In line with our policy of “Giving voice to Turnaround Professionals” we are introducing this Newsletter to be published three times a year to coincide with the East Europe Conference this March (now postponed, see 'Events' section below), the TMA Europe Madrid conference in June and the UK and German TMA Chapters’ November conferences.

Each edition will have a guest editor. Our thanks to Volker Beissenhirtz for editing this first edition. And thanks also to the contributors. EACTP is an organisation that relies heavily on the pro bono efforts of its members. And our membership is not only generous with its time but also holds strong views on the benefits of value preserving turnaround. Accordingly, please feel free to add your voice to turnaround by offering to contribute an article of interest on issues and achievements, or better still offer to be a guest editor by contacting Helen Lindop at .

As you receive this Newsletter you will be pleased to know that progress is underway with Leiden University as faculty to introduce examinations this year. From that time entry to membership will be by examination success only. So, any practitioner who has allowed membership to lapse or any practitioner wishing to enter EACTP membership under the current case submission and references basis has a limited time scale to act.

With the credibility that Leiden University’s academic reputation brings, EACTP will be well placed to train young professional aspiring to turnaround as a profession and add status to all members at a time when legislation change across the continent is recognising the importance of our profession in preserving value in distressed businesses.