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ECA Industry Update


To register, please click on the link above.  You need to use the COMP CODE: ECA MEMBER when registering (ECA MEMBER is all uppercase).

You can also visit the ECA website at: www.ecachicago.com (Event Calendar area) and register on-line for this complimentary program. Please contact the ECA at: (708) 531-0022 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you, there!

Pictured above is John Dimos,

CIH - Instructor

ECA / NECA Safety Forum

“Infectious Disease Hazards in Construction”

Tuesday, August 23, 2022 

The Electrical Contractors’ Association of City of Chicago (ECA) Safety Committee along with the Northeastern Illinois Chapter, NECA is proud to sponsor a special program, "Infectious Disease Hazards in Construction," as follows:



Tuesday, August 23, 2022



7:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.



IBEW-NECA Technical Institute (INTECH)

6201 W. 115th Street

Alsip, Illinois

(708) 389-1340

Capacity: 40 persons


INSTRUCTOR: John Dimos, Construction Safety Council


Infectious Disease Hazards in Construction is a FREE half-day course designed to raise employee awareness of infectious disease hazards lurking on construction jobsites; oftentimes posing an invisible threat to electricians. This program addresses hidden dangers to a worker’s health and livelihood. There will be discussion of OSHA requirements, as well as best practices and control plans to identify hazards and limit exposure to this serious risk.


Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to: 

·        Identify common viral/bacterial/fungal diseases and their methods of transmission

·        Evaluate a work environment’s potential for harboring an infectious disease

·        Employ protective equipment and practices to prevent infection

·        Understand OSHA requirements for medical surveillance


This program is complimentary to ECA members, only.

NECA Open Forum --

"Value-Added Services"  (7/8/22)

Please click on the link for the current edition of "NECA Open Forum" (7/8/22) - "Value-Added Services."



City of Chicago --

Sexual Harassment Policy / Preventive Training Adjustment(s)   (7/1/22)

Please be aware that the City of Chicago has recently updated (July 1, 2022 its Sexual Harassment Policy / Training Requirements for those firms who do work with the City.

Section 8.  2-160-040 was expanded in regard to definition of sexual harassment and additional time needed for actual training.

Please click on the Ordinance outlining the program requirements.


NECA Convention & Trade Show - October 15 - 18, 2022



Please contact the ECA office in regard to availability options! 


The NECA Convention & Trade Show is coming! Please visit www.necaconvention.org for registration.  Please be aware that the Austin City Limits (ACL), Texas home football and Formula One will be occurring near the Convention time-frame. 

Again, Registration is open for the Convention; but, the Chapter Block is Filled!  If you're registering and the Four Seasons is listed as not available, another hotel would be utilized.  Please contact the ECA office in regard to availability options for the Four Seasons and/or the other hotels in the overall NECA block. 

Click Here for More Information

NECA This Week (7/11/22)

Please click on the link for the current edition of "NECA THIS WEEK."


Registration is OPEN!


Hosted by the City of Chicago Department of Procurement Services (DPS) and

the Government Procurement Compliance Forum (GPC)


Thursday, August 25th

Buying Plan: Vendor Fair Edition


The Buying Plan: Vendor Fair Edition will be available for download to help the vendor community plan ahead in anticipation of the upcoming 2022 In-Person Vendor Fair.


The Buying Plan is a key transparency initiative that the City of Chicago uses to forecast the goods and services that it expects to procure in the next 6 quarters, allowing businesses and the vendor community to prepare for upcoming solicitations.


visit www.chicago.gov/buyingplan to download.


The Department of Procurement Services (DPS) is hosting the 2022 Vendor Fair.   The program is being held on August 25, 2022.  Join DPS in person for workshops and government contracting information from subject-matter experts from the City of Chicago, Sister Agencies, Cook County, State of Illinois, Federal Agencies, Financial Institutions, and Assist Agencies.


The 2022 Vendor Fair is a full day of activities including keynote speakers, workshops, exhibitors, and networking opportunities. The event is designed for the vendor community to garner tools and resources to help the business community to garner government contracting opportunities. You can register for individual workshops to create a custom Vendor Fair experience that meets your needs. Sessions are designed for businesses at all levels: starting out, growing, and seasoned establishments. Below are the following workshops offered this year:


Event Highlights:

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Exhibitors
  • A full day of workshops filled with information to help the business community.
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Register for individual workshops to create a custom Procurement Vendor Fair that meets your needs.
  • Workshop sessions for businesses starting out, growing, or seasoned establishments.


