Weekly Eblast
Hodges Boulevard
Presbyterian Church
April 27, 2021
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Spaces are filling quickly. Church members please sign your kids up.

Tuesday, April 27
6:00 pm Worship Committee

Wednesday, April 28
8:00 am Bagels & Bibles (Zoom)
10:00 am Women's Bible Study

Thursday, April 29
6:30 pm Women's Bible Study (Zoom)

Sunday, May 2
Legacy Sunday
10:00 am Worship

Monday, May 3
1:30 pm Human Resources
6:30 pm Scouts

Tuesday, May 4
10:30 am Angela Davenport Service
7:00 pm Deacons (Zoom)
7:00 pm PWCT
Prayer Requests

Chris Gesdorf, Nancy Gonzalez (Crystal Phillips' mother), Margo Grout, Peggy Johnson, Hiram Lomanto, Joel Kennison, Emily McAllister, Lois Ann Mell, Ray and Pam Paul (Amy Zalusky’s parents), Wayne Reed, Roger & Lori Rice (Judy Schuler’s brother and sister-in-law), Mel & Sue Williams
Early Childhood Caregivers
Our church needs to hire new early childhood caregivers. The hours would be from 9:30-11:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings and other odd hours during the week, depending on when a nursery needs to be provided. You must be 16 years or older and have experience with babies, toddlers and children up through kindergarten age. Sharing God’s love with the children is a priority.  
Starting pay rate is $11.00 per hour. If you would like more information about this position, please contact either Jenni Cole or Debbie Abbott at the church office (223-6922).
The Preschool will be finishing the school year with some of our students this week and next. We are looking forward to seeing friends (new and old) in our summer camps.
We are so thankful for the continued prayers and support. Have a blessed week!

Kimberly Welch,
Preschool Director
Wednesday, May 5 at 6:30 pm is our last Wednesday Night Program for the spring. Would you like to have God’s peace in the tumultuous times in which we live? What is God’s peace? How can we receive it? What are the benefits? Come, learn, and leave a different person.  
Thank you to youth and parents for all of your hard work at the car wash. Thank you to all who came and had their car washed and gave so generously in support of our youth!
Sign up for Camp Montgomery now!  
Last Sunday our Tweens had fun solving the mystery of
Chuckles the Clown.
Mark your calendars now for our May events!
phone: 904-223-6922 email: hodges@hbpcusa.org
website: hbpcusa.org