CAP Alert Authentication Certificates
Important! Certificate Updates
This release updates CAP alert authentication certificates that are needed to continue to receive CAP alerts from IPAWS and some other CAP alert providers. This update must be installed by  11:45am EDT on June 24, 2018 . The release also contains root certificates used for HTTPS access to web sites that provide alert audio files.

Sage updates can be found here:
Monroe EAS Device users who are being contacted directly.
User notices are being sent out, directing to the following links:
Trilithic updates can be found here:
Gorman-Redlich updates can be found here:
60 years ago, WAKY put the crazy in Louisville's rock 'n' roll radio, read their story here:
All sales successes begin with the ability build affinity with people. Everything else builds from there. Discover the skills necessary to connect with clients quickly and build powerful partnerships that last.
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One-Hour, Live SELLER Webinar

TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018
(11:00 am Eastern/10:00 am Central/9:00 am Mountain/8:00 am Pacific)
(4:00 pm Eastern/3:00 pm Central/2:00 pm Mountain/1:00 pm Pacific)
Enter as a GUEST using your FIRST AND LAST NAME.
Audio: over computer or 800-244-2500, PIN 550122#
Contact Adobe Support at: 800-422-3623. International support numbers are available at .
To contact RAB, call 800-232-3131 or email .
Chris Winkle
KBA President/CEO
You’ve likely received a postcard or seen the numerous mentions in our eCast alerts regarding the upcoming ATSC 3.0 Television Summit in Columbus, OH, June 27th and 28th. With the first group of U.S. stations now on-air with ATSC 3.0 and with Spectrum Repack planning well underway, local station General Managers and Engineering personnel need to know how the upcoming transition to Next-Generation ATSC 3.0 TV transmission will affect their advertising offerings and engineering plans. The KBA along with other State Broadcast Association’s throughout the Midwest are pooling resources to present this event targeted to local stations who need to get ready for the transition to Internet Protocol-enabled broadcast television. The agenda is coming together with sessions such as; “Deployment Details: An ATSC 3.0 Plan for General Managers and Engineers”, “Building New Revenue with Next-Gen TV and SFN Deployment”, “Monetizing ATSC 3.0 with Personalized Advertising and Viewership Data from Next-Gen TV”, “Alert & Aware with AWARN Emergency Alerting” and so much more. The Summit boasts a presenters lineup of some of the top technology and Next-Gen experts from across the Country. So far the only thing that we’ve failed to include in this 2-day Summit is... YOU! Don’t hesitate, click here to complete the online registration form today. As always, please don’t hesitate to call if I can answer any questions or assist with registration. See you in Columbus!

LBS Webinar
Presented by, Mark Levy, LBS Broadcast Expert
Upcoming Webinar!

June 12, Noon ET

It’s 6-Month Check-Up Time: Do You Know Where YOUR Dollars Are?
Half the year is OVER! Hopefully you are running ahead of budget to date, but what about the rest of the year? Where will that money come from? We’ll review some places that you might be unpleasantly surprised to hear are getting some of your revenue, and share with you strategies and tactics you can use to win some of it back! We’ll talk about investments in YOU for you to make, some things managers do regularly that may cost their teams money, and what they might do instead, and we’ll take your questions about just about anything (no chemistry, art history, or auto mechanics please)!

Calling All Engineers!!

The KBA is currently seeking input for the 2018 KBA Conference in Bowling Green, KY, October 8-9, 2018. The KBA would like to host a one day intensive training session in conjunction with the Society of Broadcast Engineers on Tuesday, October 9. We need your help in determining the topic. If you have any special request, ideas, please contact Karen Mucci at
  • July 19, 2018 @9:30 am ET, KBA Headquarters
  • October 8, 2018 @ 9:30 am CT, KBA Annual Conference, Bowling Green

KBA Roadshow
June 11-14

KBA Annual Conference
October 8- 9, 2018
Bowling Green
Paul Weyland talks about the real objections you encounter every day and how to overcome them! Are there actually times that you should NOT try to overcome objections or at least wait to do so? Paul says “yes!” In this session, he discusses when that is!

Gary Moore continues his series explaining not only why a business should advertise, but why it MUST! In this session, you’ll further develop and enhance your list of responses for prospects who say that they don’t have a need to run an ad campaign.
Eric Moore discusses how you can use a constantly-updated and FREE resource to speak to dealers in your state about their business and how you can help them to sell more vehicles!

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The next required monthly test will be Wednesday, June 13 at 12:07 am ET and will originate from WUKY-FM.
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