Fourth Edition | May 2019
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"It's Not All eNewsletter, eNewsletter, eNewsletter, You Know."
This is the fourth edition of our new eNewsletter. This new format is a "new and improved" newsletter for 2019. No need to look for an attachment, there is none.
President's Message: “See The World With President's Message!"

Hello Fellow Escrow Peeps! 

Your Board of Directors is hard at work for you bringing you the latest in the May Newsletter. And with 2700 new bills introduced by the Feb 22nd deadline, all of which have been read for a potential impact on the escrow professional, I have to say it’s been a busy time for legislature and our CEA legislative advocate, Mike Belote. He, along with the Bill Review Committee at CEA, are working all year to review and identify those bills of particular interest to our industry. From Remote Online Notarization (RON), Privacy Bills, the Supreme Court’s decision on the what are considered independent contractors and the Housing shortage there are quite a few bills that could affect us. And in the words of Mike Belote, “Don’t expect to see SB2 surcharges going away anytime soon.”

Be sure to see Juliana Tu’s CEA Report for the Bills to keep your eye on and look out for any upcoming CALLS TO ACTION heading your way in the upcoming months.

If you’ve noticed a drop in our regional membership this year and wondered where some of our long time members have run off to you may not have heard but a few of our EASGV folks moved on over to help revive the South East Escrow Association. Congratulations to Josette Loaiza, EASGV’s Immediate Past President, for leading the way and bringing education to the escrow professionals in that area!

Of course, there may be a few that are either no longer in the business or may even be struggling to make ends meet. We want to remind you that we are there for you! The Miriam Schwarz Benevolent Fund was established back in 1976 with only $1,000.00 to aid CEA Members who have experienced a catastrophic accident or illness. With the generous donations of other fellow members over the past few years we now have over $64,000.00 in funds raised. If you know of any EASGV Members who may need assistance please email me or submit your requests for assistance on behalf of the member to CEA Headquarters. The request should include a complete explanation of the circumstances surrounding the accident or illness and the need for financial assistance.

We are a family and I am proud to call you my peeps!

Your President,

The Financial Report of the Escrow Associates of San Gabriel Valley is available to all members. All members are invited to attend the Board of Directors meetings. Please contact Vanessa James to make arrangements to attend the next board meeting.
April Meeting Minutes: “Meeting Minutes - What More Could You Want?”
EASGV Dinner Meeting Agenda Minutes
Date of Meeting: April 18, 2019
Meeting Location: Embassy Suites, Monrovia, CA
Call to Order at 6:39 p.m. & Welcome by – Vanessa James
Flag Salute – Rosie Mares
Invocation – Jeaneth Cabrera

"Watch Out, There's an Escrow Chicken About."
Build Your Own Tacos
with Chicken Fajitas
“with all the Fixings”
Fiesta Salad
Spanish Rice
Refried Beans
Sponsors for our May Meeting

Eric Spitz

MyNHD, Inc.
AEA Annual Education Conference
Save the date! The AEA 2019 Annual Business Meeting and Conference will be held June 20-22, 2019 in Long Beach, California. If you haven't been to an AEA Conference, this will be your best opportunity. Find out more here .

CEA Annual Education Conference
The CEA 64th Annual Education Conference will be held October 10-12, 2019 in Costa Mesa, CA. Mark your calendar and watch for details here .
Committee Reports
Top: Mario Artiga, Raina Martinez with Foothill Unity, and Phil Atwan
Bottom: Phil Atwan, Mario Artiga, and Vanessa James.

Fundraising Committee: "There's First Love, and There's Fundraising Love."
Our fundraising committee was so very excited to see those who stepped up last dinner meeting and brought cleaning supplies and other items for “Spring Cleaning” donation to help out our charity this year, The Foothill Unity Center. So many items will be put to use by so many hurting families. 

Our association is so blessed with so many affiliate and escrow people bringing door prizes to help raise money for our association and charities, and would be remiss not to say thank you for your generosity! 

On Saturday May 11, some from EASGV are going to be volunteering some time to help the Foothill Unity Center in the US Post Office (National Letter Carrier Day) to unload can and food donated items in local post office locations. Would you have a few hours that Saturday to help?

