S. 831 a Bill to Reauthorize EB-5 to be Hotlined in the Senate
On Tuesday, June 22, 2021 Senators Grassley (R-Iowa) and Leahy (D-Vermont) informed their respective caucuses that they plan to seek a unanimous consent vote on S. 831, the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act using the hotline process.

With just 8 days until the EB-5 reauthorization deadline, this is certainly a welcome development, and IIUSA and our members applaud the Senators for their continued commitment to long-term reauthorization and reform of this valuable job-creating tool.
About the Hotline: 

The ‘hotline’ process is designed for a Senator(s) to seek unanimous consent for a legislative proposal without an official debate. A hotline message is sent by the Democratic and Republican Cloakrooms to their respective members with the Senator’s intent to bring a bill to the floor for immediate consideration. If a Senator objects to the hotline and blocks the attempt at unanimous consent, the legislative sponsor can seek floor time to debate the objection by the opposing Senator.

Should a debate ensue it can be watched live following the link below:
If and when the bill is passed in the Senate IIUSA will then turn its attention to the passage of H.R. 2901, the House companion bill. Please email advocacy@iiusa.org with any questions and concerns you may have. 
Call to Action: Contact Your Senator to Voice Your Support
While IIUSA is pleased to see the bill moving towards passage, there is more work to be done. That is where you come in.

All EB-5 stakeholders should contact their Senators now to voice their support for S. 831's hotline. It is important that all members of Congress understand the bipartisan and national support the Program enjoys.

With a hotline imminent, it is imperative for you to contact your Senators now! The hotline process moves quickly, so the time to act is now. Not later today. Not tomorrow. Please utilize our Senate Legislative Director List to find the contact details for your Senators.