April 11, 2017                                     Spring: Issue 7
Our communities - FLC, Durango, and beyond - are supported by an army of hard working behind-the-scenes folks. People that sort through our recycling and garbage, fix broken equipment, pick our crops, and do so much of the work that many people don't often take the time to think about. It's easy to cruise through our days and take the background stuff for granted.

These systems are driven by the momentum of a lot of little decisions. The garbage collector isn't responsible for all the trash going to the landfill. It's on all of us collectively - it's the sum of all the little individual choices we make. Until a group of people step up to make a change, the status quo simply plods along.

This past week, our EC students and student volunteers put in the effort to bring that work into the light. We dug through over 900 pounds of trash to show FLC what our waste is made of and what could have been recycled rather than thrown away. It was a chance to remind everyone that that things don't simply disappear when you throw them in the trash can.

The work that is done to keep our communities running isn't easy. The work we do to keep improving them isn't easy. We are fighting against the inertia of convenience, of laziness, of apathy. But when we surround ourselves with people who care, the work becomes infections. We can't help but keep working to make the world around us a better one.

Keep on digging,
Marty Pool
Environmental Center Assistant Coordinator

The EC needs your Support: 
Donate $25 for 25 Years Fundraiser!

Do you proudly believe in the mission of the Fort Lewis College Environmental Center and all the work we do?  If so, please consider supporting us with a  $25 donation to support our next 25 years  of creating positive change-makers (and of course you're welcome to give more).

We are dedicated to the success of our students and their education, the health of the community, reducing environmental impacts, and addressing social justice issues. We know that these issues matter to you, too.  Thank you for all your support: past, present and future!

We're looking for helpers to 
Repaint the Durango Everyday Mural!

If you need a little stress relief from the work week or end of school scramble, come out for an hour, grab a roller, and put your artistic mind to work! 

EC resident artist and FLC art major, Hayley Kirkman, the EC, and Our 1st 100 Days Coalition are planning a community paint of the Everyday Gas Station mural.  We want to spread the message that supporting the arts  adds strength and creativity to our democracy. The design and actual painting is being led by Hayley and we would LOVE to have you participate in this creative and active event.

Donate: We are looking for 4 extended rollers and interior house paint

Paint: No expertise necessary - it's color-by-number! Sign up here!

Celebrate: Mural Party and Bike Parade 

Our 1st 100 Days will be hosting a commemoration bike parade and live-art party in honor of the arts! Bring your bike and join us this coming Saturday at the Everyday Wall for our mural commemoration. From there, we will all ride out to Ska Brewing for live action art, a DJ spinning tunes, and poster/puppet making in preparation for the April 29th People's Climate March in Durango.

Sat, April 15 at 2:30 p.m. 


Where: Meet at the Everyday Gas Station Mural - corner of 8th Ave. & College


Cost: Free Entry / A la Carte Drinks

Real Food Challenge: 
Our Spring'Vote Real' Results are Final!

The EC would like to thank the 1400+ members of our community who participated in this year's Vote Real elections!
This last vote pitted two returning contenders, Carrots and Bell Peppers against a new kid on the block, Onions . It was a close race, but the Real Food Challenge team has tallied the votes and the winner is CARROTS with 143 votes!
Carrots are a particularly good source of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin K, potassium and antioxidants. There has been studies shown that beta-carotene is good for your vision. Carrots have also been said to help with brain health and liver protection.
This vote shifts another 0.5% of our purchasing dollars to 'real' foods!

Seal the Deal:  End of the Year 'Real' Meal

The Real Food Challenge at FLC wants to thank everyone who 'Voted Real' this year and ensured that we now have organic and seasonally local potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and apples in the dining hall. Join us for this incredibly tasty local and organic end of year celebration featuring 'Real Food' throughout the dining hall. Open to all!

Menu - All Food Items are Ecologically Sound and Local!
  • Zesty Old Fort Farm beef tacos including seasoned Hesperus pinto beans, fresh pico de gallo made with organic tomatoes, and chipotle sour cream 
  • Old Fort Farm mashed potato bar with Old Fort green chili pork sauce and all the trimmings 
  • Old Fort Market Gardens green salad and local potato soup or Hesperus bean soup 
  • ΒΌ lb Old Fort Farm burgers with all the trimmings and a side of onion rings 
  • Old Fort Farm Green Chili Sausage pizza with organic tomato calzones and a side salad 
When: Thurs, April 20 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

Where: Fort Lewis College San Juan Dining

Cost: $7.00

For more information: contact EC Coordinator  Rachel Landis

Local Food Hunger Force
End of Year Local Food Picnic and Permablitz

Come join the Local Food Hunger Force and Garden Volunteers as we install our brand new food forest.  In addition to getting our hands dirty, we will be hosting a locally-sourced picnic to thank you all for your hard work this year!

When: Fri, April 21 from 12 noon - 2:30 p.m.

Where: Meet at the EC 

Cost: Free! but please be sure to  RSVP  by Mon, April 16
Zero Waste Team
Move-Out Collections!

