E-Newsletter September, 2022


Once again, we welcome the onset of autumn, replete with changing colors of foliage, cooler temperatures, and shorter days of sunlight. Not only is our landscape changing, but the world around us as well. As we approach this Thanksgiving, let us do so with a renewed sense of community.


EAPO is privileged to be working collaboratively with a growing family of community partners, who share our vision of safeguarding seniors and preventing elder abuse. Working together means we are stronger and better able to build a future that is respectful and abuse free.


This month we recognize significant milestones and important dates that bring focus to issues affecting the lives of Older Adults: International Day of Older Persons, Older Adult Mental Health Awareness and Cyber Security Awareness to name but a few. Our newsletter contains many interesting stories about these issues and links to the happenings in Ontario and beyond. 

We hope you will benefit from the newest offerings and resources within.


M. Hajek

Executive Director 

Joint Statement of Partnership

On the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons, recognized annually, on October 1st, Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) and the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program are pleased to announce a joint partnership.

This collaborative relationship strengthens our commitment to promote respectful, healthy aging and create a greater awareness of key considerations, to help older adults in all communities, remain safe, secure, and free from abuse, including the impacts of ageism on their quality of life.

To learn more about the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program, click here.

To read the official joint statement document, click here. 


How Much Do You Know About  International Day of Older Persons?

Do you want to check your knowledge about International Day of Older Persons?

Find out by taking this NEW quiz, created by EAPO

Access the quiz here.

Upcoming Webinars

🔹 To mark Cyber Security Awareness Month, Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario, in collaboration with CNPEAare hosting a series of webinars in October. 

Join us on October 12th for a panel conversation with guests who work to increase digital literacy, safe behaviours online as well as online privacy and security for older people using technology. Learn more here

Note: ASL will be provided 

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🔹Join EAPO and CNPEA on October 26th for our webinar on Online Scams!


This webinar will feature, Stephanie Senecal, Senior Support Unit Coordinator with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, who will provide older adults and professionals with knowledge on current online crimes and tips on how to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of cyber-fraud. Learn more here

NoteASL will be provided 

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🔹 Rejoignez PMAO le 27 octobre pour notre webinaire sur "Arnaques En Ligne -Sécurité Et Confidentialité" 

Ce webinaire, qui sera dirigé par Stephanie Senecal, coordonnatrice principale de l'unité de soutien au Centre antifraude du Canada, fournira aux personnes âgées ainsi qu'aux professionnels des connaissances sur les crimes en ligne actuels et des conseils sur la façon d'éviter d'être victime de cyberfraude.

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EAPO's Archived Webinars & Blogs

Grandparent Rights

In recognition of Grandparent's DayEAPO hosted a webinar to raise awareness of the rights of grandparents.  

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Leading & Learning with Pride: A Revitalized Tool Kit on Supporting 2SLGBTQI+ Seniors

EAPO hosted a webinar to learn how you can use the Tool Kit to advance respectful, inclusive & affirming care for 2SLGBTQI+ seniors. 

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EAPO, in collaboration with Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse marked International Day of Older Persons (October 1st) with an online panel discussion focused on “Diverse Approaches to Safety and Well-being of Older Adults”, featuring older women who are leaders and advocates in their community.

View Recording 

View EAPO's Blogs

Read EAPO's Blogs: 


Keep informed of EAPO's weekly posts at: https://eapon.ca/the-eapo-blog/

EAPO's Public Statement: More Beds, Better Care Act 2022 (Bill 7) 

The Board of Directors of Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO), in accordance with our mission to create an Ontario free of abuse for all seniors, expresses its grave concern that the More Beds, Better Care Act, as currently framed, creates increased risk for abuse and neglect of vulnerable older adults. 

Access the Public Statement:here

EAPO at International Women in Cyber Day Symposium 2022

EAPO and CNPEA co-hosted a workshop on "Digital Safety for Older Women: Preventing Cybercrimes and Scams" to educate women about cybersecurity & online protection techniques at International Women in Cyber Day Symposium 2022.

Learn more about Canadian Women in cybersecurity:

Women CyberSecurity Society 

International Women in Cyber Day

Funding Announcement!


DEADLINE: November 1, 2022 at 12:00pm (PST)

The NHSP- Call for Proposals is currently open and looking for your project ideas to help seniors in your community! 

