on due dates and projects. However, EAA is SO much more than just school work. Here are some examples of how the EAA family is keeping the Hawk Spirit alive.
Mrs. Blue Zooms with her class, but, look closely. Someone in this pictures is a little bit older than a 4th or 5th grader..and it's not Mrs. Blue!!!! Principal Davis makes a "classroom visit."
Visits with Duke
Mrs. Zimmerman and her trusty canine companion, Duke, visit more of the students and families from the TK-K classroom. Duke brings a smile to Ms. Z's precious Little Hawks and Duke isn't restricted by Social Distancing. EAA's 2nd most popular mascot! Mr. Davis will need to put Duke on the payroll for Public Relations!
Baker & Hebbel Cousins
Kaden Gray & Duke]
The Chavarin Family & Duke
The Martinez Family
Jaxon Hernandez & Duke
The Aylward Family & Duke
Sabbath School Via Zoom!
4th & 5th Graders have Sabbath School facilitated by their teacher, Mrs. Blue. What a great way to have some Jesus time and visit with friends.
A Social Distancing Visit
Getting exercise and a chance to connect, the Bumroongcharts stop by on their walk and catch up with the Tehs and Halls. Lots of space in that picture!
Enoch Vindel (TK) learning about Oscar the whale with the park rangers from Anza Borrego State Park! He gets his own zoom meeting time with Q and A developed for K-2 students. 
Fresh Air and Sidewalk Art!
The Baker and Hebbel cousins take advantage of a spectacular SoCal day to get outside and decorate the driveway! Such beautiful colors and lines. Did you use any math skills to help you create these masterpieces?
After some deep breathing and a few moments of calm and focus, Kiera Shitabata (6th) is ready to tackle Distance Learning!
Keandra and Karver Gluck (10th graders) take a casual approach to Distance Learning! Love that smile, Keandra!
Mrs. McCary visits her 1st & 2nd graders.
" I delivered packets to all my kiddos yesterday and today (practicing social distancing!! ). It was SO GREAT just to be able to see and hear them! " Thank you, Mrs. McCary. From the smiles on these faces, they were very happy to see you, too!
The Hebbel Family
Jada Herling
The Rivas Family
Marc Keiser
The Park Family
The Miller Family
Brooklyn Abreu
Sydney Barrett and the Llama Limo!
A Classic!
Mrs. Shitabata's 3rd Graders Zoom Into Oral Presentations
The 3rd grade class begins 4th quarter with great oral presentations about different countries.
This is How Ms. Z Does It!
Jaxy Baker (K) shows siblings, Izzy (5), Zach (3) and Dom...soon...how things work in Ms. Z's Distance Learning classroom. According to Mom, Jaxy was very excited to share this experience with his siblings! Both Izzy and Zach were once in Ms. Z's classroom!
Benjamin (3) and Chelsea (K) Angeles play some hoops and do some push-ups to work on their Physical Education. Keep the mind and body strong!
Seniors Look Ahead to 2020-2021
It is the time of year when Seniors are thinking about their next academic adventure. Even though this has been a bit of a different Senior year, College/University visits and interviews still happen. Just before everything closed down, Caleb Hayton and Emily Seals participated in Walla Walla University March UDays. Here is a pictoral tour of their visit.
Emily with her roommate for next year, Jan, meeting the Walla Walla mascot, Wolf.
Emily will major in biology with a minor in art.
Emily in a dorm room with EAA 2019 graduate, Aaliyah DelRosario.
Caleb with Mom, Dr. Tammy Hayton
Caleb exploring the planes at WWU flight center.
Caleb plans to major in biology with an associate degree in aviation.
Caleb checks out the flight simulator as he waits his turn to give it a try.
Helping in Our Community
Medical facilities around the country are in urgent need of supplies as they treat patients affected by COVID-19. Several local hospitals have requested masks to help prevent the spread of the virus. These are not medical-grade masks, but can be used for patients who enter the hospital emergency room awaiting treatment. Jordan Mayes and Mrs. Hall have been busy sewing. Jordan is not only helping her community, but she is also earning
Service Hours. Great Job, Jordan.
Celebrating EAA Birthdays
Wishing the following Hawks the happiest of birthdays during the Month of April.
April 5 Jenay Sullivan
April 6 Christine Cheatham
April 7 Gareth Browning
April 8 Chelsea Angeles
April 11 Gabe Avalos & Grant Sherlock
April 14 Megan Drath
April 15 Frank Mo
April 18 Ethan Lee
April 19 Joshua Trinity
April 21    Melia Johnson, Evie Lieras & Emily Seals
April 23    Marley Bumroongchart
April 24 Rick Yu
April 27 Sydney Barrett
April 29  Izzy Baker & Andy Amador
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