Meet Sarah Shaw of the Nature Defense Foundation

EAI is sincerely grateful for the generous on-going support that we receive from the Nature Defense Foundation, who most recently provided a $50,000 matching grant for our Build the Barn campaign. We 'd like to introduce the driving force behind the Nature Defense Foundation and give our thanks to Sarah Shaw for supporting EAI through so many key stages of its development.
Get to know Sarah, her passion for elephants and why she chooses to support EAI.
Barn Warming Trunk Show

Limited edition items for sale during the Barn Warming Trunk Show

The Friends of Georgia Elephants is holding a Barn Warming Trunk Show on August 3, 2018, to raise funds toward completion of ERNA's elephant barn. We wanted to make sure that our friends and supporters who won't be able to attend the event have an opportunity to participate. Beginning August 3, 2018, you can purchase or bid on a collection of very special, limited-edition, limited-quantity items.

A sneak peak of the elephant-inspired items is available now and links to purchase items will be posted the morning of August 3, 2018.

Barn Fundraising at 85% - We're Almost There!

help us raise _50K for World Elephant Day

What do you get from a mix of elephant-lovers, amazing generosity, and a CEO with a tenacious eye for stretching donor dollars? Really exciting, positive news. We've reached 85% of the fundraising goal for the ERNA elephant barn!

We still have about $68K to go to fully fund the elephant barn, so please consider a donation to our Build the Barn campaign as an empowering way to commemorate World Elephant Day on August 12, 2018.

Every donation brings us closer to moving Mundi to ERNA. Tell your friends why you donated and use the #WorldElephantDay hashtag to help us spread the word!

Founding Herd Call

Carol answers questions about Mundi

We had a fun and informative call with our Founding Herd family on Saturday, July 21, 2018, with an enthusiastic exchange of great questions and answers. EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley provided insights and detailed information on the elephant barn's special features, logistics of Mundi's move, future plans for ERNA and much more.

We'd like to share a few snippets from the call with our EAI family of supporters - like this one of Carol telling us what she's most looking forward to when Mundi arrives ( click the image to watch). We'll post a few more on Facebook.

Want to get in on the next Founding Herd call? Donate $1,000 or more toward the barn at ERNA or join the team to help raise funds for the elephant barn!

Join the team and create your own fundraiser

ERNA Volunteers Featured on WTXL

Regional ABC affiliate WXTL viewers learned what it is like to take part in Volunteer Days at ERNA and gained insight into the commitment and drive behind our dedicated volunteers. The segment showed ERNA's hard working volunteers removing old fence posts and included interviews with volunteer Hollie Boykin and EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley.

Home & Yard Magazine Explains How Elephants Will Thrive at ERNA

ERNA's special landscape and work of EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley were highlighted in a feature article in the July 2018 issue of Home & Yard Magazine. It's clear from the enthusiastic tone and details included in the article that Carol's personal ERNA tour inspired and educated the magazine's writers. The article provides a detailed overview of ERNA and helps readers understand how ERNA's future resident elephants will thrive. This is a great article to share with friends and fellow animal lovers.

Mel Kali - The First Retired Elephant in Nepal Thrives

read Carol_s tribute to Mel Kali

Just five years ago, Mel Kali, the senior member of the National Trust for Nature Conservation's elephant herd, was suffering from pneumonia and it looked as though the 70-year-old matriarch would pass. Today Mel Kali is known as the region's healthiest elephant.

EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley takes us through the touching journey of Mel Kali's road to recovery and shares the beauty of an elephant regaining her freedom.

Our warmest thanks to all of our supporters. Mundi will thrive at Elephant Refuge North America...all thanks to you.
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