February 14, 2017                                      Spring: Issue 3

Loving One's Work
Here's a romantic fact for Valentine's Day: the average person spends over 90,000 working during their lifetime. Wait, not romantic? Ok, some may find that to be a disheartening figure, a mass of time to slog through. If you love what you do, though, those hours begin to look more like an opportunity to contribute and to be fulfilled. So how does one flip the perspective from dread to love?

Well, one way is certainly to get a job in a field that gives you a sense of reward. This may be obvious to the point of cliche, but it's something that is becoming increasingly important to younger generations. It's something we see in the students that come through the doors of the EC every day. Though let's be clear: this is not to say that to feel rewarded you have to find a job saving baby sloths and then playing with them all day (though that would be awesome). As long as you feel your work is helping make your community a better place, you're on your way to loving what you do.

But enjoying your work, or the mission of your company or organization, is only a piece of the puzzle. Having ownership over your work, finding personal motivation, and being just plain good at what you do all help round out the picture. So how do you add in those parts? Well, there's no magic recipe, but I would argue that identifying, developing, and practicing the skills necessary to do your work well is crucial. Whether you're growing food, managing employees, teaching students, building houses, balancing a budget, or playing music.

Not to brag, but the EC is love-what-you-do incubation center. It is both a place where students are introduced to areas of work they find fulfilling, as well as a place where they can cultivate the professional skills necessary to be able to take charge of their work. This weekend in a snow-covered cabin up in Silverton, we'll be up at our staff retreat celebrating what we do and honing our skills to do even better!

We hope you all can find a way to love what you do as much as we love what we do.

Marty Pool
EC Assistant Coordinator
Local Food Security:
Local Food Fellows Needed

Do you want to work in the EC's on-campus garden?

Are you interested in food security and sustainability?

If so, then check out this amazing paid internship with the EC!

Local Food Fellows work with and manage our on-campus garden and orchard while connecting with local organizations to learn more about our local food system. 

Application Deadline: Monday, Feb. 20

Visit our website for more information on how to apply! 
Call for Proposals: 
Sustainability Initiative Grant

We've done a lot of great sustainability work over the years at FLC: we are officially recognized by the Princeton Review as a Green School, w e have reduced our carbon footprint by 20 percent over the past five years, we've increased our campus Real Food by 5% in one year...

Now we are looking to fund your great idea for making FLC even greener. Apply to receive up to $5,000 to fund your project to improve FLC campus sustainability. 

Who Can Apply: Students, staff, faculty, departments, programs, and Registered Student Organizations

Application Deadline: Saturday, Feb. 25 at 5:00 p.m.

Click here to for more information!
San Juan Dining & the Real Food Challenge: 
Meet Your Farmer's
Local Dinner

Enjoy locally sourced food, and celebrate the farmers responsible for bringing it to us. These special farmers will have a chance to visit with students and community members. They will be happy to answer questions and talk freely about the challenges and rewards of farming today. 

Please join us and come together as a community dedicated to promoting and supporting local sustainable efforts!

When: Monday, Feb. 27 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Where: San Juan Dining Hall, FLC Student Union

Cost: Free for student's with meal plans, $10.50 for commuters and community members, $6.50 for children under 10

Fort Lewis Independent:
The Indy Highlights the Real Food Challenge

FLC student reporter, Richie Scheuer, wrote a wonderful piece on the ins-and-outs of our 'Real Food' mission here at the EC. 

Check out the full article  here!
The EC's Student Blog: Rooted

Check out our students' blog posts from this year and years past.
Zero Waste Team
The Free Store:

We have shirts! We have pants! We have shoes! Sometimes we feel like we have it all!

Stop by and pick up some new items for your 2017 wardrobe while helping the environment. 

The Free Store is all about reusing - keeping items out of the landfill and preventing the need to just produce and consume more and more stuff!

Feel free to drop off your donation items with a staff member any time at the EC office, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

When: Every Thursday, 12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m.

Where: Student Union lobby
Energy Impact:  
Get a FREE Energy Efficient LED Bulb!

The EC's Energy Impact team is proud to offer the Light Bulb Swap-Out program for FLC students

Current FLC students can bring their old incandescent light bulbs to the Environmental Center to receive a FREE LED replacement! Your participation in this program will not only give you a free light bulb, but will also reduce your energy consumption - saving you and FLC money. 
Why switch to LED?  LED bulbs are 80% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and can last 20x longer (this bulb will be with you for quite a while). They also do not contain mercury, unlike CFL bulbs. 
Through collective effort, we can influence the energy consumption both on and off campus and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Stop by to learn more about our energy efforts, other Energy Impact Initiative projects, and how you can get involved!

LED bulbs generously provided by LPEA.

Documentary Screening: 
Age of Consequences

Maybe you've seen an environmental documentary before, but probably not one like this. Look at the issue in a whole new light, and in a way that speaks to folks outside the typical "choir" of environmental and climate documentaries.

This award-winning and thought-provoking film investigates climate chance impacts on resource scarcity, migration and conflict through the lens of national security and global stability!

When: Wednesday, Feb. 15 (Showings at 5:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m. or 8:00 p.m.)

Where: FLC Vallecito Room

Cost: Free

Sustainable Transportation:
Winter Bike to Work Day!

Winter Bike to Work Day is a fun celebration of winter commuting, complete with coffee and breakfast, free bicycle tune-ups, free giveaways, and a whole lot of fun!

When: Friday, Feb. 24

Where: 1027 Main Ave. and in front of 'Studio &'
Celebrate  Community-Driven 
Education and Action!

Our 1st 100 Days is a coalition of local organizations providing our community with opportunities to become educated on important educational,social and environmental issues. 

We offer up 100 day calendar of related activities happening our community as well as a directory of different organizations and groups that you can plug in to if you want to get more involved in a specific action. 

When: Ongoing through the Spring 2017 

Click here to learn more!
Regional & Beyond

Southwest CO Council of Governments
Recycling Resource:

It seems like the rules for recycling change wherever you go! Fortunately, there is a new recycling resource for you . . . 

Check out the Southwest Council of Government's new region-wide recycling resource for a one-stop shop on how to recycle throughout our five-county region.  

Many thanks to the Environmental Center Interns who spent the Fall of 2015 sorting through our region's trash (literally) to help inform this much needed, regional resource! 
Jobs, Scholarships & Internships!
The University of New Hampshire: 
Sustainability Fellows Program

This program pairs graduate and undergraduate students from throughout the U.S. with municipal, educational, corporate, and NGO partners in New England to work on innovative climate change and sustainability initiatives. 

This is a summer opportunity for experiential learning, professional development and mentorship in the expansive environmental field, and it also provides a $6,000 stipend. 

When: May 31 - Aug. 18

Where: The University of New Hampshire

Application Deadline: Feb. 17

Click here for more information!