Summer 2023 Alumni Newsletter

Dear friends, 


We are having a wonderful summer at EBCLC, filled with opportunities to forge new connections and strengthen existing ones. We were so excited to host many of you at our our Juneteenth Block Party. Additionally, we just wrapped up our summer clinical student program and are looking forward to welcoming our new fall class.


Like all of us here at EBCLC, we imagine you read the recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings on race in admissions with concern. In particular, the Court’s ruling in Students for Fair Admissions v. Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College will have far-reaching impacts. As we welcome new students this semester, we are adjusting our curriculum to reflect this new landscape head-on. We are discussing with our students how we as advocates, can continue to adapt and be of greater service in times of need. I invite you to read my welcome address to our fall students here.

In Community,

Zoë Polk,

Executive Director

EBCLC In the News

Current Events and Community Updates

Anger Must Be Catalyzed into Motivation – A Perspective from Co-Deputy Director Jay Kim

EBCLC's Co-Deputy Director Jay Kim responds to U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard University and Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina.

Read the full article here.

Berkeley has lost thousands of Black residents A new housing policy aims to help some return

EBCLC's Clean Slate Program Manager Jasmine Sozi celebrates the adoption of Berkeley's new Housing Preference Policy, which helps Berkeley residents secure affordable housing and avoid further displacement. This comes after a multi-year advocacy effort from our Community Economic Justice unit and partner organizations.

Read the full article here.

Oakland’s pandemic eviction moratorium has expired. What’s next for renters and landlords?

EBCLC's Housing Co-director Meghan Gordon weighs in on the ending of Oakland's eviction moratorium and what this means for tenants.

Read the full article here.

California’s most vulnerable students may be seeing increased funding soon

EBCLC's EDJY Co-director Atasi Uppal discusses California's proposed budget and how county offices of education will get an increase of $80 million in ongoing funding for juvenile court schools and alternative schools.

Read the full article here.

Program Spotlight


Happy summer to our EBCLC alum! The Immigration Clinic hopes you’ve soaked up some sun and eaten plenty of peaches and mangoes. ☀️🍊🥭️

We’ve celebrated a huge win this year that reflects the power of partnership – the Clean Slate, Housing, and Immigration units teamed up to provide holistic services to our client, Ana. Ana, who immigrated to the United States in the late 80s, is the mother of two U.S. citizen children, and has a career in construction. Alongside Ana’s fierce advocacy on behalf of her herself and children, the Clean Slate unit vacated a criminal conviction she received for defending herself against a former abuser, the Housing unit stopped her potential eviction, and the Immigration unit prevented her deportation and obtained a green card for her as a survivor of gender-based violence after 30+ years of being undocumented. We are proud of our efforts and Ana is the reason we do our work.

The Immigration clinic continues its advocacy in partnership with other EBCLC programs, La Clinica de la Raza’s school-based health centers in the East Bay, California community colleges, and UC Berkeley.

Theo Cuison and Mindy Phillips, Co-Directors, Immigration Practice

Events & Opportunities

Berkeley Law is Hiring!

Berkeley Law is hiring a full-time clinical professor to direct its newest in-house clinic. This is an open search to start and direct a new in-house clinic that centers racial justice (in the context of any subject matter or skill-focused area). This is an open-rank search for an entry-level or lateral hire.

View the full job posting here.

Student Spotlight

"This internship is my first professional experience that has felt like more than "just a job" or a "resume-builder" -- it has been a role that I genuinely enjoy and eagerly look forward to each day. Not only has it reaffirmed my commitment to a career in public interest law, but the genuine satisfaction I have derived from this experience has also helped me recognize that a career in direct legal services is a concrete path I can envision myself pursuing after law school."

John Kauffman, Housing, Summer 2023


Have you thought about working at EBCLC? We strongly encourage alumni to apply!

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