In the middle of packing up and moving out, don't just throw away your unwanted items! The EC's Zero Waste team will be hosting drop off zones next to 2 of the large dumpsters during Move-Out. 

Please donate your unwanted clothes, school supplies, small office furniture and appliances instead of throwing them away - but only clean and functional items, please! 

The goods will help us stock up for next year's Move-In Re-Store and Free-Store and we are partnering with local thrift shops to donate additional goods there.  If you can't make it to our locations, please consider donating your goods to any number of the wonderful thrift stores in our community.

When: Weds, Thurs, Fri, April 26 - 28 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day

For more information: email EC Assistant Coordinator, Marty Pool, mlpool@fortlewis.edu

Where: One location behind Cooper Hall and one near Centennial Apts.
FLC & Local
Events and Happenings in our Local Community
Announcing this year's
Sustainability Initiative Grant Awards

This year's Sustainability Initiative Grant was competitive! We had six application, requesting a total of $24,500. Reviews came from faculty and staff across campus, and the top four projects tied for the award. These were:


Leadership and Food Production

(Beth LaShell and Elicia Whittlesey, The Old Fort)  


This project will increase local food available to the FLC dining hall.


FLC Campus Energy Consumption Dashboard

(Marty Pool, The Environmental Center)


This project will create a tool to easily inform campus members of their energy consumption and allow the College to track the impact of energy conservation efforts.


Food for Thought Campus Food Forest

(Rachel Landis, The Environmental Center)  


This project will restore the vole-damaged campus orchard with a food forest that will provide students with applied agricultural training in orchard management, a unique classroom experience, and food production that supports FLC sustainability commitments.


Art Department Sustainability Improvements  

(Chad Colby, Anthony Holmquist, and Andrea Martens, Art Department)  


This project will allow the Art Department to incorporate non-toxic methods for printmaking and painting, allowing students to learn about sustainable approaches to art.

Be sure to VOTE in the
La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) Board of Directors Elections

Did you know that YOU have the power to influence where our electricity comes from? (haha, get it? power, electricity?). But really, you do! Community members in our region are part of a member-owned electric co-op and so we get to choose the direction of our electric utility.

The LPEA Board of Directors work with LPEA staff to determine our region's electricity, infrastructure, rates, and energy sources - including whether or not we power our homes with the sun or with coal-fired energy. By electing Board members that share your values, you can have a voice in the vision of our electric utility. This is an election where your vote really matters - less than 20% of people vote, so 1 vote makes a big difference. If you are a renter, contact your property manager and ask to take part of the mail-in vote on this issue!

Ballots arrive to all LPEA utility payers via mail on 4/17 and need to be returned by 5/6. Learn more about the candidates and their views on the LPEA website
Durango Citizen's Climate Lobby: 
People's Climate March

Come join us for a spirited March down Durango's main street to show our community's concern for a warming climate. We March to Buckely Park where we will rally with informative speakers. Bring your family, friends, posters, banners for a fun day for an important cause.

When: Sat, April 29 from 10 - 11 a.m. 

Where: Meet at the train station in Downtown Durango 

Cost: Free!

Click here for more information!
Our First 100 Days & 
The Community Foundation: 
Political Advocacy Training for Non-Profits

Want to learn more about what your non-profit organization allows you and prohibits you from doing in the political and advocacy realm? 

Join Our 1st 100 Days and the Community Foundation serving SW Colorado for a training with attorney Cara Lawrence to learn how to cross your 'i's, dot your 't's and reassure your Board that all is well. 

When: Wed, April 12 from 12 noon - 1:30 p.m.

Where: Durango Recreation Center

Cost: Free!

Click here for more information!
Dr. Donald L. Fixico Presents the 2017 Duane Smith Lecture in SW Studies:
Water is Life: The Dakota Access Pipeline Movement

The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline resulted in what is considered by some to be one of the largest Native American protests in history.

Greed, economics, cultural differences, political alliances, separate world views, and the sacred are involved - which has drawn the attention of foreign leaders and indigenous peoples in other parts of the world. Which side is right, and why is there no compromise?

Come listen to Dr. Fixico speak about the importance of defending the sacred!

When: Mon, April 17 at 7 p.m.

Fort Lewis College Ballroom

Volunteers Needed: 
Support the Fort Lewis Grub Hub

The Grub Hub needs our help!  With the majority of Grub Hub volunteers graduating they are in desperate need of new volunteers to keep the Grub Hub open next year! 

They are hosting a Pizza Extravaganza - yes FREE PIZZA - and presenting on the various volunteer opportunities that are available, all of which are great resume builders.

When: Thurs, April 13 at 5 p.m. 

Where: Fort Lewis College Senate Chambers

Cost: Free!

Take Action:

Call for Public Comments on the San Juan Generating Station and the San Juan Mine

The San Juan Generating Station and San Juan Mine coal complex outside Farmington, NM is New Mexico's single largest polluter. For the first time ever, the government is completing a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the power plant and mine.

They are holding meetings to gather public input! This is our chance to demand a just transition away from this coal complex in a way that protects workers, the economy, and the environment.

When: Fri, April 14 from 4 to 7 p.m.