NECA Government Affairs Update  (7/4/22)

Please click the link for the recent update from NECA Government Affairs (7/4/22).


Submission deadline has been extended to July 15th! Projects are judged in 13 different categories, including new this year: EV Charging Infrastructure.

Learn more, view past award winners, and submit your project online HERE.

NECA Project Excellence Awards: Recognizing the outstanding work, professionalism and ingenuity of NECA member contractors.

To showcase the exceptional work performed by our member-contractors throughout the country, the National Electrical Contractors Association created the Project Excellence Awards to recognize companies for their outstanding commitment, professionalism and ingenuity in delivering an electrical project across 13 different market sectors. 
NECA will accept submissions for the 2022 Project Excellence Award from March 1 to June 30, 2022. Awards will be based on whether the electrical/technology portion of the project is valued under or over $1 million for each market sector, except for industrial, low voltage/integrated systems, overhead transmission, residential, substation/interconnection and transportation/infrastructure. Applications submitted must be based on projects completed in 2021.

IMSCA Summer 2022 Issue of SubStance Magazine

Below is a link to the Summer 2022 Issue of SubStance Magazine brought to you by the Illinois Mechanical & Specialty Contractors Association (IMSCA).  

In this issue you will find important information from IMSCA General Counsel, Jim Rohlfing, outlining two new laws aimed at making general contractors liable for paying subcontractors' workers. In addition, our "Featured Story", by Jared Christman, discusses exciting new and emerging technologies in the construction industry. Also included in this issue is an article providing insight on the proposed "Workers' Rights Constitutional Amendment" that will be on the General Election ballot in November.  

We hope you find this issue useful and informative. Please feel free to forward this message to your friends and colleagues.

The current issue of SubStance magazine can be viewed by clicking this link: Summer 2022.

If you have questions about this information or if you would like to contribute an article for upcoming issues, please feel free to contact IMSCA Executive Director, Jessica Newbold Hoselton by calling

217-523-4361 or by email [email protected].

Bus Dev Conf logo.png

NECA 2022 Business Development Conference  -- July 20 - 22, 2022 Washington, D.C.

The Business Development Conference will create an environment and a platform for business developers (NECA and IBEW) to share threats & opportunities, provide new technological resources and discuss current industry best practices. This conference is open to all NECA members, IBEW members, electrical training alliance, JATC personnel and industry leaders.


The ECA Executive Committee approved the educational stipends of the Registration fees for up to two representatives and their guest and/or spouse, if applicable, of participating ECA member firms for the NECA Business Development Conference on July 20 - 22, 2022.

New NECAPAC Website!

NECA Government Affairs is excited to announce the launch of the new NECAPAC website! Their new website for online contributions can be found on the Government Affairs homepage and also here: https://necapac.necanet.org

On this new website you can find information on:

NECA will be updating this content frequently and we hope this new website becomes a resource for the membership. Please click on the link for more information.


ELECTRI Council Meeting -- July 18 - 20, 2022 - Washington, D.C. 


Want to Know / Need to Know -- Assistance Requested (6/15/22)

Re-Cap of Social Media Session (5/19/22)

Next ELECTRI Council Session (6/29/22)

electri download.png


Register for the July 18-20 ELECTRI Council meeting in Washington AND make your hotel reservation because the room block at the Mandarin is just about full. Here’s the link to get to the registration and reservation forms. For any questions or comments, please contact ELECTRI Director of Operations, Laura Holmes. [email protected]

ELECTRI has planned an outstanding Council meeting that includes many opportunities for learning and networking. One highlight will be our Tuesday morning visit to Rosendin’s facility. Here’s a glimpse of the full agenda (subject to change, if necessary).

Monday, July 18 – starting at 1:00 PM

  • Updates on the EC industry from ELECTRI and NECA leadership
  • The Evolution of Sustainability brings New Business Opportunities with Jeffrey Kanne, President & CEO, National Real Estate Advisors  
  • Rosendin Operations Tour Setup Presentation 
  • ELECTRI Reception at NECA Headquarters

Tuesday, July 19 – starting with Council breakfast at 7:00 AM

  • Rosendin Shop Tour (full morning) – sign-up required
  • Round Table Discussion on Prefab
  • Review Spring series of ELECTRI research proposals with Q&A and voting
  • Updates on current ELECTRI research projects
  • Contractor Panel Discussion – Jobsite Digital Tools
  • ECIC video competition – presentations and voting
  • ELECTRI Reception

Wednesday, July 20 – starting with Council breakfast at 7:00 AM

  • ELECTRI staff presentations on new education and innovation initiatives
  • Construction Technology Kickoff Panel – Lessons Learned  
  • Presentation on Cyber Security and on Metaverse
  • Voting results announced for next round of ELECTRI research projects
  • Council adjourns at 12:00 PM.


