Special Year End Giving Message
from George Ross

Hodges Boulevard
Presbyterian Church
December 27, 2018
I have received questions regarding contributions toward the repair and restorations needed to the Sanctuary building. The simple answer is an enthusiastic “yes” we are accepting contributions to the Facilities Fund in 2018 for this purpose. In fact, a generous donor will match contributions received, up to $50,000 total.

You will hear more details from Stewardship and Property on this project early in 2019. I just wanted to let those interested in making a 2018 gift a little heads-up.
Your generous, special gifts to the Church for this project or any other purpose would be a blessing and put to very good use.

REMEMBER : For a gift to be considered deductible for 2018, the gift must be received by the church on or before Monday, December 31, 2018. Or, the gift must be delivered by mail post-marked in 2018.

phone: 904-223-6922 email: hodges@hbpcusa.org
website: hbpcusa.org