Welcome to the Summer edition of the East Bay Community Law Center’s (EBCLC) Newsletter. I am excited to share this exclusive content with you! 
Much has happened since our last newsletter. EBCLC’s Summer Clinical Program started at the end of May, with students from across the country joining EBCLC. In June, The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe sparked national outrage, and EBCLC reflected on our duty as a racial justice organizationin the face of institutional attacks on our clients’ bodily autonomy. For many of us, we saw first-hand during our time at EBCLC how important access to reproductive healthcare is to our clients. My hope is that this decision will inspire EBCLC students, alumni, and supporters to increase their advocacy for those most impacted by this decision. 
In this newsletter you will find a spotlight on fellow EBCLC Alum and Board Member, Professor Michelle Wilde Anderson — I encourage you to read about her continued work in fighting wealth inequality. I also invite you to read Clean Slate Director, Jael Myrick's, update to catch up on the recent accomplishments of the Clean Slate Unit.
As always, I hope this newsletter provides you with a deeper sense of connection with EBCLC staff, students, and alumni. Thank you for being part of our treasured community!
In Community, 

Tiffany R. Thomas
EBCLC Board of Directors 
Unit Spotlight
Clean Slate

"EBCLC's Clean Slate Unit serves clients and challenges issues that are at the intersection of criminalization and lack of economic resources. Our clients struggle with a vicious system that targets people who are low-income, strips their remaining wealth, and limits their economic mobility. In recent months, Clean Slate attorneys defended the rights of people living in encampments and successfully postponed the eviction of individuals in an Oakland encampment. Our team also worked on language that was recently adopted in the California State Budget to reduce civil assessment fees from $300 to $100 and forgive $500 million in debt that individuals have incurred through these fees. In addition, we continue to advocate for occupational licensing reform, we’ve engaged the City of Oakland regarding a proposal on RVs, and we continue to serve hundreds of clients seeking criminal record remedies and struggling with court debt, fines, and fees. In all of this work, we’ve found the contribution of our student interns to be critical. From researching complex issues to drafting language, and occasionally appearing in Clean Slate court on behalf of our clients, our students have consistently played an important role in our work."

Jael Myrick, Director, Clean Slate Unit
Events & Opportunities
EBCLC Events

Check out some of our upcoming events, or take time to revisit past webinars!

  • EBCLC Partnered with the Center for Political Education to host "Supreme Authoritarians" a panel discussion on the Supreme Court’s recent decisions. Recorded 7/25/22, watch here.

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Alumni Spotlight

"Back when I was a 2L at Berkeley Law, I worked in EBCLC’s economic development unit with the brilliant Deborah Moss-West. I was so moved by the organization’s work that I joined the Board of Directors soon after and have gratefully served in that role ever since. EBCLC’s cutting-edge practice continues to inform and influence all of my work as a professor at Stanford Law School, where I teach and write about inequality, local government law, housing, and environmental justice. My recent book, The Fight to Save the Town, focuses on how to rebuild local government in extremely high-poverty urban and rural places across the country. Writing it gave me an even deeper opportunity to reflect on the difference that EBCLC makes to East Bay residents, Bay Area politics, and California law. I cherish my connection to the organization and its fearless, creative, and devoted staff. Our collective pursuit of justice through education and advocacy has anchored my career in purpose and hope across years in which we have needed much more of both."
Michelle Wilde Anderson, Berkeley School of Law, Class of 2004
Student Spotlight
"During my time with the Housing Unit at EBCLC, I had the chance to meet with community members face-to-face during the Tenant Rights Workshop and empower them to tackle various housing issues. One of the most impactful parts of this experience was being able to provide people with assistance in their native language since most of the tenants I met with were monolingual Spanish speakers. It meant a lot to have the opportunity to build trust with the community and become a better advocate in the process."

— Perla Gonzalez-Cuellar, Housing, Summer 2022
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