April 14, 2020

I am so very thankful for our RCS Community. As we have moved forward into the unknown territory of off-site learning at the EC, families have been patient, grace-filled and understanding. Thank you! Navigating the online space of Microsoft Teams as our primary source of communication and collecting assignments requires patience and optimism. You have modelled both for your children and we are most appreciative.

Our off-site learning practice week is over, we celebrated that Jesus is alive and continue to pray and hope that the global pandemic is overcome. It has been a busy couple of weeks in a strangely ‘un-busy’ way! This week, families will continue to navigate off-site learning including Choice Boards that have a little bit more meat in the ‘To Do’ sections; supporting students in scheduled Zoom meetings; and turning in assignments through Microsoft Teams. Any concerns that you might have can be directed toward classroom teachers who will help or find the right person to connect with families for everyone’s success.

As I know you have already been doing, let’s continue to commit that as we encounter frustrations to be generous in extending grace and bringing peace to one another. This means offering grace when technology doesn’t work perfectly with your devices. It means offering grace with our expectations for our children and bringing peace to assure them that we will get through this together. Let’s choose to seek out and bring grace and peace in all situations with one another as we make the most out of this extraordinary experience. 
In 1 Peter 2:13-17, scripture addresses New Testament Christians in exile, giving clear instructions to, “Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be the emperor as supreme…for this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people.” As we live out life in self isolation, we need to continue to teach and educate like 1 Peter continues on in 2:17 and puts flesh to our current adventure asking us to:  
Honour everyone. Love the family of believers. Fear God. Honour the emperor .”  
As we move forward, you will have a choice. I know for myself the novelty of self-isolation can wear thin and we will face a roller coaster of emotions throughout the week. What we choose to love and what we choose to fear matters. As we grocery shop, as we distance ourselves and as we have conversations with family, we need to honour, love, and fear the correct things in action and word. May we all exercise our freedoms by serving God, loving others and not breaking the rules laid out by the government to continue to have fun and stay safe.   


Mr. Jason Paul

Hello EC Families,

Can I tell you what a privilege it has been to witness our teachers rise to the challenge of off-site learning with determination and perseverance and support one another with extraordinary care? They are truly an incredible and caring group of educators. The same can be said of our EAs and other support staff who have been busy providing translation for our Chinese-speaking families, packing up classroom supplies, planning for student support, responding to parent queries and praying for and encouraging teachers. What a team! We are ready for Week 2 and the many joys – and even challenges – it will bring.

This week, you will find an increased volume of work in the ‘To Dos’ on your child’s Choice Boards. In addition, teachers will be posting specific assignments, unlike the general assignment that was posted last week. Teachers will post these assignments on Tuesday and they will be due on Friday. In a typical week, they will be posted on Monday and due on Friday. If you are having any difficulty navigating ‘Assignments’, please make your classroom teacher aware and we can be sure that we get any necessary information out to families.

Although we officially dubbed last week as ‘Practice Week’, the truth is that this week (and perhaps ones to follow) continues to be a practice. We understand and respect that each family will set its own pace for getting into the groove of off-site learning. Some will be up and running right away; for others, it will take time. This is okay. Please be certain that if your child misses an assignment this week, it is nothing to fret about. This will not negatively impact his/her report card and certainly does not need to be the reason for family stress and chaos.

At the end of this week, your child’s classroom teacher will send an Off-Site Learning Parent Feedback Survey to you via email. If you have more than one child at the Elementary Campus, you will receive more than one survey. Your responses to this survey will be reviewed by Mr. Paul, Mrs. Schneck and myself as well as by your classroom teacher. We want to know how to best support you in this journey, so we look forward to your feedback. Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to complete the survey.

Thank you for all the work you are doing as a parent, seen and unseen! We appreciate you.


Mrs. Angela Laing

Thank you to Mrs. Schneck, Mrs. Teodoro, and Mrs.Lei for organizing and handing out EC families supplies in such a fun and safe manner! We are so fortunate to have such dedicated staff to help assist families to be equipped in this new off-site learning world.

Mr. Chan was inspired last week to orchestrate a creative plan that would need the help of the majority of the EC Staff. As a group, the EC independently sang and submitted the rewritten lyrics for the EC Off Site New World. Below is the masterpiece. Click the button link below. Enjoy!