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Your Inova Employee Support Program   is available 24/7 with effective communication, conflict resolution and mediation-related resources to create, maintain and/or improve a positive, supportive working environment. Inova can help with:
  • Articles on conflict resolution, anger management and bullies
  • Audio on listening tips
  • Skill-builder trainings on effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Information about mediation
Keeping It Kind: Creating Positive Interactions
Learn to manage conflict and maintain positive interactions with your coworkers. 
  • Available on demand beginning April 20.
How to Participate
Visit the Inova EAP website at  www.inova.org/eap and log in using the username and password below.  Featured resources are available from the homepage, as well as under the "Working" tab on the main menu under "Workplace Productivity." You can also search for specific terms of interest from the search bar on the top right. 

Website :   www.inova.org/eap
Toll-Free Call In: 800.346.0110
Username:  DCGOV
Password: DCGOV
Available anytime, any day, your Inova Employee Support Program is a free, confidential program to help you balance your work, family, and personal life.

For more information, please visit DCHR online or email dchr.benefits@dc.gov.