People often ask: "Why go to church?" Here are some reasons to consider:
1. Going to church will improve your health. Dr. George Comstock, a medical professor at John's Hopkins University said: "The instance of fatal heart diseases among infrequent church goers is twice as high for men as for men who attend at least once a week." I imagine there are similar statistics for women too. There are many studies about the power of prayer and meditation in improved health and longevity.
2. Going to church will encourage your heart. In Psalm 73, the writer was struggling with the evil and chaos of the world around him. Then, in verse 17, he tells us that his spiritual breakthrough came when he entered the temple in worship and experienced God. World events, difficult people, bills, complaints, and the worries of life can steal your joy. When you come to our church, you will hear about God's love, God's sovereignty, hope, and major Bible themes. Reading, singing, and studying these themes will waft your heart from the dumps to the heights!
3. Going to church will prick your conscience. When a church teaches the Bible like EHCC, it is remarkable how God will bring up things that need our confession, repentance, and the help of the Holy Spirit. Over the years, from thousands of sermons by many godly servants, God has spoken to me about my sin, my attitudes, my priorities, spiritual maturity issues, and His will for my life. Do you want to become the person God wants you to be? Come to EHCC this Sunday
4. Going to church will help you obey God. Church will help you obey the 4th commandment which says: "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." One man told me that attending a worship service on Sunday morning forces him to stop working and take a day off. Getting to church for the early service made him take his wife out for breakfast. Then he and his wife go for a walk. Each week, they re-connect on their marriage and life. Worship will help you take a day off! So, honor the Lord and come EHCC this Sunday!
5. Going to church will improve your life. When you move from the tedium of work and life to God's truths, your life will find purpose and meaning. Our church is committed to the application of biblical teaching. We strive to show people how to know God personally and how to talk to God about life and problems. If you put yourself under the teaching of God's Word, He will show you how to use His principles in your marriage, your family, your job, your relationships, and your personal growth.
That's why I am giving you this invitation for worship at East Hills this Sunday.
Bring a Bible, a smile, and an open mind to let God talk to you. Remember we have:
9:15 AM - Adult Bible Study - in the Church Living Room


11:00 AM - Worship Service - up-beat praise and Bible teaching


11:00 AM - Nursery - 0 through grade 2


11:30 AM - Childrens Church - Grade 3 through 12

I love being your pastor!
Pastor Mark Platt
Veterans Day
This Weeks Message

This Sunday, we will be looking at the second in our series on the life of Joseph from Genesis 39. This story is like the movie "The Graduate" from the sixties. In Genesis 39, Joseph is tempted and the woman is Mrs. Potiphar, not Mrs. Robinson. Joseph will teach us some tremendous lessons for godly living in this sex-charged culture and morally disjointed society. The message is PG-rated and titled "Temptation Happens."
What's Next!

November 24 - Soloist Rusty Bloomquist

November 24 - Souper Pie and Praise

December 1 - Deck the Halls of EHCC

December 8 - Baby Dedication

December 22 - Family Christmas Service
Current Series

1. November 3 - Genesis 37:1- 39:1 - "Sin Happens" & Communion
2. November 10 - Genesis 39:2-21 - "Temptation Happens"
3. November 17 - Genesis 39:1-41:57 - "Injustice Happens"
4. November 24 - Genesis 42:1-50:26 - "Sovereignty Happens"
In The Bible (Reading Plan)
3-9          Ezekiel 1-16; Titus; Philemon
10-16       Ezekiel 17-32; Hebrews
17-23       Ezekiel 33-48; James
24-30       Daniel; 1 Peter

Adult Bible Study

Gospel Foundations Volume 6
The Kingdom on Earth

Volume 6 of the Gospels Foundations Adult Series is The Kingdom on Earth Bible Study. It shows how the gospel story ends with Jesus' return, all things being made new, all of the consequences of sin being dealt with, and us enjoying eternal, unhindered relationship with God as He intended. Come join Larry Mckenzie as he takes us through this wonderul study. Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM
Women's Bible Study

1st Corinthians

The Women's Bible study takes place at June's home. Evie Berg leads the study ans is teking the ladies through the book of 1st Corinthians. Call June at (510) 604-4277 for more information.

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Sunday Morning
  • 9:15 AM - Adult Bible Study

Bible study and discussion in the Living Room

  • 11:00 AM - Worship Service

Up-beat praise and Bible teaching

  • 11:00 AM - Nursery

0 through grade 2

  • 11:30 AM - Children's Church

Grade 3 through 12