June 2019 Newsletter

"My dog is lovelier than a summer dream."    ~Angie Weiland-Crosby  

In this issue:
- Fleas And Ticks Are No Picnic!
- June Is Adopt-a-Cat Month
- Independence Day Pet Safety Tips
- Independence Day Holiday Schedule   

Fleas And Ticks Are No Picnic!

With summer here, we are deep in the trenches of flea and tick season.  But never fear, we are here to help you fight the battle!

Bring your pet by for a FREE flea and tick inspection.  We will let you know if your pet has any signs of flea or tick infestation.  All of our in-hospital flea and tick control products are 10% OFF during June!  With so many flea and tick control products on the market today, choosing the right one for your pet can be overwhelming.  We are always here to help you select the flea and tick control products that will work best for your individual pet.

Come in and take advantage of 10% OFF these products during June!
  •  NexGard chewables for dogs (all sizes)
  •  Seresto collar for dogs and cats (all sizes)
  •  Revolution topical for cats
  •  Revolution topical for kittens, puppies, and dogs <5 pounds
  •  Revolution Plus for cats (all sizes)
  •  Advantage Multi for dogs (all sizes)



June Is Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month, brought to you by the American Humane Association.  Every spring and summer during "kitten season," thousands of newborn kittens join millions of cats already in shelters across the country. This means your local shelters have tons of cute, cuddly kittens, in addition to mellow, older cats and everything in between. Shelter staff are ready to help you adopt your very first cat - or bring home a friend for another beloved cat!  Explore the links below to see local adoptable cats, and discover your new best friend!  Then bring your new cat in for a FREE cat or kitten wellness exam if you adopted from the shelters below:

Independence Day Holiday Schedule

This year, with Independence Day falling midweek, we will only be closed on the actual holiday.  If your pet has anxiety concerning fireworks, please contact us prior to the holiday to discuss ways in which we can help.  We hope you and your pets have a safe and happy Independence Day.
July 4th (Thursday) - CLOSED  
July 6th (Saturday) - OPEN (9am - 4pm)
If you have a pet emergency while we are closed, please contact one of the local emergency hospitals below for immediate assistance: 
Animal ER & Specialty Center:  865-693-4440 
Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic:  865-637-0114