Community-based projects are eligible to receive up to $25,000 in grant funding. To simplify the application process and provide funds more rapidly, organizations can now complete and submit project proposals using an online form.  Program Details here

Information Sessions – How To Register

Join one of the many information sessions to learn more about this important opportunity!


English Sessions (Oct. 4,5,6,11,12,13,18,19,20) here 

If you have any questions, please contact: W-T-PPS-STP-NHSP-VANCOUVER-GD@servicecanada.gc.ca 

or 1-855-312-0400

Visit here for more information.

Le programme Nouveaux Horizons pour les aînés (PNHA) Appel de propositions


LA DATE LIMITE: Le 1er novembre, 2022 à 12h00 (l’heure du Pacifique)


Comme vous le savez, le programme Nouveaux Horizons pour les aînés (PNHA) Appel de propositions est actuellement ouvert. Nous cherchons vos idées de projets pour aider les aînés dans votre communauté. 

Les projets communautaires peuvent recevoir une subvention jusqu’à 25 000 $.

Pour simplifier le processus de demande et attribuer des fonds plus rapidement, les organismes peuvent désormais remplir et soumettre des propositions de projet en utilisant un formulaire en ligne.

Détails du programme ici

Les séances d ’information – Comment s’y inscrire

Nous vous invitons à participer à nos sessions d’information pour plus de détails sur ce sujet important. 


Séances en français

(Le 5 octobre, 12) ici

Si vous avez des questions, veuillez communiquer avec : W-T-PPS-STP-NHSP-VANCOUVER-GD@servicecanada.gc.ca 

ou 1-855-312-0400

Visitez ici pour plus d'informations.

Healthy Ageing 50: Leaders

Fifty individuals from around the world have been recognised as part of the first ever Healthy Ageing 50: leaders transforming the world to be a better place to grow older.

This year’s Healthy Ageing 50 recognises inspirational champions that showcase what is already possible in the area of healthy ageing, whether at local, national, regional, or global levels. From combatting ageism and developing age-friendly environments, to implementing integrated care and ensuring access to long-term care, the Healthy Ageing 50 demonstrate that actions taken across sectors can transform our world to meet the needs and aspirations of current and future generations of older people.

EAPO is pleased to highlight the Canadian Leaders recognized in the top 50! 

  • Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General,International Federation on Ageing
  • Marie Beaulieu, Researcher and Professor, Research Centre on Aging and University of Sherbrooke
  • Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, Full Professor,Université de Moncton
  • Alex Mihailidis, cientific Director and CEO AGE-WELL
  • Mercedes Montgomery, Volunteer President Saskatoon Council on Aging Board, Saskatoon Council on Aging

See the full list of this year’s Healthy Ageing 50 on the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing Platform here  and explore the stories and achievements of these government leaders, civil society representatives, academics, and professionals from around the world, all working to improve the lives of older people, their families, and communities in unique and impactful ways.

Aging Reports 

StatCan COVID-19: Data to Insights for a Better Canada - Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian nursing homes and seniors' homes in 2021

September 13, 2022 

This study addresses nursing homes and seniors’ homes in 2021, providing preliminary insights into these facilities and the residents of these facilities across regions in Canada. Concepts discussed include Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) protocols and practices, and changes made to facilities in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read the full report

Enabling Older Adults to Age in Community

(Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors Forum)

This report identifies possible actions, strategies, approaches, policies and/or research to promote aging in community by addressing gaps or weaknesses in the existing system.  Read the full report

Investor Survey Uncovers Knowledge Gaps

A new Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) survey assessing investors’ financial literacy found about one third of investors were overconfident and self-assessed their financial knowledge too highly. Find out more about the study and its implications. Learn more here 

NEW Educational Resources

LTCO. Preventing Falls in Long-Term Care (Non-Clinical Team Members)

Preventing Falls in Long-Term Care (Non-Clinical Team Members) is a self-paced Orientation course on fall prevention that will equip or refresh LTC team members on the knowledge and skills required to support residents. Falls can result in serious injury, hospital admission, and long-term loss of mobility and function. By taking this course, team members will learn appropriate awareness and corresponding actions to take to effectively prevent falls and keep residents safe.

