July 2018
Greetings Friend!

Many of us are struggling with despair as we see fires, floods, drought, and increasingly violent storms devastate communities across our country and the world. We are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and neighbors. We have heard and seen enough to fear for the future wellbeing of those we love. Is there nothing we can do?   

Actually, there is a lot we can do n o matter where we live, what our financial means are, and how little or much time we can devote to taking action. So, keep reading and join us in our summer webinar series  where we will hear from renowned activists and leaders and our very own members about actions they are taking. Our summer activities will culminate on September 15th with our  Elders Awakened, Standing for Our Grandchildren and All Life: Climate Change, Social Justice and a Flourishing Future  event in San Francisco, CA, co-hosted by the ECA NorCal Chapter and Elder Activists for Social Justice of Conscious Elders Network.

We hope you will take action with us. The climate future has never been more important.

For the grandchildren, future generations and all life,
Leslie Wharton
ECA Co-Chair
Check out the recent interview and article from our friends at Yale Climate Connections, "How a climate doubter became a climate advocate." Bob Inglis founder and director of RepublicEn will be joining Elders Climate Action on our second webinar on July 23rd. Find out more information in the Get Engaged section of this newsletter or on our website .
Read the full article or listen to the recorded interview at Yale Climate Connections
From the Yale Climate Connections article:

Conservative Alex Bozmoski used to doubt the reality of global warming. But several years ago, in a college class, he learned the science behind climate change and became convinced that it is a real and serious threat. That got him thinking.

He believes one reason risk averse conservatives haven't offered solutions to climate change is that they associate climate action with government regulation, which they oppose. 

Bozmoski: “There is a misconception among members of Congress that their conservative constituents don’t care about climate.”

To counter that myth, Bozmoski teamed up with former South Carolina congressman Bob Inglis to form “ RepublicEn “. Almost five thousand people have joined the group since it was formed.
The New York Times featured Nathaniel Stinnett in an article " Environmentalists Turned Into Voters " in their Visionaries Special Section, May 24, 2018. The article highlights the work of Stinnett and his project the Environmental Voter Project, which focuses on getting those who care about the health of our environment to vote. Nathaniel Stinnett will be joining us on, August 8 for Webinar 3 to discuss the environmental voter movement. Find out more information in the Get Engaged section of this newsletter or on our website .

Excerpt From the New York Times Article
It might seem depressing that so many environmentalists (let alone Americans) don’t vote. But Mr. Stinnett sees it as an “enormous opportunity.”

“We have a silent green majority,” he said. “We’ve already won the battle for hearts and minds, and we have this army that could change everything by doing one thing: voting.”

A special thank you to Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin in San Rafael, CA for choosing Elders Climate Action as the May recipient of "basket offerings" from the congregation. We are grateful to your dedication to justice, compassion, stewardship and sustainability, as well as your support of ECA and Climate Action!
Thank you to those ECA members who joined in the Poor People's March in Washington, D.C. on June 23rd!
Members of Elders Climate Action are asking candidates for office to sign a commitment to take climate action. 

On behalf of our children, grandchildren and future generations, we, as elders, will speak out publicly and in the voting booth to support climate legislation and regulatory policies to avoid the devastating social, economic and national security impacts of climate change. Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time and the United States cannot afford to cede its leadership in addressing it.

Visit candidates for office in your area and ask them to sign the climate pledge. You can attend town halls, community candidate forums, schedule appointments, or send them a letter or email, and ask for their commitment. We have found that the face to face ask is most effective and successful. Build a personal connection and share why climate change is important to you.
ECA Climate Pledge:   

"I________________________, member of the United States Congress or candidate for that office, recognize that climate change poses a threat to the health of our citizens, our economic growth, our reputation as a world leader and our national security. I will engage with my fellow members of Congress to support climate legislation and regulatory policies to avoid the potentially devastating social, economic, and national security impacts of climate change. I recognize that such legislation can support economic growth by stimulating technological innovation, development of a more resilient infrastructure and increasing domestic employment."
Tools to Reach Candidates
Find out who is running for office in your area. Visit Ballotpedia.com

Visit our the Get Engaged - Take Action with ECA section of our website for more ways to take action .

Send a Letter to your elected officials and let them know what you think

Use other online tools to contact elected officials such as:
Sign the Voter Pledge
We are proud to partner with the Environmental Voter Project. Sign the voter pledge and stay informed about all upcoming elections in your area.
Check out the Get INFORMED section of the ECA Website
We are announcing our new four-part WEBINAR SERIES: Elders Standing for a Sustainable and Just World. Join us and hear from incredible guest speakers as well as Elder Climate Activists. We will explore how we as elders can take action on climate change.This exciting series will include the guest speakers and elders demonstrating the many ways we can have our voice heard on climate change. You will not only be inspired but will also have the tools to take action now in your hometown.
FREE Webinar Series
July 10
6:00 PM ET
3:00 PM PT

Our Elder Role in Standing for Social and Environmental Justice

With Special Guest Speaker Heather Booth, and Elder Activists John Sorensen and Lynne Iser. Heather Booth will focus on how we can effectively organize as elders to expand our reach, strengthen our resolve and provide a sustainable future for all children. John Sorensen and Lynne Iser will discuss how elders can engage and act now.
July 23
6:00 PM ET 3:00 PM PT

Communicating for Climate Action

With Special Guest Speaker Bob Inglis and ECA Chapter Leaders, John Sorensen, Sheila Tarbett, Shirley McGrath, Grady McGonagill and Hazel Chandler.  Bob will talk about engaging conservatives on how free enterprise can help solve climate change faster and cheaper than big government regulations and how it fits with conservative orthodoxy.  Bob Inglis will inspire you to communicate with conservatives and climate skeptics by changing how you frame the conversation . Following Bob Inglis our own ECA Chapter Leaders will discuss their successful chapters in very different and diverse geographic parts of the country
August 8
6:00 PM ET
3:00 PM PT

Our Voice, Our Vote, Do Environmentalists Vote?

Special Guest Nathaniel Stinnett will amaze you with the actual facts about who votes and how that influences the political agenda. With an election in November, the ECA Candidates Pledge Climate Action Project is going into full swing by asking candidates for office to sign a pledge that they acknowledge climate change and will take action. Hazel Chandler, Margo Frank and Jen Chandler will introduce the project and give you all the tools to take it to your candidates in your city and state.
Wednesday August 22 6:00 PM ET 3:00 PM PT

For the Grandchildren, Future Generations and All Life

The dynamic, renowned Katharine Hayhoe will join us to bring climate change to the local level. In such a politically charged environment, are we still able to act on climate? Or is it too late? ECA's Jen Chandler will give you all the tools in our ECA Action Toolkit to take action on a local, state or national level.
Join us a few days after webinars 2 - 4 for
Climate tea & talk
Make yourself a cup of tea and connect with us for an “elder hour” of casual discussion about climate change.

Make new friends across the country and learn from one another new ways to engage in climate action.

We hope you will join us for the first climate tea & talk!

Find out more about "Climate tea & talk" on ou r Events page .
Come join a deep examination of our elderhood and our needed, pivotal role in restoring the life-sustaining legacy for our grandchildren, future generations, and all life. We will explore our passions and skills to effect change and to build relationships for a thriving future.
Join us in
San Francisco, CA.
Sept. 15, 2018
9 AM - 4 PM

Our Monthly National Call will be on hiatus until September.

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