October 2015    

Product Highlights:
EC Motor vs. AC Motor 
Energy Comparison for Large Air Handling Fan Systems (see white paper) 
Q-PAC is an array of direct drive plenum  fans with integral electronically  commutated (EC) motors. Arrays offer
superior energy efficiency and flexible,  low-footprint application.
Each array features simplified power and  control connections. Single point panel  features an integral disconnect, individual  motor protection, and control terminals.   These terminals are arranged for single
speed, enable, and alarm contacts for  Building Automation System interface.
Is Sound an Issue?
Swegon - GOLD Unit. 
Best sound choice.... 
Gold advantage:  
Sound Criteria Guaranteed  
The GOLD AHU has the lowest overall sound power levels of any unit in its class. Units can be placed closer to the occupied space and your risk of a client complaint due to a sound problem is significantly reduced. This limited risk is eliminated since Swegon can guarantee the NC levels in the space.
See more on the  Swegon Gold Unit.   

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Project Name: Subaru of New England 

Owner: Boch Enterprises 

Architect: Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects 

Mechanical Engineer: WSP - Boston 

Mechanical Contractor: North Mechanical Services

Equipment: 2 Outdoor Air Handling Units  

Manufacturer: Annexair  

Size: 15,000 CFM Each

DAC Sales Engineer: Pat Will  


Project Overview: Architect GRLA and Engineer WSP teamed together to design this 165,000... continue.


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