EAI February 2018 News & Updates
Update from Asia

EAI corral locations Chitwan

As you are reading this, Elephant Aid International (EAI) Founder and CEO Carol Buckley is likely in a jeep or a canoe making her way to another hattisar (elephant facility) in the remote areas of Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Carol is there to assess the conditions of chain-free corrals built by EAI; trim the feet of government and privately owned elephants in Sauraha; and share her elephant care knowledge with a group of interns from Nepal and around the world.

foot trimming and happy elephants
We are proud to report that the mahouts who participated in past EAI foot trimming workshops have honed their skills and are teaching others. That's positive change for elephants - healthy feet are critical not only to physical well-being, but psychological health as well.
You can support this important work by sponsoring a mahout, donating foot trimming kits, sponsoring one of Carol's corral visits or donating toward a variety of necessities that will improve the lives of both mahouts and elephants.
Asia Trip Kicks Off with Nepal Premiere of UNCHAINED

Unchained movie poster

While the documentary UNCHAINED is winning awards as it makes the international film festival circuit, it had not yet screened in Nepal. Its premier screening was arranged by Animal Nepal and Elephant Watch Nepal and hosted by the Bikalpa Centre and Bikalpa Art Cafe in Lalitput, Nepal. Afterward, Carol discussed EAI's work and accomplishments in the country and answered audience questions.
Mundi is Ready to Retire - Donate to Build the Barn!

help EAI build the barn

The government of Puerto Rico is ready to retire Mundi to Elephant Refuge North America. Only one thing is delaying the process - we need to build the barn! 

We know that once Mundi acclimates to her new surroundings she'll spend all her time roaming ERNA's 850 acres. But when she first arrives, she'll feel more comfortable in the structured environment of the barn, which will also shelter her, and the other elephants who eventually join her, during bad weather. 

Every detail of the barn has been considered with elephant well-being in mind, from the high ceilings to the estuary sand we'll use in the stalls. (Estuary sand is soft and can help alleviate foot pain from years of standing on unnaturally hard surfaces.) 

Please give what you can. Together we'll bring Mundi to ERNA!
Tarra's Treasure Trunk is Open for Business

gift shop items

Want to show your support for EAI? Now you can, with items from Tarra's Treasure Trunk online store! You'll find exclusive t-shirts and replicas of EAI's chain-free corral signs designed to fit any license plate holder.
Bike the Elephant Trails Event Redux

bike the elephant trails

Another group of adventure-seeking elephant lovers explored the trails of ERNA this past weekend during our second Bike the Elephant Trails event. Look for more events like this to come - we'll keep you posted here in the e-news and on our events page.  
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. We would not be able to do any of this work without your continued support.
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