The Durango Recreation Center

Durango Public Library
Kitty Calhoun:  Presenting on Climate Change Last Ascents

Climber, activist and Patagonia ambassador, Kitty Calhoun, shares her powerful message as she presents Last Ascents

Kitty will describe her climbing experiences throughout the world and show how climate change will continue to affect how others experience the same areas she one traversed. 

The film Age of Consequences will be shown after Kitty's lecture!

When: Fri, April 28 at 6 p.m.

Where: Durango Public Library 

Cost: Free!
Fields to Plate Produce: 
Community Supported Agriculture

The Fields to Plate CSA program highlights locally grown food from their own farms as well as High Pine Produce. 

The collaborative nature of the program allows for each farm to focus on its own production strategy while providing an abundant variety of locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. 

Sign up to be a CSA member and receive a share in the farm's bounty!

When: June - October

Weekly Pick Up: Smiley Farmer's market on Wednesday afternoons / Durango Farmer's market on Saturday mornings. 

Cost: $600 for a full share / $300 for a half share

Click here for more information.
Jobs, Scholarships, Internships, and more!
Wilderness Workshop is seeking a
Summer Intern

The Wilderness Workshop intern will be based at the Wilderness Workshop office in Carbondale, Colorado and will work under the supervision of Wilderness Workshop staff.  Primary duties include:
  • Helping to plan and organize special events
  • Helping to coordinate the Artist in Wilderness Residency program
  • Providing administrative support for membership programs
  • Engaging in conservation advocacy
When: June 5th - August 31st

Where: Carbondale, CO

Pay/Stipend: $1,000 - $2,000 per month

Click here for more information on how to apply. 
The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education:
Seeking Paid Interns for their Programs Division

The Resources Intern will work from a virtual home office up to 40 hours per week during Summer 2017 providing administrative and technical support related to the development of AASHE resources. The ideal candidate is a student at an AASHE member institution and has experience with data collection for AASHE's Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System.

Application Deadline: Fri, April 14

Learn More: AASHE

Apply Here! 
The Colorado Association for Recycling: 
S eeking Candidates for Future Leader Program 

This conference scholarship program provides funds for college students to attend the Colorado Association for Recycling's 'Summit for Recycling' conference. 

The conference agenda inclu des educational sessions, a silent auction, a variety of presenters, and site tours. The Summit offers an excellent setting to network with private business, government, non-profit, and university representatives!

Application Deadline: Friday, April 14

Apply Here!
The Garden Project of SW Colorado: 
AmeriCorps is Looking for a School Garden Coordinator

The School Garden Coordinator will serve closely with schools and youth organizations to create outdoor learning opportunities and reinforce the importance of local food and healthy lifestyles through experiential and garden education. 

Application Deadline: Spring 2017

Learn More: The Garden Project

Apply Here!
FLC Student Internship for 
Southern Ute Indian Tribe Environmental Programs

This internship involves working within the Air and Water disciplines within a Tribal Environmental Program. Technical aspects include working with and performing various tasks within ambient air monitoring, air permitting and compliance, stream monitoring, riparian restoration and Clean Water Act policy implementation resulting in a well-rounded, technical understanding of a Tribal environmental program.

Application Deadline: April 14th

Pay/Stipend: $12/hour

More Information: Come by the EC, NAC, or visit the Southern Ute website.


Paid Internship with the Wilderness Society

The Durango office of The Wilderness Society is seeking a qualified intern for summer 2017 to work with staff on our campaign to oppose efforts by Congress and the Administration to undermine our national environmental laws and to support proactive efforts to protect land in southwest Colorado.

This is largely a grassroots organizing position, that will work to engage citizens in pressuring elected officials through emails, phone calls, social media, and attendance at public events.  Some research and writing will be required, as well as an strong interest in citizen activism.

When: June 2017

Apply Here!

Learn More: Wilderness Society  

College Credit Opportunty!
Wild Rockies Field Institute: Spring and Summer Courses

Earn credit while living in your tent! Seriously!

WRFI offers a range of courses that cater to your interests, schedule and academic needs. Classes run from two to nine weeks and fulfill anywhere from three 3 - 15 semester credits. 

All classes provide affordable alternatives to traditional classroom academics in some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in the world.  You will be introduced to the most beautiful and interesting people and places that will change your world forever!

Regional & Beyond
Further Resources and Opportunities

Southwest CO Council of Governments
Recycling Resource:

It seems like the rules for recycling change wherever you go! Fortunately, there is a new recycling resource for you . . . 

Check out the Southwest Council of Government's new region-wide recycling resource for a one-stop shop on how to recycle throughout our five-county region.  

Many thanks to the Environmental Center Interns who spent the Fall of 2015 sorting through our region's trash (literally) to help inform this much needed, regional resource! 

Learn More About Sustainability
from the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado videos:
Even if you can't make it over to Denver, you can still learn some incredible information from the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado YouTube channel. They record most of their community events and speaker series and post them as a valuable resource for education and insight into sustainability issues.

And check out the the Alliance website to see more about what our Front Range friends are doing in the world of sustainability, social and environmental movements!