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Join Us for RAH5K & Family Day
Eagle OPS first annual Run with A Hero 5K followed by Military/Veteran & First Responder Family Day will be a fun day of appreciation of our community heroes and their families! Join us on June 29th at Mohawk Park!

You can register for RAH5K HERE!
Registration is just $30 for general participants and $25 for military/veterans & first responders.
Want to get Involved?
From Sponsorships to Difference Makers, there are plenty of ways you can help us make sure this day is a success!
Meet our first RAH5K Reach One More Sponsor:

Meet Our Coordinators
The Eagle OPS Freedom Shoots are a mission under our Reach One More Operations. We want Freedom Shoots to be an enjoyable and safe day at the range for all participants. We knew we had to enlist two very qualified Difference Makers to help us accomplish the mission!

We are proud to introduce two of our Reach One More Mission Coordinators!
Jerry Shepherd - Freedom Shoots Coordinator
Jerry is a Marine Corps Veteran, who served honorably as a Rifleman and Marksmanship Coach. He served with the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines and deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq during his 10 years of service. Today, Jerry is an electrician and is active in all Eagle OPS Operations.

Rocky DaMico - Freedom Shoots Coordinator
Rocky is a Marine Corps Veteran who served honorably as Rifleman. He was stationed with the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines and with the 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. During his enlistment, Rocky deployed 5 times. He also served 2 years as an instructor in Quantico, VA teaching basic infantry tactics to officers. Today, Rocky is working on his degree in the medical field.

Rise Armament
Tecumseh once said, "A single twig will break, but a bundle of twigs is strong." We believe that our mission to bring our heroes home, can never be accomplished alone.

Our Eagle OPS Freedom Shoots are operational because we have great partners that believe in and support our mission.

Through our mission critical partnership with Rise Armament, we now have five RISE AR15s outfitted with Vortex Optics that our Freedom Shoot participants can count on to put rounds down range at our monthly events!

Thank you to Rise Armament and Vortex Optics for being Difference Makers in our veteran community!
Golf Nights
Reach One More
1st & 3rd Monday of each month.
March Dates:
4th & 18th
Rally Point:
Flying Tee, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

**See our Facebook Events for up to date information.
Freedom Shoots
Reach One More
3rd Saturday of each month
March Date:
Rally Point:
US Shooting Academy (Tulsa) 10:00am

**See our Facebook Events for up to date information.
Blind Draw Cornhole League *Hosted by Tulsa Cornhole
Reach One More
Every Tuesday Night
March Dates:
5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
Rally Point:
VFW Post 577 (Tulsa) 6:30pm

**See our Facebook Events for up to date information.
Come on out!  The fire is warm!  #ReachOneMore #RallyPoint
Firepit Nights
Reach One More
Bi-Weekly & alternating Friday & Saturday nights.
March Dates:
2nd & 15th
Rally Point:
TBD, 7pm-11pm
**See our Facebook Events for up to date information.
Eagle OPS Golf Nights
Oklahoma weather is a strange phenomenon. One day it's 23 degrees and the next we driving around with the windows down. The great thing about the FlyingTee is that they have these fantastic outdoor heaters that keep the bays nice and toasty on those evenings that get chilly.

In other words, we want you to meet us at the Rally Point! Every other Monday night, Eagle OPS posts up the Rally Point flag in front of FlyingTee. Bays 18, 19 & 20 on the first floor are reserved for us! It's 100% free to play. As with all our operations, all veterans, veteran families and patriots are welcome.

At our February Golf Nights we had quite a troop that met us at the Rally Point despite the chill in the air. They found out it wasn't too bad after all. We had a great time hitting (and sometimes missing) some FREEDOM BALLS while enjoying some of the food and drinks from the awesome FlyingTee menu!

We hope you'll check out our March dates and meet us at the Rally Point!
That's the cost of a good cup of coffee! Would you be willing #GiveACup to support the mission of Eagle OPS?

Join Operation: #GiveACup
Click the donate button and choose the "Monthly" donation tab. Sign up to give a minimum of $5.00 each month to the Eagle OPS Foundation.

If you #GiveACup for twelve consecutive months, we will send you an Eagle OPS Difference Maker shirt for supporting the mission to Bring Our Heroes Home, One Operation At A Time.
What are the Eagle OPS Operations?
Collaboration and support of the many veteran service organizations to ensure opportunities to connect veterans with the relationships and resources available to them.
Reach One More
Community operations where veterans, veteran families and patriots form meaningful bonds with each other through social events and activities. These connections build meaningful relationships that combat loneliness and isolation.
Difference Makers
Recognizing the deep, military cultural mindset of "Service" that our veterans hold dear, we actively encourage community partners to provide opportunities for veterans, veteran families and patriots to be difference makers by connecting with each other and their communities through acts of service and volunteerism.
Grants & Scholarships
This program is still in development. More information coming soon.