This Ain't your Average Science Class!
Imagine plugging into your brick house! Red bricks can be converted into energy storage units that are charged to hold electricity, like a battery. Don't believe it?

CLICK HERE to learn more! They don't teach this in science class.
It's a Bird...it's a Plane...it's SUPER DRONE!
Actually, it's a coronavirus killing drone...say that ten times fast!

Syracuse startup, EagleHawk, has developed a drone that can spray disinfectant to quickly kill the coronavirus in stadiums, construction sites and other large areas.

CLICK HERE to watch how it's done. It's fascinating.
Need some new recipes for the Quarantine Cocktail?
With stress levels running high, kids doing virtual school, and stay-at-home orders still in place, happy hours are needed more than ever! Here is some advice on how to make tasty cocktails with everyday ingredients, straight from the Philadelphia Inquirer!

Sidebar: they make it look so easy!

CLICK HERE for recipes to plan your next happy hour (and don't forget to invite me!)
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