Learners will receive an Ontario CLRI certificate for completing this course.


This course is for long-term care team members in non-clinical roles.

This eLearning course, part of the Orientation course series, was developed by the Ontario CLRI at RIA in 2022 with the generous support of Schlegel Villages. We would like to thank the people who contributed to the development and review of content for this course.

Learners will receive an Ontario CLRI certificate for completing this course.

Enroll Now

The Elder Abuse Prevention Podcast

Sheatre presents a brand new 12-part series named “Mishoo miinwaa Noki ~ You, Me And Wrinkles – The Elder Abuse Prevention Podcast,” aka Wrinkles.

With one in six seniors facing abuse, Wrinkles uses authentic voices to tell true stories that will inspire listeners to bring elder abuse out of the shadows and normalize talking about it.

🔹Wrinkles is an audio drama and panel series that shares essential insights and information from Indigenous Elders, community members and service providers. First, dramatic scenarios illustrate the problems of physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and financial abuse and neglect Indigenous seniors face. Then, panel discussions unpack the issues and highlight ways to identify, prevent, intervene and solve them - highlighting solutions and helpful resources for residents in Grey & Bruce Counties, Manitoulin Island, Sudbury, across Ontario and beyond.


Community groups, Anishnaabemowin language classes, students in elementary, secondary and post- secondary schools, community arts practitioners, care providers, Indigenous studies, Seniors Centres Without Walls activities, families, and more.

🔹Issues include: physical abuse, scams, isolation, disrespect, systemic abuse, family dysfunction, neglect, dementia, medicinal misuse, domestic abuse, financial abuse, abandonment, the impact of residential schools.

Learn more here

Listen to the podcast here

Do you know a woman who is being abused? A legal rights handbook.

This handbook is for any woman in Ontario who is being abused, or who has been abused, by her partner. It includes information on making a safety plan, preparing to leave, the criminal process and trial, a woman's rights under family law, protection orders, and legal and community resources in Ontario. It also has information on how abuse may affect a woman's immigration status, and a section that focuses on Indigenous women.

Learn more here

Preventing and Responding to Violence Against Older Women 

In this self-paced module the specific needs, and survivor-centred responses required to better support older women who have experienced violence will be explored. Understanding legislation, barriers, risk assessment and communication have different implications when working with older women. As Ontario’s population ages, our VAW programs and services need to move towards age-friendly models. Various tools, resources and scenarios will be used to support your learning and knowledge development.


Learn more about training: training.oaith.ca

Read Fact Sheetthere

How you can help seniors avoid becoming victims of fraud - TD Stories (Sept. 29)

Financial fraud is a problem that affects millions of Canadians every year, with older Canadians increasingly becoming the target of potential fraudsters.

Many of the most common scams law enforcement officials are seeing today – including the so-called "grandparent scam" – are designed to specifically target seniors.

"Seniors are often targeted by fraudsters because they are perceived to have more wealth and presumed to be less knowledgeable about navigating online," says Adrienne Vickery, Associate Vice President, North American Fraud Operations, Customer, Colleague & Strategic Initiatives, TD Bank Group.

Learn the tips

Elder Abuse in the News

Calgary police say more than $1.6 million stolen in 2022 through grandparent scam

Toronto Star, SEPTEMBER 22

Calgary police say more than $1.6 million has been stolen this year from approximately 122 seniors in the city by fraudsters using what is known as the grandparent scam. Police say in a statement there has been a sharp increase in cases this month, with 93 reports involving 35 victims losing money to scammers.

Read now

Winnipeg police warn of 'new twist' on scam targeting grandparents

CTVNews Winnipeg, SEPTEMBER 24

A new twist on a scam targeting grandparents has Winnipeg police warning the public to be alert and trust their gut when answering the phone.

It starts with a panicked call to an elderly person. The voice on the line claims to be a grandchild or a family member who has landed in serious legal trouble, is in jail and needs money immediately. They may be crying, pleading for help, demanding that you send bail money, but the voice is not who you think it is – police warn it's a scammer. Winnipeg police call it the 'Grandparent Scam'.

Watch video now

Vancouver police renew warning after more seniors hit with bail scam

Global News, SEPTEMBER 26

Vancouver police have renewed a warning about a scam targeting the region’s seniors, after they say fraudsters bilked new victims out of tens of thousands of dollars.

