NAOMI DEJEU was chosen to receive the
G. C. Tonelli Achievement Award; a four year scholarship, $4000. She is the daughter of Daniel and Ilenuta Dejeu.
Member Firm : ION Electric, LLC.
Naomi will be attending:
University of Florida!
ISABELLA MARLEY was awarded a
four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Brent & Virginia Marley.
Member Firm : Condotte America
Isabella will be attending:
University of Florida!
KYLE MCSWEENEY was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. He is the son of Robert and Carolyn McSweeney.
Member Firm :
Calvin, Giordano & Associates
Robert will be attending:
University of North Florida!
ISABELLA GIRO was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Fernando and Ana Silvia Giro.
Member Firm : Community Asphalt
Isabella will be attending:
Florida State University!
ALEJANDRA VALENCIA was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Marilys Castex.
Member Firm : Halley Engineering
Alejandra will be attending:
Florida International University!
MACY GOLDBERG was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Kenneth and Jodi Goldberg.
Member Firm : All County Paving
Macy will be attending:
University of Florida!
TATIANA GARCIA-MENOCAL was awarded a four year; $4000 scholarship. She is the daughter of Marco and Consuelo Garcia-Menocal.
Member Firm : The Redland Company
Tatiana will be attending:
Florida International University!
$ 4000
ECA Annual Contribution
to the G.C. Tonelli
Achievement Award

$ 2000
The de Moya Group

$ 1000
Central Florida Equipment
Community Asphalt
Ferreira Construction
Halley Engineering
Ozinzga Concrete
Roadway Construction
Ryan Inc. Southern

$ 500
ACME Barricades
Acosta Tractors
All County Paving
Allied Trucking
American Global, LLC
Arazoza Brothers
CH Perez & Associates
Concrete Services
Condotte America
Darley Construction
David Mancini & Sons
Dobbs Equipment
Florida Coast Equipment
General Asphalt
Jones Benitez Corp.
Kiewit Infrastructure South
Lanzo Construction
Maytin Engineering
Palm Peterbilt Truck Center
Taylor Espino Vega & Touron
Vezina, Lawrence & Piscitelli
Westwind Contracting
$ 300
US Concrete Pipe
& Products
Interconn Resources

$ 250
Austin Tupler Trucking
Calvin, Giordano & Associates
Gerelco Traffic Controls
The Redland Company
Rinker Materials
Russell Engineering
Supermix Concrete

$ 100
Frank H. Furman Insurance
If you are interested in contributing a four year, $4000 "Named Scholarship" in your name or your company name for one of the recipients in 2019, please contact the ECA office for further details. The contribution would also provide you the opportunity for input on your named scholarship recipient.
UPDATES - Past Scholarship Recipients
2014 Scholarship Recipient
2018 Graduated:
University of Miami Frost School
of Music
Bachelor's of Music in Music Education
3:7 cumulative GPA
Over the summer, I will be travelling to Italy and participating in the 2018 Music Academy International Festival Orchestral and Chamber Music Studio. This is an amazing opportunity to travel, collaborate with other musicians, and perform as a part of renowned music festival. For the upcoming school year, I’m pursuing a music teacher position in Miami-Dade County at the elementary and/or middle school level and plan to teach at this level for the next few years. After gaining experience in the music education field, I’d like apply for a master’s degree program in either music education or music performance to enhance my skills as an educator and performer.

2010 Scholarship Recipient
2015 Graduated:
University of Florida
Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering
Currently working as Project Engineer for DPR Construction, a building contractor, at their Orlando location. My first project assignment was the Wilderness Lodge Rehab Resort Expansion ($100M), and it was a wonderful experience. Current projects include Orlando Surgery Center Renovation, Superion Office Renovation (Lake Mary), and IAAPA World HQ Office Building.

I look forward to learning as much as I can within the construction industry, and continue my education in this field as well.
2012 Scholarship Recipient
December 2015 Graduated:
University of Florida
Bachelor's of Science in Biology

After graduating from the University of Florida, I spent some time working as a medical scribe while applying to Medical schools. In July 2017, I enrolled at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Auburn, Alabama. I just completed my first year in medical school and it has been an amazing experience.

We just started our second year, and although it appears to be just as challenging, I am hopeful that it will be as rewarding as the first. This semester, as part of our curriculum, we are going on a missionary trip to Tegucigalpa, Hondur as. This is the type of work I hold dear to my heart. 

2010 Scholarship Recipient
Current PHD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder

To the great people at ECA,

Your scholarship was immensely helpful to me when I received it back in 2010, and I still think back on it as a critical step in my journey to becoming a full-fledged engineer. After transferring from the University of Notre Dame to Brown University, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in physics in 2014, and continued directly into graduate school. I am now a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder, with a Masters degree under my belt and uncountable possibilities before me. Research is my full time occupation-- a veritable dream come true-- and I am currently engaged in understanding the mechanical properties and applications of soft, smart materials, such as Shape Memory Polymers. Although I finished my coursework last year, I still like to offer my services as a TA for my department whenever I can. I am also currently the lead mentor for an undergraduate summer research program through the Leadership Alliance and am very involved with groups that promote STEM careers to underrepresented youth. In the future, I hope to use my knowledge and abilities to help usher in a technological revolution of soft robots and flexible electronics.

To all who made this possible, l sincerely thank you.