What a mild summer it has been.  We started off with a very warm and dry stretch in late April and early May, then went wet in June. July and August which were relatively dry but not as hot as typical. September will likely be one of the wettest with record rain to date.  

As we approach fall and the potential return to the rainy season, we are adjusting our irrigation accordingly. With the anticipation of continued rain and cooler weather next week, most irrigation is currently off. Time will tell but we likely aren't done with the irrigation season, however we will not need to irrigate a lot going forward.   Rain will return consistently at some point in October, thus going into that stretch on the dry side is not a great concern.

We started out the season with larger than normal water need but are ending up close to the seasonal average. Good news for water bills. However, with water rates rising rapidly, many will see water bills higher than previous years due to the rate increases. You will see on your budget proposal recommendations to add Weather Based Irrigation as well as a Water Conservation Plan evaluation. Both of these will help you maintain and potentially lower your water use to help offset the increase in rates.

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