The scam, which has been previously reported in Vancouver and several neighbouring municipalities, involves the suspect pretending to be a police officer or criminal justice official.

Read now


October 1st 

The International Day of Older Person 

On 14 December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly designated October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons. Learn more here

Click poster for UN Webinar details C C

OSC in the Community (telephone): Peel

OSC staff will be speaking to Elder Help Peel clients about fraud prevention.

October, 5

Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn more here

Learn how to prevent fraud

OSC in the Community (telephone): Peel

OSC staff will be speaking to Elder Help Peel clients about making informed financial decisions.

October, 7

Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn more here

Read more

October 26, 2022

Digital Citizen Day

The first annual Digital Citizen Day takes place during Media Literacy Week on October 26, 2022, encouraging all Canadians to share what it means to be a digital citizen using #DigitalCitizenDay.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is the ability to navigate our digital environments in a way that’s safe and responsible and to actively and respectfully engage in these spaces. 

Learn more here

October 24 to 28, 2022

Media Literacy Week

Media Literacy Week (MLW)Media Literacy Week (MLW) is an annual event promoting digital media literacy across Canada, taking place each October. Schools, libraries, museums and community groups organize events and activities throughout the week. 

Learn more: here

Download Media Literacy Week + Digital Citizen Day Promo Kit 2022

November - Fall prevention Month

Raise awareness about fall prevention in your community! All Canadians have a role to play in preventing falls.

You CAN Prevent Falls!

Learn more here

Upcoming Webinars/Conferences

October 1, 2022

Fall for Caledon Age-Friendly Expo

Time: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Location: Alton Legion 

1267 Queen St W, Alton, ON 

Caledon’s older residents make up half of our population and are truly the heart and soul of our Town!

Learn more here

October 15, 2022


Armour Heights Presbyterian Church & Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre

1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Armour Heights Presbyterian Church

105 Wilson Avenue, North York

Registration here

Visit: https://mosaichomecare.com/events

October 14 - 15, 2022 

CAGP- CCSMH Annual Scientific Meeting

Human Rights and the Law: Legal, Ethical and Moral Responsibilities in Seniors’ Mental Health

Montreal, QC 

For more information, visit: www.cagp.ca

October 17 - 18, 2022

OACAO Annual Vertual Conference


This two-day event is a wonderful opportunity for older adult volunteers, staff and seniors organizations across Ontario to come together and enjoy valuable programming, networking and workshops.

View details here

Registration here

October 18 - 20, 2022


Innovating a Better Future 2022

Delta Hotels Regina, Saskatchewan

The AGE-WELL Annual Conference will focus on current issues and innovations in the field of technology and aging.  

View details here

October 20-22, 2022

Canadian Association on Gerontology Annual Conference

Closing the Research-Practice Gap

Knowledge Mobilization & Implementation Science

For more info, visit: www.cag2022.ca

October 20, 2022

Social Prescribing Conference: Current Practices & Community Conversations

Clinicians, health and/or social service providers, researchers, policy-makers, and anyone new to social prescribing and interested in learning more is welcome to join!

For the first time, healthcare and community-based professionals across Canada will convene to discuss successful practices in implementation, current challenges, and potential solutions for scaling up the national social prescribing movement.  Learn more here

October 24, 2022

The Great Age: Sustainability in Aging Societies

The University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) invites community leaders, researchers, students, professionals, and leaders from all fields to register and attend. This in-person event is dedicated to revealing the challenges and existing opportunities that may be leveraged to build a more sustainable future for our society. Learn more here    

Registration here

October 24 - 26, 2022 

OLTCA’s 2022 TiLTC Virtual Conference

The Long Term Care 2022 virtual conference seeks to highlight emerging research, quality improvement initiatives, innovations and expertise that can educate and inspire others in seniors’ care and provide practical strategies that improve quality of care and quality of life.

Learn more here

DeafBlind Ontario Services

Join upcoming interactive virtual workshops. View details at: www.deafblindontario.com

Personality Dimensions October 23, 2022  

Introduction to Sensory Loss November 16, 2022  

Adapting Environments for Sensory LossJan. 25, 2023  

November 7, 2022


OACAO members are invited to participate virtually this year for the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Learn more: here

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