$32,000 Awarded
The ECA scholarship program is available to any Florida graduating high school senior whose parent, parents or legal guardian is an ECA member or is employed by an ECA member company.  Scholarship applications for Florida high school students graduating in 2023 will be available January 2023 for circulation to all employees.

MARIA MUNILLA was chosen to receive the
G. C. Tonelli Achievement Award
4 year scholarship, $6000

Maria is the daughter of Juan and Laura Munilla.

Member Firm:
StrongCore Group, LLC

Santa Fe College

KELLY GARCIA was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Danny and Marisol Garcia.

Member Firm:
Ferreira Construction

Florida State University!
GABRIELLA DE ARMAS was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Gabriel and Maylin De Armas.

Member Firm:
ARC Electric

Florida State University!
PHILLIP LIPMAN was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. He is the son of Howard and Frederica Lipman.

Member Firm:
Maschmeyer Concrete

University of Florida!
AMANDA MARLEY was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Brent and Virginia Marley.

Member Firm:
Condotte America

University of Florida!
MARCO ARAZOZA was awarded a four year;$4000 scholarship. He is the son of Albert and Ana Arazoza.
Member Firm:
Arazoza Brothers

Indiana University!
IVELINA TOSHEVA was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Georgi and Elizabeth Tosheva.

Member Firm:
MWI Pumps

University of Central Florida!
LILLIAN HERNANDEZ - Daughter of Jose and Charlie Hernandez.
Member Firm: Gardner Asphalt Supply
Lillian will be attending Pasco Hernando State College!

STEPHANIE D'TRINIDAD - Daughter of Mario D'Trinidad and Rebecca Hernandez.
Member Firm: Ferreira Construction Company
Stephanie will be attending Florida International University!
Thank you to our Scholarship Committee
Ignacio Halley, Chair - Halley Engineering

Enrique Tamayo - RK&K

Rachele Rinker-Koch - ECA

Brent Norman - The de Moya Group
Joe Burke - Ryan Inc. Southern

Andres Mendoza - Condotte America

Brian Gibbs - Russell Engineering

Susana Herrera - Halley Engineering
2022 Scholarship Contributions
ECA Contribution to the G.C. Tonelli Achievement Award

The de Moya Group

Blacklidge Emulsions
Central Civil Construction
Community Asphalt
Halley Engineering
Ozinga Concrete
The Pete Store
Prince Contracting
Ryan Inc. Southern
Weekley Asphalt
Westwind Contracting

Bacallao Construction & Eng.
Complete Highway Identity
Taylor Espino Vega, PLLC
ACME Barricades
Advanced Drainage Systems
Acosta Tractors
All County Paving
Arazoza Brothers
Condotte America
Darley Construction
David Mancini & Sons
Dobbs Equipment
Florida Coast Equipment
Frank H. Furman Ins.
General Asphalt
Interconn Resources
Lanzo Construction
Maytin Engineering
Port Consolidated
The Redland Company
South Florida Materials
StrongCore Group
Universal Engineering
Vezina Lawrence & Piscitelli, P.A.
Vulcan Materials
Sice, Inc.

AUM Construction, Inc.
Austin Tupler Trucking
John & Pilar Baldwin
Concrete Services
Pontifex Construction
Supermix Concrete

Red Civil, LLC
If you are interested in contributing a four year, $4000 "Named Scholarship" in your name or your company name for one of the recipients in 2023, please contact the ECA office for further details. The contribution would also provide you the opportunity for input on your named scholarship recipient.