May 3, 2017
Every season turns, turns, turns... The end of April marks transition for all of us as the final winter snows fall and springtime's warmth and life finds firm footing. 

At the Environmental Center and Fort Lewis College, it also marks a pivotal shift where our students close out their school year and for some, move into their summertime experience...and for others, walk into the next chapter of their lives. We also experience the closure of a year's worth of projects and research and a break from office life.

I count us all lucky to host these moments of transition, as they provide a natural point for reflection and (with a bit of discipline) growth. For our newest alumni and our returning students, we hope you catalyze on this opportunity and take the time to ruminate on all that you learned about fighting for a better world.

These are times where we can think deeply about how we want to carry this work forward, to think about "what next?" It is a great wide world out there, and summer offers many a chance to step away from the glowing screens and walk outside with the sheer intention to listen. Listen to the shifting worlds both outward and inward, and commit yourself to a course of action.

As one of my favorite signs at the Durango People's Climate March read - "Temps are rising...and so are we". Looking forward to our transition, reflection, and ensuing action to fight for a more sustainable world!


Best of luck to our newest EC Alumni!

Congratulations to Charlie Shew, Hayley Kirkman, Alex Lamb, Logan Loven, Dylan Malewska, Kyle Drew, and Beau Niblock who are moving on from the Environmental Center and FLC and on to incredible things. This powerhouse of a team helped advance sustainability in our community working on everything from the Bag It campaign to the Art Matters Mural to building out Office Audit Programs to launching Sustainability Summits to addressing Local Food Security. We can't wait to get your postcards in the mail that show off all of the good work you will continue to do!

Meet alum and climate scientist, Michael Remke

Michael graduated from FLC in 2012 and continues to fight for the environment by fusing climate science with high-impact communication. Michael is currently a PhD student at Northern Arizona University where he researches plant-soil interactions in response to a changing climate regime. Michael hopes to utilize his research to inform our society on how to best manage ecosystems so that they are more resilient to climate change. As a student of synthesis, Michael sees a deep connection between the skills that the EC offers its students and the ability of science to influence policy and practice:
"The EC has  taught me the invaluable importance of community outreach and  education. In the sciences, all too often, individuals share science with the greater scientific community through their publications and conferences, however, it seems rare that researchers go out of their way to disseminate science to the public. The EC taught me nearly the opposite attitude, and showed me that you have to meet people where there are it. Since my time at the EC, community education and outreach has been a pivotal focus in my career as I use photography and engaging talks that help people from diverse backgrounds to better understand and appreciate science and environmental conservation." 

Learn more about Michael's incredible research and see his influential photography here. And help us to provide the next generation of climate scientists with the communication and organizing tools necessary to leverage their research to maximum impact - Please consider donating to our   $25 for the 25th Fund today
Things to keep in mind for
Summertime at the EC

Our office is still open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. though our staff may be out working in the garden or elsewhere around campus. Feel free to leave us a note, voicemail, or email us if you need to contact us.

Please be aware: our office is closed during the month of July.

Recycling Services: 
We still accept ink jets, battery recycling, and Free Store donations during our office hours throughout the summer. For the month of July, we ask that you please hold your recycling and donations and get them to us when open again in August.

Our library is open during office hours throughout the summer, but will be closed during July. If you wish to check out a book and we are not in the office, or the office is closed, please contact staff at Reed Library for assistance.

Staying in Touch:
This will be the last EC Digest until the fall (sad, we know), but you can still keep in touch all summer long on our  Facebook page !

Environmental and Sustainability Happenings:
Be sure to check out the Sustainability Alliance of SW Colorado's  event calendar  to keep up on everything going on!
Now's a good time to
Update your EC Digest email preferences

Spring is always a nice time for some cleaning and straightening. If you would like to make changes to your email preferences for our mailing list, please use the "Update Profile" link at the bottom of this email.

For you graduating FLC folks, this a a great chance to change your email from your address to your personal email and to put yourself on our "Community" mailing list (instead of remaining on the "Student" list). The EC Digest can remain a valuable resource for you in your post-graduation life!
FLC & Local
Events and Happenings in our Local Community
Be sure to VOTE in the
La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) Board of Directors Elections

Did you know that YOU have the power to influence where our electricity comes from? (haha, get it? power, electricity?). But really, you do! Community members in our region are part of a member-owned electric co-op and so we get to choose the direction of our electric utility.

The LPEA Board of Directors work with LPEA staff to determine our region's electricity, infrastructure, rates, and energy sources - including whether or not we power our homes with the sun or with coal-fired energy. By electing Board members that share your values, you can have a voice in the vision of our electric utility. This is an election where your vote really matters - less than 20% of people vote, so 1 vote makes a big difference. If you are a renter, contact your property manager and ask to take part of the mail-in vote on this issue!

Ballots arrive to all LPEA utility payers via mail on 4/17 and need to be returned by 5/6. Learn more about the candidates and their views on the LPEA website
Fields to Plate Produce: 
Community Supported Agriculture

The Fields to Plate CSA program highlights locally grown food from their own farms as well as High Pine Produce. 

The collaborative nature of the program allows for e ach farm to focus on its own production strategy while providing an abundant variety of locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. 

Sign up to be a CSA member and receive a share in the farm's bounty!

When: June - October

Weekly Pick Up: Smiley Farmer's market on Wednesday afternoons / Durango Farmer's market on Saturday mornings. 

Cost: $600 for a full share / $300 for a half share

Click here for more information.
Jobs, Scholarships, Internships, and more!
The Garden Project of SW Colorado: 
AmeriCorps is Looking for a School Garden Coordinator

The School Garden Coordinator will serve closely with schools and youth organizations to create outdoor learning opportunities and reinforce the importance of local food and healthy lifestyles through experiential and garden education. 

Application Deadline: Spring 2017

Learn More: The Garden Project

Apply Here!

College Credit Opportunty!
Wild Rockies Field Institute: Spring and Summer Courses

Earn credit while living in your tent! Seriously!

WRFI offers a range of courses that cater to your interests, schedule and academic needs. Classes run from two to nine weeks and fulfill anywhere from three 3 - 15 semester credits. 

All classes provide affordable alternatives to traditional classroom academics in some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in the world.  You will be introduced to the most beautiful and interesting people and places that will change your world forever!