Weekly Eblast
Hodges Boulevard
Presbyterian Church
October 13, 2020
Sunday, October 18, 2020

John 11:32-44

Lazarus and Covid

    Jonathan Swanson
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Not only will The Fall Festival be lots of fun, but you will also have the opportunity to make a difference to a homeless person in our community. The Outreach Mission Team has purchased personal health care items to pack into 100 bags for the homeless clients of Arlington Community Services. Giving a few minutes of your time will help many people!

Wednesday, October 14
8:00 am Bagels and Bibles (Zoom)
10:00 am Women's Bible Study
6:00 pm Women's Bible Study

Thursday, October 15
7:00 pm Stated Session Meeting

Sunday, October 18
9:00 am Sonrisers Class
10:00 am Worship
11:15 am Dave Ramsey Class

Monday, October 19
6:30 pm Scouts

Tuesday, October 20
9:30 am Artists' Colony
6:00 pm Worship Committee
7:00 pm PW Evening Circle
Prayer Requests

Mary Bloom (Kathy Millard's friend), Dianah Bradshaw, Nancy Gonzalez (Crystal Phillips' mother), Margo Grout, Klein family, Hiram Lomanto, Emily McAllister (Gale Keeley's mother), Kathy (Larry & Glenyce Payne’s daughter), Ray and Pam Paul (Amy Zalusky’s parents), Roger & Lori Rice (Judy Schuler’s brother and sister-in-law), Harold & Carolyn Wohlwend, Mel & Sue Williams
The preschool is thriving and loving the cool weather. We are looking forward to all the fun things of Autumn!

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!
Youth Pew & Lesson is THIS SUNDAY 10/18.
Thanks to all who registered by the deadline and invited friends for the Corn Maze event on 10/17 at Conner’s Amaze-ing Acres! We will have a pretty large group going with 27 youth people and 6 tween people. In order to participate we need your youth and friend’s 2020 CONSENT FORMS COMPLETED. YOU CAN EMAIL OR DROP OFF AHEAD OR BRING DAY OF WITH FLASHLIGHT, $16 ADMISSION, AND FOOD MONEY. 

Attention Youth and Parents! Interested in serving with our annual Fall Festival? Please use link below to sign up as a youth ministry volunteer by THIS SUNDAY, 10/18.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Jacksonville Humane Society. They were most appreciative of your generosity!
phone: 904-223-6922 email: hodges@hbpcusa.org
website: hbpcusa.org