We're thrilled that you're joining us for

Evidence-Based Solutions and Support for the Family

March 14th - 16th, 2018 
at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital , in Loma Linda, California.

How should we care for babies with
substance exposure?

It depends on the baby.

For many years providers have relied on medications to help babies cope with their withdrawal symptoms. But is there a better way?

The Eat Sleep Console Model pares the assessment of a substance-exposed infant down to the fundamentals:

  • Can the baby eat enough to be satisfied?
  • Will they sleep for more than 1 hour after feeding?
  • Are they consolable within 10 minutes?

Every morning, we explore a new intervention.
EAT Exclusive Human Milk Diet for the
Drug-Exposed Infant 
  with Terry Johnson, NNP-BC, ASPPS, CLEC, MN
SLEEP Babywearing and Skin-to-Skin for Substance Exposed Infants 
and Ergobaby

Friday 8:00am
CONSOLE mamaRoo infant seats in the NICU: Do they help calm NAS babies? 
with Maria Synan & Cheryl Milford, EdS
and 4moms
NOTE: CE units are not offered for Early Morning Sessions.