Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet

Gather Your Supplies 

You will need the following:

Distilled water *
18 gauge wire with alligator clips at each end
Tongue depressor or other stabilizing bridge
Two pure 9999 silver wires +
Four 9 volt batteries
Electrical tape
Glass or mason jar 
Funnel and coffee filter

* Tap or bottled water should not be used. Distilled water is used because it does not have impurities, particles, or minerals. 

SILVER WIRES: Use 9999 pure silver wire, 10 or 12 gauge. We purchase ours at Atlasnova. Wherever you buy yours, make sure it is nothing less than 9999 pure silver.  

Step 1: Prepare the Wiring 

  • Cut a piece of 18 gauge wire long enough to run from the top of the glass to the battery unit.
  • Separate black and red wires from the main wire about 4-5 inches long from each end. 
  • Attach an alligator clip to each of the four wires. If you have never done this before, click on this video and see how easy it is to do. 
Step 2: Prepare the Bridge 

The bridge is used to hold the silver rods in place during the process. Put two holes in a plastic or wooden tongue depressor. The holes should be at least 1 3/4 inches (45 mm), but not too wide to extend beyond the top of the glass upon which you will be placing it. 

If you don't have a tongue depressor, be creative. In this picture we took a bamboo skewer from the kitchen, cut it into pieces, and taped it with electrical tape (see picture below) to create two holes for the silver rods. 

Whether you use a bamboo skewer or the tongue depressor, the two silver rods should be able to go through the holes. Clamp an alligator clip to each rod to hold in place. 

Step 3: Assemble the Power

It is important that you always use DC or direct current. Never use AC or alternating current when making any type of silver water

Take four 9 volt batteries and join a cathode (positive) to an anode (negative). When you are finished there will be one cathode and one anode that are uncoupled and exposed. If you want your unit to have more power, you can use six batteries joined in this fashion. 

To secure the battery unit, wrap in electrical tape. 

Step 4: Assemble the Unit 

Place the silver wires in the holes of the bridge and fasten with alligator clips. 

Fill the glass with distilled water, leaving some head room. 

Secure the silver wires and clips with electrical tape to steady the silver wires so that they do not touch sides or bottom of the glass or each other. You may also affix tape to the glass and bridge to make sure the bridge stays secure.

Clip the other two clips to battery cathode and anode. Now your unit has power.   

Step 4: Charge the Water  

Depending on the power in your batteries, this can take somewhere between 90 minutes to 2 hours. There are several ways to know if your distilled water is filled with colloidal silver:
1)  shine a laser (as pictured above) through the water and see a light beam. (Pure distilled water would not show this beam as it is particle-free.) and/or
2)  water turns pale yellow or gray, and/or
3)  silver wires collect silver residue on the submerged ends.  

If your water doesn't seem to be charging, make sure your batteries are fully charged and that the clips are correctly attached to the electrical wires, the cathode/anodes, and silver wires.  Also, silver residue may accumulate in dark gray and black spider-looking strands on the silver wires; this is ok--just make sure you filter the water prior to storing. 


The color of your batches may vary from time to time. Sometimes it might be a pale yellow, other times a gray or darker yellow. There are no benefits for darker or longer "cooked" silver water as the finer, and more effective, nano particles are in the lighter colors. 

Step 5: Filter and Store  

Pour silver water through a coffee filter to make sure large silver particles do not get into your silver brew. Store in amber colored bottle to keep light from darkening the brew. If you don't have an amber bottle, take a glass bottle and cover with duct tape or heavy paper. 

Step 6: Clean Silver Rods
Silver wires are reusable. Wipe the silver residue off with a clean sponge or paper towel. After a few uses, the wires may be tarnished so buff them with a wire scrubber. Now they are ready to use for your next brew. 

Step 7: Use Generously
As you learned in Octave 1.5 
The Heart Chakra , there are many uses for colloidal silver water. Use generously and share this easy recipe with friends and neighbors. 

We keep bottles (spray and regular) in the car, kitchen, bathrooms, gym bags, purses and briefcases.  If we still carried diaper bags, we would have a spray bottle in there, too. 

We also like using silver water in nebulizers, room humidifiers, in cans during the canning process, cleaning vegetables, on counter tops, on hands. See our previous lesson on silver water for hundreds of great ideas of how to keep you and your family healthy.   

Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Diet 

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