May 2019 Newsletter

"My kids are hairy, messy, slobbery, expensive, and they eat their own poop.  I still let them kiss me on the mouth.  Happy Mother's Day to all the dog moms!"    ~anonymous   
In this issue:                                        
  - May Spay Is Here!              

  - Why Spay Or Neuter Your Pet?
  - Welcome Our Newest Technician!

  - May Multiples Grooming Special

  - Exercise:  It's Not Just For People

May Spay Is Here!

May Spay is here!  Spring is a great time to have your female cat, dog, or rabbit spayed, to prevent undesired summer litters.  Schedule your pet's spay surgery during the month of May, and you will receive 15% OFF the regular spay surgery package cost!  The benefits of spaying your cat, dog, or rabbit go far beyond only birth control.  See the graphic below for many additional benefits to having your pet spayed. 

Welcome Our Newest Technician!

Tabatha, our newest technician, with new patient Duckadoodles (yes, we see ducks!)  
In light of the continual growth of our business, we knew it was time to add another member to our EAH family.  We searched long and hard to find a great fit.  Please help us in welcoming Tabatha, our newest veterinary technician.

Tabatha came to join us from Johnson City, TN.  She has 3 years experience in small animal practice, and is currently working toward her LVMT (Licensed Veterinary Medical Technician) with San Juan College of Veterinary Technology.  Tabatha enjoys the opportunity EAH gives for learning about and providing medical care to a variety of exotic pets, as well as cats and dogs.  
Tabatha's pet family includes 2 dogs - Russko and Zailey, 2 cats - Maisie Mae and Raja, and 2 turtles - Layla and Luna.  In her free time, Tabatha enjoys joining her husband and daughter in the great outdoors - exploring mountains, kayaking, river rafting, and sunbathing.       


May is the perfect time to begin an exercise routine with your pet - exercise provides many of the same benefits for pets as it does for people.