Jared Christman, ELECTRI’s Construction Technology Director, is identifying and evaluating key information tools for today’s EC firms. At the top of the list are: 

  • Moving from paper to digital
  • Photo documentation on the job site
  • Materials management

ELECTRI would appreciate your input, advice, and experience in any or all of these areas. To help with the analysis and recommendation process, please contact Jared at 210-639-9356 or [email protected]


PLEASE TAKE TEN MINUTES – ELECTRI has received a request for our contractors to complete a short survey about your knowledge of and willingness to use industrialized construction strategies in your work. Frank Lucey, a Cal Poly construction management student, is working on his senior project with Professor Lonny Simonian (well-known to ELECTRI) and Professor Paul Redden. Your responses can prove very valuable to the project analysis and conclusions. Thanks in advance. Click here to access the survey.


TAKE ANOTHER LOOK – Everyone who participated in the May Council Room went away with some excellent ideas about using social media to grow your business. ELECTRI International thanks the great panel who led the discussion: Carrie Spaeth (Chicago and Cook County Chapter NECA), Tim West (Gaston Electrical), Brian Morales (Pro-Cal Lighting), and Helga Christoforatos (Miller Electric). Everyone gained from their valuable insight and tips on how to leverage social media for education and business development. Click for the recording of the May ELECTRI Council Room

Some key takeaways for you to share with your team:

·        Social media is a free/inexpensive tool that can be very effective at growing your market, connecting with customers, and recruiting workers.

·        Videos and photos go a long way to tell your story - but always get consent to post (especially jobsite photos).

·        Social media can be assigned to dedicated in-house staff, outsourced to a firm, or added as a secondary job for an existing employee when you’re just starting out.

·        Start small. Build your base of followers with customers and employees. Start by sharing other relevant posts until you feel confident creating your own.

·        Remember that social media is also a good tool to keep an eye on your competitors.

·        LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter should all have different types of content that complement each other and match your company culture.

·        The Powering Chicago EV Book, mentioned by panelist Carrie Spaeth, can be found here.


DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Our June Council Room will focus on why Information Technology matters to your company. Hold the date/time June 29 @ 3:00 PM Eastern. Details to follow.   If you have any questions, please contact Josh Bone, Executive Director, ELECTRI International at:  Direct 404-317-4446 | Office 202-991-6235 or [email protected].  Please visit the ELECTRI website at: www.electri.org for event updates.


MEETING EXPECTATIONS – Tune in to the latest Think Like a Leader interview with Tony Waters, Parsons Electric. Tony explains why concentrating on being open-minded and getting to know your colleagues and customers are both at the top of his “how to make it happen” list.

ONE AT A TIME – In her Think Like A Leader interview, Jerri Champlin describes her slow and steady approach to leadership: “It’s like eating an elephant – one bite at a time.” As Executive Director of NECA’s Monterey Bay California Chapter, Jerri has many opportunities to explore what it means to lead one of NECA’s smallest chapters. Click here for her interview.


READY…SET…CONNECT – ELECTRI is pleased to report the launch of its innovative educational opportunity – Industry Connect. The Foundation is teaming up with tech training teams from Trimble and BuildingPoint to showcase construction digital tools and give both contractors and students time to experience hands-on demonstrations of new technology and learn about workflow solutions revolutionizing the EC industry. At each Connect session, students and school leaders get an inside look at what construction offers for career choices and have the ability to build quality interactions with NECA contractors – their potential employers.


Our thanks to the NECA chapters that collaborated with ELECTRI to help pilot this new program. On May 17, ELECTRI held its first Industry Connect with the Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association at Georgia Highlands College in Cartersville, Georgia. On May 25, Industry Connect was hosted by NECA’s Western PA Chapter at its training center. In both locations, the chapters worked closely with ELECTRI to invite their members, local education leaders, and students. Our two pilot chapters did a fantastic job helping to build something great for the industry’s future workforce and deliver a new educational offering to each chapter’s EC contractor members. Participant feedback from each Connect was positive with comments showing that the events are highly valuable for both contractors and students. For additional information about getting involved with Industry Connect, contact Megan Saucier, ELECTRI’s Strategic Industry Outreach Director, at [email protected] or 330-701-7401.


