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When it comes to films that explore environmental issues, Bullfrog has been the leader in our industry for over 45 years. Now, more than ever, Bullfrog's catalog of over 700 films provides an important connection for audiences seeking to understand the daunting challenges we face and the many solutions found in communities here and around the world. Join Bullfrog this Earth Day in pushing back against regulatory rollbacks, corporate corruption, and public indifference with films that engage viewers and lead the way to effective activism. Visit our website for links to specific subjects, and visit Bullfrog Communities for our Earth Day Festival in a Box special promotion for public screenings.
Regulatory Issues and Public Health
plus dozens more titles in subjects like these
How high a price will Americans end up paying for coal, a supposedly cheap source of fuel that continues to impoverish, poison and destroy the very communities it's intended to benefit?  CHESHIRE, OHIO was filmed over ten years, revealing a story so common, it could happen almost anywhere in America or around the world. As this compassionate but hard-hitting film shows, the costs of coal-burning power plants can't be accurately measured in currency, jobs created, or the economic benefits touted by the industries that extract, transport and burn it. Earth Day 2019 is a perfect moment to remember this town that coal made disappear.
A group of unsuspecting students at West Virginia University accidentally discovered Volkswagen’s carefully concealed "defeat device" that hid the true measure of their cars' diesel exhaust pollution. Regulators slapped the carmaker with the largest fine in US auto history, but from there, VW's offenses actually got worse. Hear the full story from those who broke the case and sought justice. BACKFIRED will leave viewers with new insight into the role of regulators, how positive corporate branding can be used to disguise criminal behavior on a massive scale, and the extent to which some companies are willing to go to greenwash their pollution deception.
"An amazing job. None of the other reports I've seen including my own put the Volkswagen scandal into the context of the whole clean air movement. There is a lot of fascinating detail and I learned a lot."
Jack Ewing, New York Times, Author,  Faster, Higher, Farther: The Volkswagen Scandal
Healing Power of the Natural World
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This powerful, uplifting story takes place in the endangered forests of Paraguay, where a group of timid girls attending a radical high school absorb the power of nature, friendship and belief in oneself. Filmed over 5 years, including a year after their graduation, DAUGHTERS OF THE FOREST provides an exploration of adolescence, empowerment, education, and the transformative effects on children of a deeper, more conscious connection with our environment.

"A window into an alternative future...a powerful educational tool for those exploring alternative routes to education, girls' empowerment, and sustainable development."
Dr. Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Florida State University
Five young urban women spend a gap year between high school and college living semi-primitively in a remote mountainside wilderness in Oregon. Told mainly through the story of Tori Davis, a teenager with learning difficulties, the film chronicles the group's four seasons in the woods as part of the Caretaker nature program.

Separately and together the girls learn ancient skills of craftsmanship and teamwork, and forge deep powers of resilience and self-reliance.  EARTH SEASONED  has essential messages about talent, compassion and community and about the real conditions for human flourishing. 
"Beautifully illuminates what happens to our sense of self, our connection to non-human nature, and our relationship to other humans when we slow down and use our brains and bodies in the ways we are built to do."
Dr. Britain Scott, Professor of Psychology, University of St. Thomas, Co-author,  Psychology for Sustainability
Lessons in Environmental Activism
These films and more on how to make your voice count
As a fisherwoman and Marine Toxicologist responding to the Exxon Valdez oil spill in her Alaskan community, Dr. Riki Ott developed a program of effective civic action skills that she shared with other communities. Her intimate knowledge of the tools and strategies that will help  change public opinion and ultimately, the law  are profiled in this empowering, 41-minute film.

Suitable for anyone old enough to participate in democracy,  A CONCERNED CITIZEN  will rally your educational community and prepare them to learn what they need to know to fight for environmental rights and a more responsive government at the state, local, and national levels.  Preview it today and pre-order it now , and then  download Riki Ott's free Ultimate Civics curriculum  to empower your students.

"Riki is one of the everyday citizens who will inspire more grassroots heroes and activists in America. They are sorely needed in this day and age."
Hugh Kaufman, Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The massive Standing Rock Sioux-led peaceful protests opposing the Dakota Access pipeline are dramatically covered in this collaboration by three filmmakers. Highly acclaimed for its insider perspective and scenes of graphic assaults by law enforcement officials on nonviolent protesters, AWAKE also makes a profoundly moving philosophical stand for protecting the environment and respecting the voices and leadership of Native Americans.
  • American Library Association's 2018 VRT list of Notable Videos for Adults
  • Special Founders Prize for Citizen Journalism, Traverse City Film Festival
Science and A Sustainable Future
New visions to transform viewer understanding
A truly original thinker in the field of evolutionary biology and genetics, Lynn Margulis' work and ideas were initially met with scorn by her peers. At first marginalized for her gender and uncompromising attitude, she ultimately succeeded in rocking both the male-dominated halls of science, and the prevailing narrative of evolution in a way that carries profound implications for disciplines as diverse as Sociology, Economics, and Human Rights. Few scientists in the modern world have pursued their work and lives with such passion, grace and stamina as Margulis, and this thunderous film (presented as 10 captivating cinematic essays) will continue to enthrall viewers for years to come.
Predictions of an apocalyptic future may be wrong, if  David Fleming, founder of the Transition Towns Movement, has any influence.  THE SEQUEL is a celebration of Fleming's vision, especially his book,  Lean Logic: A Dictionary For the Future and How to Survive It In Fleming's view, what comes next could be a lot more pleasant and rewarding, with ideas that range from the pragmatic to the poetic, but always centered around taking action.
"Highly suggested - Spread the world of David Fleming and use  The Sequel  in your classroom! If you want to join people like Arne Næss, Herman Daly and Brian Czech, watch this movie and implement its lessons to 'Fall in love with the Earth.'"
Falk Huettmann, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology, University of Alaska Fairbanks
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