October 2018
Dear Climate Friend,

We've all been heartened by the Global Climate Summit and the many Rise for Climate actions held in September. These kinds of large scale events can inspire and energize us as we build momentum to truly address climate change and the devastation it is bringing to so many communities. But the real work takes place when we return home, as our attention is pulled towards the myriad of issues confronting us on a daily basis. We know that taking action is the best antidote to despair so check out this newsletter for some simple actions you can take.

Interest is building in creating ECA chapters and action groups in new areas of the country. We hope you'll take time this month to make sure that climate change is front and center where you live during the final weeks leading up to the election. We will not renege on our pledge to protect the planet for future generations!

The elder voice is critical, VOTE on November 6th.

For the our grandchildren, future generations and all life,
Margo Frank
ECA Member
Thank You
San Francisco!
Conscious Elders Network and the Northern California Chapter of Elders Climate Action hosted an all-day workshop on September 15th, the day following the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.

The morning session was based on Joanna Macy’s “Work That Reconnects” (Gratitude, Honoring Our Pain for the World, Seeing with New/Ancient Eyes). After a delicious falafel lunch, the afternoon began with a reading of an inspirational poem written by the first U.S. Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman “Our Purpose in Poetry: Or, Earthrise” and the Climate Reality Project slide presentation, “Must We Change? Can We Change?, Will We Change?” Included were videos by Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe and Activist Organizer, Heather Booth. The highlight of the day was the opportunity for all participants to make their voices heard in small interest groups: Candidates Pledge Climate Action, Children and Youth in Climate Change: An Intergenerational Perspective, Social Justice and Climate and Actions Generated from the Global Climate Action Summit . Interspersed during the day were songs sung by all: “Song for the Planet” and “We Don’t Live in a Yellow Submarine” and music by David Glover and Musicians. The day ended with reports from the interest groups and David Glover singing an original song written for us about climate change.
I just want to express my appreciation for the very fine elders event you put on yesterday. I found it personally helpful and gratifying, and very much enjoyed the "gang" it brought together. I also thought the intergenerational workshop went very well, and I much admired the many sensitive insights about elder-child relationships that came from the assembled group. My feeling is that that ECA has a great deal to offer both in enriching its own work and in extending its interest and activity internationally. I came away pleased with the program, admiring of the people gathered, and proud to be a member of ECA. I look forward to my continued activity with you. 

Thanks again for all the effort you poured into your very successful event. 
~ email from ECA Member, Bill D., CA.
A few images from the Climate Day of Action, September 8th -- ECA Members in their Communities. THANK YOU!
ECA Members Become Climate Leaders!
At the Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training, Los Angeles, CA, August 2018

In late August 2018, people from nearly 50 countries, came together in Los Angeles, CA for the Climate Reality Training. Among those 2200 in attendance were ECA's own Director of Operations and ECA members from California, Maryland and Virginia, and we picked up a few new members! We came together for three days of intensive and inspiring climate leadership training, conducted mostly by Al Gore himself. The training was brimming with inspiration, packed with up-to-date climate information, and climate change actions and solutions that are happening regardless of our federal government's involvement. All of us in attendance walked away with a stronger understanding of what we can each do to make a difference and with more resources and confidence to take action and talk to others about climate change.

ECA Member Art Mitchell from Virginia shares his thoughts about the training: "For me, it was a connecting of the dots, an integration of disparate themes into a whole; many ideas were generated but all for nothing if without action." He brings this back to the work of ECA by suggesting, " For ECA to be relevant during this crisis, and not just preach to the already converted, it could actively encourage greater diversity in elder activism by forging direct working partnerships with, for example, Catherine Coleman Flowers of the Center for Earth Ethics and Rev. William Barber of the Poor People’s Campaign"
ECA member Bill Devincenzi notes, "I was especially impressed by how many young people were there, from teens on. The Climate Reality Project is very action oriented, which I find very attractive. I would recommend that all people interested in learning more and doing something about the climate problem should definitely attend this training. "

A major highlight of the Training for all of us was when Al Gore mentioned that SB 100 was held up in the California Assembly, and named four legislators who might be turned. At the break, many people phoned en-mass to their legislators. Later that afternoon, Mr. Gore announced that the bill had passed the assembly! Clear proof that our phone calls made a difference! 
ECA Member --
Frances, Maryland
ECA Member --
Bill, California
ECA Director of Operations
Jen Chandler, Arizona
Have you trained with Climate Reality? We hope to expand our collaborations with Climate Reality and encourage our members to become Climate Reality Leaders. If you are already a Climate Reality Leader, let us know, click the link below! We'd like to talk to you about helping to build more collaboration between Climate Reality and Elders Climate Action!
We found an interesting tool -- Check it out
Union Of Concern Scientists -- Interactive Sea Level Rise Map
We enjoyed this short film and though you might too!
Red, Green and Blue by Anna Sagatov

The short film “Red, Green, and Blue,” created by a Montana State University student, features conservatives in the Montana countryside, a story about the viewpoints of three conservatives and their views on environmentalism. It features Patrick Hackley, a Montana rancher; Chas Vincent, Republican State Senator representing District 1 in Montana’s state legislature; and Alex Bozmoski, Managing Director of RepublicEn.org.
Know your voting rights, and learn more about how voting works in your area, and what you can do to engage voters.
21 million Americans don't have photo ID. If they live in a strict voter ID state, they can't vote. Check out the SpreadtheWord.org Voter IDs By State webpage to find out if ID is required to vote in your state. Check Your State Now

Have you told the candidates running for office?

Join us to encourage all candidates who are running for office in 2018 to sign the Candidates Pledge for Climate Action. We are asking candidates to commit to taking action on climate change by working across the aisle to create legislation and regulations that will protect future generations. Participate in the project today and help ensure that climate change is part of the conversation in upcoming debates in your state. As the largest voting bloc in the United States WE have the power to change the political will and take action on climate, but they need to know that we care and it is important to us!

Let's get to know the candidates now, so if elected we can keep the pressure on and make sure they are taking action on climate change!

Let candidates know Climate Action is YOUR priority by asking them to take the Candidates Pledge for Climate Action!

Find out how to participate and share the pledge in your area
Your voice and your vote have power. By showing up to the polls for EVERY election, you help to ensure a safe climate future for our grandchildren, future generations and all life. 

No matter who you vote for, we need politicians at every level to know that we care about the climate and WE VOTE. To see the most change, our representatives need millions of reasons to act on climate. There is power in numbers, and we are mobilizing elders.

Elders Climate Action has partnered with our friends at the Environmental Voter Project to make climate change a priority voting issue. Confirm your commitment to climate by signing the Environmental Voter Pledge. We will let you know when elections are coming up and help you stick to your pledge to give the CLIMATE the ELDER VOTE .
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Elders Climate Action Members discuss the recent Al Gore Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training and Jen Chandler will present "The Truth in 10" with up-to-date climate information and solutions.

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