Who knows, you might see yourself on the evening news!!! here is how you sign up:

Thank you to Jeaneth Cabrera from First American for sponsoring our April meeting!!!

If you would like to sponsor our dinner meeting for $150, please contact either Mario or Phil, and they will set you up as a May or June sponsor. 

EASGV Fundraising Co-Chairs 2019
Education Committee: "Four Out of Five
Dentists Recommend Education."
Professional Designation Committee: "Is The
Professional Designation In You?"
CEA Professional Designation Program
W e are nearing the end of the current cycle 2016-2019 . ALL PD Holders check the CEA website to see if you will meet the CEU requirement by December 31 st , 2019. CEA 2019 Conference is a great place to learn and receive CEU’s for your professional designation. You need 48 continuing education units by December 31 st  2019. If you do not send in the completed 502 form reporting the CEU’s earned in the that year there is a $40.00 fee, for each year. 
Next Opportunity to be come a Professional Designation Holder
July 12, 2019 Nor Cal Conference (Friday Exam)
June 12, 2019 - Deadline for candidates to submit applications to CEA Headquarters.
The elite of CEA's education honors are its Professional Designations. With professional demands and competition in the workplace increasing daily, earning a CEA Professional Designation has become a vital tool for success and recognition in the escrow profession. To stay on top of the ever-changing escrow industry, Professional Designation holders are required to earn continuing education credits and maintain membership status in CEA as a requirement of their designations. This demonstrates to the public and colleagues, that Professional Designation Holders are the most knowledgeable and well-educated escrow practitioners around.

You can prepare for your PD Exam anytime 24/7! For Sample Exams , go to the CEA Website to locate the exam you will be taking. 

New this year: Look for the Online True/False and Multiple Choice options!
Membership Committee: "The Biggest Membership Pennies Can Buy."
"EASGV Membership has its benefit," proclaimed by Jeaneth Cabrera (left) and Lili Setiowati  (right), 2019 Membership Co-Chairs.
Congratulations to Cassidy Bielec from Inter Valley Escrow for winning our Special Membership Giveaway to our Active Support Staff Member.

Stay tuned and make sure you come to our dinner meeting for few more EASGV Escrow Charm giveaways :)
All EASGV members will have a chance to win $50.00 CASH at the May Dinner Meeting.
Simple! just make sure that you are our member so we can include your name and joint us at the May Dinner Meeting.

We drew a name at the April Dinner Meeting and the winner was not present again, so now the prize goes up to $50.00 CASH – you sure don’t want to miss this !!
Debbie Anderson and Tammey Bazinet, at your service!
Sites and Reservations Committee: "The Science of Reservations."
Tired of waiting in line to pay for your dinner meeting with your credit card? you are able to “pre-pay” for your EASGV dinner meeting by clicking the link on your Meeting Notice RSVP.  Take these two easy steps:
  1. Complete the RSVP Meeting Notice and email to and;
  2. Click on the link at the bottom of your RSVP Meeting Notice to pay via credit card at  
When you arrive at the dinner meeting, just check in at the front door and you are in….. and you have 10 extra minutes to go to the bar and buy a drink!!!
We consider a Reservation Made is a Reservation Paid.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at (818) 254-3493.  
Thank you,
Debbie Anderson - Sites & Reservations  
CEA Director Reports
California Escrow Association
Board of Directors Meeting
April 6, 2019
Double Tree by Hilton, Sacramento
Report by Vanessa James
You can find the  CEA Directors Reports on the EASGV website.

Calendar of Future Events: "I Liked The Calendar So Much, I Bought The Company! "

May 1 – May 4
CAR Spring Board Meeting
May 3 – May 5
Escrow Institute of California Conference
Monday, May 6
6:30pm  EASGV Board Meeting
Sunday, May 12
Mother's Day
May 13 – May 18
NAR REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo
Thursday, May 16
6:00pm  EASGV Dinner Meeting
Monday, May 27
Memorial Day
Monday, June 10
6:30pm  EASGV Board Meeting
Sunday, June 16
Father's Day
Thursday, June 20
6:00pm  EASGV Dinner Meeting
June 20 – June 22
AEA 39th Annual Business Meeting & Education Conference

Find this information, and more, on our Interactive Calendar.
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