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  Baseline Definition
Terminology Summit Update
The long-awaited summit for reaching consensus on baseline terms and definitions for equine-assisted activities and therapies took place in Denver, July 20-22, 2019. Funded by the Bob Woodruff Foundation, 17 dedicated people 
Front: Chris Cline, Kathy Alm, Joann Benjamin, Wendy Wood, Lynn Thomas, Michele Kane; Back: Ken Minkoff, Lissa Pohl, Debbie Anderson, Octavia Brown, Analisa Enoch, Jennifer Nagrath, Laurie Schick, Meg Harrell, Lynn Klimas Petr, Martin Pearce, Emily Bader, Nina Ekholm Fry, Miyako Kinoshita
bringing different and varied perspectives, expertise and association representation, gathered together, and with the facilitation assistance of Zia Partners, tackled the issue of inconsistent terminology.

Significant progress was made in understanding the issues, reviewing the survey results, clarifying the language and developing a white paper to report the findings and recommendations. Finalizing the work and recommendations in the white paper will continue over the next few months. Starting in October, the initial draft of the white paper will be shared with various stakeholders and association members for the purpose of collecting feedback. Gathering and synthesizing this feedback will happen through the end of the 2019. The summit participants will then review that feedback to complete the final white paper with the goal to release the final document by the middle of 2020.

Thank you to all the summit participants for sharing their expertise and thoughtful conversation. Thank you to everyone who took the survey or shared their perspectives to inform these conversations.

The summit participants and PATH Intl. look forward to the next phase of clarifying how to consistently and clearly communicate about partnering with equines to benefit people.

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