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2015 Breastfeeding Conference

Monday, March 9th  




Lawrence Noble, MD, FABM, IBCLC 
What's Really Wrong with One Bottle: 
Microbiota & Metabolic Syndrome 
We all know the reasons to avoid that bottle - or do we? This session 
presents ground - breaking research on the human microbiome that will give you a host of compelling new reasons to advocate for mothers' milk. Learn about the changing bacterial flora and its effect on infections and 
inflammatory diseases, as well asthe role of infant feedings on long-term obesity, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.


additional talks by our keynote speaker: 

Breastfeeding Late Preterm Babies 
More late preterm babies are being born, and more mothers are breastfeeding them. At the same time, many of these babies are readmitted to the hospital. This session covers the latest research on the different issues seen in babies born at each stage of the late preterm period, as well as strategies to address them. Learn how we can work together to provide appropriate care for these infants in the hospital and after discharge.
Epigenetics and Breast Milk Stem Cells 
Learn how epigenetics affects the future of our children through breastfeeding. This cutting - edge presentation will challenge what you know about genetic manifestation, how specific genes are "turned on or off" and how it can impact the humans as a species - not just the individual mother/baby dyad, but future generations. This session will also touch on the role of breast milk stem cells in childhood cognition and the potential of breast milk stem cells for treating adult and neonatal brain injury.

additional breakout topics and speakers include: 
Tongue Tie Essentials: 
Diagnosis, Treatment and Scope of Practice
  Fawn Rosenberg, DMD, FAGD
with Heather Bingham, IBCLC, NMC-BC 

What are the signs and symptoms of tongue tie in the infant and mother?  Learn about the physical diagnosis of tongue and lip tie, treatment options, and post-operative exercises. This session will also include discussion of scope of practice-which professionals can diagnose, and how perinatal professionals and volunteers who are not medical professionals can recognize signs of tongue tie, talk with mothers, and make referrals without diagnosing.


Back on the Breast: After the Tongue Tie Revision
  Lucia Jenkins, RN, IBCLC, RLC and Linda Slak, DC
Every infant who has undergone a frenotomy benefits from skilled follow-up to help baby and  mother adjust to physiological changes and reap the full benefits of the procedure. This session  teaches effective strategies to improve latch and help baby breastfeed effectively, and explores the  role of the chiropractor in the baby's care.

When Colleagues Disagree: Effective Communications
    About Breastfeeding Situations
  Sarah D. Massey, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Lactation support is based on evidence - based principles.  Other health professionals may not have the same knowledge base and background as lactation providers, so there may be discrepancies and differences of opinions on how to handle certain breastfeeding issues.  Which approaches are most effective to enhance evidence-based practice in an ethical manner, and maintain a positive professional relationship with colleagues?  Which ones are potentially ineffective? Ideas will be shared, and some practical solutions discussed.


Monday, March 9, 2015


Holiday Inn

242 Adams Place

Boxborough, MA



Continuing Education Credits: BACE/NMC: 6 contact hours; IBLCE: CERPs have been applied for; 6 Lamaze contact hours pending (Lamaze credits are recognized by ICEA and DONA); meets criteria of the ADA for 6 CPE credits for dieticians; meets criteria of the Commonwealth of MA Board of Nursing regulations: (244 CMR, sect. 5:00) for continuing ed. for nursing re-licensure  

for 7.2 contact hours.


The Holiday Inn is accessible to those with physical disabilities 

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