EAI September News & Updates
A Community Engaged

Attapulgus, Elephant Refuge North America's (ERNA) hometown, and surrounding communities (Bainbridge, GA, and Quincy, Havana and Tallahassee, FL) have been more than welcoming, engaged and curious about ERNA and the lives of captive elephants. 

EAI founder Carol Buckley recently shared the progress and goals of ERNA with the Bainbridge Rotary Club, and will make three presentations at the Decatur County - Gilbert H. Gragg Library on September 25th and 28th and Oct 2nd. We love our new neighbors!
Elephant Appreciation Day Screening of UNCHAINED

A warm thank you to the Quincy Music Theatre in Quincy, FL, for helping us celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22, with a special screening of UNCHAINED. 

Want to learn more about the documentary and Carol's work with elephants? R ead an in-depth interview with Carol and the film's director Alex Rivera in the Tallahasse Democrat .

UNCHAINED - Barcelona Bound

The Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA), the world's oldest environmental film festival, chose UNCHAINED as an official selection for 2017. The festival runs November 2-9, 2017. 

UNCHAINED was also selected for the Orlando Film Festival, which takes place October 19-26, 2017. 

Help us bring UNCHAINED to new audiences at other film festivals! Send Alex Rivera, the film's director the name of the festival and application fee (if there is one). You can write him at alexcrkp@gmail.com. Alex will submit the film and send you a personal acknowledgment. Thanks!

Help the Elephant Fence Go the Distance!

Nearly two-thirds of ERNA's elephant fence is complete! The crew has set close to 2,000 poles - no insignificant feat considering that each one is driven five feet into the ground! The construction is keeping pace with funding, which means we need now to raise the last third of the funding to complete the project. 

Let's keep the crew going. Please donate to the Finish the Fence campaign!

Tiger Tops/EAI Collaboration Continues to Make Headlines

The collaboration between Tiger Tops and EAI to end elephant-back safaris and improve elephant welfare in Chitwan National Park continues to draw media coverage. 

A recent article in The Kathmandu Post applauds Tiger Tops leadership for its initiatives in eco-friendly tourism. Another article by Lady Freethinker credits the cooperative project for "prioritizing the emotional and physical welfare of the animals."
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants around the world possible. Thank you! 
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