Eat @ Betty's Country Kitchen Tomorrow 
& Support the Friends of the Moffat Library!
Eat at Betty's Country Kitchen
on Wednesday, June 15
for breakfast, lunch or dinner
and Betty's will kindly
donate 10% of your bill
to the Friends of the Moffat Library!  
Please say "Friends of the Moffat Library" or simply "Moffat Library"  
to your server.

to Kevin & his crew
@ Betty's!

Betty's is located at 32 W Main Street, Washingtonville, N.Y.
About the Friends of the Moffat Library (FOML)
What We Do

We are working for the Moffat Library by promoting the library, its services and programs to the community.  Everything we do benefits the library!   

The Friends are very active provide support to the library. So please become active with us!  Here is a list of the things we do!
  • Beautify the grounds outside Moffat Library with plantings
  • Sponsor our annual Memorial Day Bake Sale
  • Decorate the Library for the holidays
  • Sponsor our annual Holiday Open House & Story Time
  • Sponsor our Holiday Basket fundraiser
  • Deliver items to homebound patrons
  • Sponsor an Annual Authors Luncheon fundraiser
  • Raise funds for library programs and equipment
If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, please call us at the Moffat Library 845-496-5483 Ext. 323.

More About Us
If you can't visit the library because of a permanent or temporary disability, the Friends of the Moffat Library volunteers will provide delivery and pick-up of library  books , books on CD,   DVDs & magazines right to your doorstep. 

  Call the library at: 845-496-5483, ext. 323 for more information.

Sponsored by The Friends of the Moffat Library
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