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EAA high school students honored for becoming a part of a Nationally recognized organization (NHS)
The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. These are the four areas in which students must meet exacting requirements in order to be admitted into the NHS. On January 18, 2019, Mrs. Heather Vindel, NHS Sponsor, presided over the induction of the newest members of EAA’s NHS Chapter. 

Each of the students submitted applications, along with collaborative documents, that were then reviewed by the high school faculty. Membership in NHS means that students are expected to be involved in school, as well as community events, and hold themselves to the highest standards of behavior. Membership also opens opportunities for scholarships when students are applying for college/university admission. EAA is proud to welcome the following students into the NHS Hawks Chapter.

Karen Alcaide
Jeremiah Domingo
Sasha High
Maxwell Moon
Becky Perrington
Mia Ramirez
Caleb Washington

Danyah Morales
Benji Rangel
Emily Seals

To learn more about the National Honor Society please click this link.
And . . . the winning word is CHLOROFORM!
The Scripps Spelling Bee has become an annual event at EAA. Each year students practice spelling in their classrooms and two are chosen to represent each class at the Bee. 

Thursday, January 31, 2019, found family and friends anxiously awaiting the first word to be announced.   Mrs. Pam Peterson, organizer of the Spelling Bee, welcomed everyone and explained the procedure. After almost 80 minutes of spelling, Marley Bumroongchart (6 th grader) was pronounced the winner by correctly spelling the word, Chloroform. EAA is very proud of all of the classroom winners listed below. 

Kindergarten: Jada Herling, Jaden Lopez-Sollano
1 st Grade: Luke Avalos, Marc Keiser
2 nd Grade: Joshua Peters, Max Teh
3 rd Grade: Oliver Furnish, CiCi Miller
4 th Grade: Evan High, Mallory Teh
5 th Grade: Riley Daley, Ethan Lee
6 th Grade: J.J. Bae, Marley Bumroongchart
7 th Grade: Jareb Aguilar, Abby Besufekad
8 th Grade: Isaac Gomez, Athena Kabingue
Why should you choose EAA?
Jude explains why . . . What I like about EAA!
Reason number one, In my Opinion, EAA has the best friends because they are so nice and awesome, amazing, wonderful, calm and happy. Reason number two, In my opinion, EAA has the most awesomest, and amazingest teachers ever because they make awesome, amazing learning so much easier. My favorite teacher is awesome and amazing Mrs. Shitabata. Reason number three, In my opinion EAA has the awesomest and amazingest food because it is so delicious and yummy. My favorite food is vegeburgers. Reason number four; In my opinion, EAA has the best chapels ever because it is so fun to learn about God at EAA because your with your friends. Thats what I like about EAA.

Written by Jude Caldwell (3rd grade)
Primary grades celebrate 100 days of learning, excitement and fun!
EAA is training the next generation of
world class scientists
  • AP Biology transformed E.coli bacteria with an ampicillin resistant plasmid containing a gene from a jellyfish that glows green. Now we have glowing bacteria!
  • In Biology class students made edible models of DNA!
  • AP Environmental science explored the properties of groundwater including what types of soil hold the most water, how wells can be protected or polluted, and how to chemically clean some components from contaminated water!
  • Physical science class is studying light and color! What color would a red shirt appear if lit by a light with a blue filter? Ask a physical science student to find out!
EAA students participate in a regional Choral Festival hosted by La Sierra University.
Shooting for the Stars
EAA outreach to the community
Since 2011, EAA has had the privilege of being one of several sponsors for the San Marcos Youth Basketball (SMYBB) Shooting Stars Special Needs Basketball League. Thanks to the donations of faculty and staff members, EAA has helped to support this amazing program for some of the area's kids with special needs.

Here is a recap of this past season from Program Director Rick Clark:

SMYBB Shooting Stars Season 13 wrapped up on 12/16 with a super fun trophy presentation and pizza party! Season 13 was a blast with 147 special needs players and more than 225 volunteers (buddies, coaches and other volunteers). This program is unique in that it gives the special needs players a chance to do something most might never get to do...be part of a team. They put on the uniform, make friends and play...with sheer joy! The smiles and celebration by players, buddies and coaches, over something like making a basket, is something to behold!

We had a quite few highlights to our season! Our meet and greet, where the buddies get to meet their special needs players, is always a great time...where we get to reacquaint with old friends and make new friends. We had our annual visit from "Thunder", the mascot from the Lake Elsinore Storm (who is amazing with our kids), Pajama Day and the end of season festivities. We are looking forward to Season 14 which will kick off near the beginning of October!

If you would like more information on how to get involved with this great program as a sponsor or a volunteer, contact Coach Davis.

What's Happening Next at EAA
President's Day Long Weekend - NO SCHOOL
February 18-19, 2019

Academy Day / Academic Open House
February 28, 2019

Advanced Handbell Festival at LSU
March 8, 2019

Sassy Talent Show
March 9, 2019
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