IT HITS THE MARK – The ELECTRI Council had a lively Council Room session with Rosendin’s Chief Information Officer Matt Lamb who addressed ways to assess your company’s IT needs. The discussion included best practices for companies large and small, with input from several Council members on their company activities. Participants also covered another hot topic - cybersecurity protections, reviewing lessons learned and what to do to protect yourself and your company. Here’s the link for you to review and share with your company team.

If any questions regarding ELECTRI activities, please contact Josh Bone, Executive Director, ELECTRI International at Direct 404-317-4446 | Office 202-991-6235 or [email protected]. You can also visit the ELECTRI website at: www.electri.org


IMSCA-PAC 2022 Fundraiser Raffle is Now Open

IMSCA-PAC’s 2022 fundraiser is underway! 

NINE RAFFLE WINNERS will be drawn this year! Tickets are $50 each. Each ticket purchased buys you a chance to win the prize of your choice. Your choices include:


·   FOUR tickets to cheer on the Chicago Bears vs. Washington Commanders at Soldier Field (October 13 2022, 7:20 p.m.). This prize also includes parking passes (Value: $1,100.00). Donated by Tom Morton, LLD Electric Company.

·   FOUR tickets to cheer on the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center (Date TBA). These are 200 Club Level seats with parking passes (Value: $750.00). Donated by Jim McGlynn, McWilliams Electric Company.

·   $1,000 Travel Package that includes a $500 American Airlines gift card and a $500 Hotels.com gift card. Donated by Bloomington/Normal PHCC.

·   $750 Bass Pro gift card. Donated by Underground Contractors Association of Illinois.

·   $500 Amazon gift card. Donated by Illinois Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association.

·   $500 Best Buy gift card. Donated by PCA of Greater Chicago.

·   $500 Cabela’s gift card. Donated by Electrical Contractors Association of Chicago.

·   $500 Top Golf gift card. Donated by SMACNA Greater Chicago.

·   $500 Cooper’s Hawk gift card. Donated by Associated Steel Erectors of Chicago and Bold New Strategies.


The winning tickets will be drawn at IMSCA’s Board and Membership meeting on September 16, 2022. The winners do not need to be present to win.

ECA Stipends Available for Upcoming Programs!
The Electrical Contractors' Association of City of Chicago (ECA) Executive Committee has approved a number of educational stipends for many special programs / conferences throughout 2022. All stipends / reimbursements are made after each conference with registration confirmation(s) and applicable receipts forwarded to ECA. Please click the link for the stipend opportunities.
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Members are invited to take advantage of the free webinars through the Employee Assistance Program.

ECA Members may log-in to the interactive work/life web portal for information on a variety of topics. Webinars are available at any time of day and our mobile app allows employees to access services such as counseling and work life resources right from the palm of their hand.
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Stay up to date on the latest changes for our Industry including news releases, legislation and Government mandates, workplace safety and preparation guidelines, OSHA alerts, and more that affect electrical contractors in Chicago and Cook County.


July 18 - 20, 2022

ELECTRI Council Meeting

Washington, D.C.

July 20 - 22, 2022

NECA Business Development Conference

Washington, D.C.

August 11, 2022

ECA Summer Social Event

Streeterville Social Club, Chicago

August 18-19, 2022

Young Professionals of ECA Chicago: 2022 Leadership Conference

Lake Lawn Resort & Conference Center, Lake Delavan Wisconsin

September 12 - 13, 2022

Advanced Estimating of Electrical Construction

Drake Oak Brook Hotel -- Oak Brook, IL

September 14, 2022

ECA Regular Membership Meeting

Union League Club of Chicago

September 21, 2022

ECA Chicago - NECAPAC PLC Golf Outing and Fundraiser

Cog Hill Golf Club, Lemont IL

October 12, 2022

ECA Regular Membership Meeting

Erie Cafe -- Chicago, IL

October 15 - 18, 2022

NECA Convention & Trade Show

Austin, TX

November 3, 2022

Managing Construction Delay Claims

Maggiano's Banquets -- Oak Brook, IL

November 16, 2022

Transform Your Organization for the Future

Drake Oak Brook Hotel - Oak Brook, IL 

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Electrical Contractors' Association of Chicago Annual President's Party & Holiday Celebration

Offshore, Navy Pier Chicago