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Volume 03 | February 04 , 2021
ECAO has a seat on the Ontario Vaccination Support Council
Electrical Business Magazine had a conversation with ECAO’s Executive Director, Graeme Aitken, to learn more about the association’s role on the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s Vaccination Support Council, and the initiatives the council is undertaking to help put more needles into arms and educate the public to get us through the Covid crisis. Please See Video Below.

Construction Labour Relations for Supervisors Virtual Traning- March 9 and 11
We are facilitating our next “Construction Labour Relations for Supervisors” course over Zoom. Instead of having a one-day, in-class session, we’ve divided the content over two days. 
This seminar will provide a general overview of labour relations in the construction industry, and specifically within ECAO. It’s geared toward non-bargaining unit supervisors and contractors.
Here are some of the topics that will be covered:
  • Evolution of Labour laws
  • Steps for Effective Negotiations
  • Provincial Bargaining
  • History of the Provincial Agreement
  • Investigations and grievances
  • Jurisdictional Disputes

Register for the course:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. There is a possibility that the e-mail could land in your spam folder, please make sure to check it. Please contact Kamakshi at to receive the confirmation again. 
Energy Storage Market Member Workshop by CES
Customized Energy Solutions is providing a series of energy storage webinar workshops for ECAO members that reviews the basics of energy storage applications and market opportunities. CES is a recognized thought leader in energy market services and emerging technologies and is the largest third-party operator of advanced energy storage in North America, scheduling over 300 MW into wholesale markets across multiple jurisdictions, including Ontario.

This is the second webinar in a series offered to ECAO members by Customized Energy Solutions and will review the following for members.
Workshop 2: The Storage Market
Opportunities for Storage – Grid Scale
  • Capacity / Resource Adequacy / Reliability
  • Grid Balancing & Power Quality
Opportunities for Storage – Distributed / Customer-Centric
  • Load Control
  • Reliability & Resiliency
Ontario Regulatory Structures, Policies, & Programs Relevant for Storage

Featured Spotlight
ECAO Webinar on Electronic Tracking Devices
What you need to know about the upcoming Canadian ELD mandate as an Electrical Contractor
When: February 17, 10:00 am
Join Zoom Meeting

With the Canadian ELD mandate less than 5 months away, what do you need to know about becoming compliant? Join Chris Candy and Dan Malloy (a retired Ministry of Transportation officer with 30yrs experience) from Mobilizz as they discuss what this means for you as an electrical contractor, and how becoming compliant can positively impact your entire business. A common misconception is the ELD mandate only impacts long haul trucking, but it will have an impact on us all.
Are you ready?
In this webinar, Dan and Chris will share their insights on:
  1. What is ELD and why it matters for you, the electrical contractor
  2. How ELD will impact your fleet, the good and the bad
  3. Tips and hurdles you may encounter on the path to becoming compliant before June 12, 2021
  4. How can this mandate be used as a springboard to elevate your fleet, operations, and entire business?
ECAO Fire Alarm & Protection Certification Program - Distant Learning Level 5 (Recertification) Course
Did you notice your Certi-Fire credentials have expired or are about to expire? 

Under the agreement with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, the Certi-Fire Fire Alarm Certificate must be renewed every five years. We strongly encourage you to make arrangements to renew and keep your certificate current. The Distant Learning Level 5 (Recertification) Course will be commencing on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The course will start at 6:30 pm in the evening. Participants are required to have an internet connection in order to attend the course via “Go to Meeting”. They can connect through a computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera and microphone. Registration is now open!!

Distant learning will benefit you remotely to continue study in the comfort of your own safe environment, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As time is money, you can also save your commute time travelling if you have a restricted schedule or live too far from a Local Training Hall. If you would consider taking the Distant Learning course (fee applies), please contact our Certi-Fire Program Administrator at or 1-800-387-3226 ext. 8509 for more information.
Certi-Fire and RFAC Webinar Recording
Please download the recording for the webinar conducted on January 27, below.

Diversity & Inclusion Column
Black History Month

February marks Black History Month. Let's celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and prosperous nation it is today.

Anti- Racism Toolbox Talk

Racist actions, activities, tones, or remarks have no place in Ontario workplaces including construction sites!

Not only does the ECAO have a zero-tolerance for any form of racism or intimidation; we are taking our responsibility to stand up and be actively anti-racist in policy and action.

To assist and educate our member companies and their employees on what racism is, how to recognize it on construction sites, and how to eliminate it for the good of all; we have developed the toolbox talks and accompanying poster.
Please take the time to have the discussion clearly communicating that racism is unacceptable in your company and on your worksite and get a commitment from workers to “See it, Say it, Stop it”.
Please print and post the poster to reinforce our message to all workers, contractors, and visitors: racism of any kind will not be tolerated.


IHSA Bulletin: Workplace Harassment and Anti-Black Racism
Recent acts of anti-Black racism in Ontario, Canada, and the United States—some of which are being investigated as hate crimes—have brought this issue to the forefront of collective awareness in Canada. IHSA is committed to working with construction sector partners to recognize and take up critical conversations on anti-Black racism in Ontario's workplaces. We have produced the following document that outlines our commitment to working on this serious issue.
For more information, Download the Document.
The key to hiring the right people to tackle your home renovations
Call licensed electrical contractors to get the job done correctly and safely.

This National Post article posted on January 30 on home renovations featured 2 of our ECAO Members, Eby Electric and Birnie Home Safe.
Contractors work to contain COVID-19 outbreak at The Well
EllisDon said it has taken steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 at its worksite in The Well project in downtown Toronto after 15 workers employed by subtrades tested positive for the virus after Christmas. The multi-use project, located on the west side of Spadina Avenue north of Front Street, has multiple contractors working on projects on site.

EllisDon’s corporate director of marketing and communications Dustin Luchka said in a statement all workers who came into close contact with the positive cases were required to self-isolate. Approximately 400 people were tested on Jan. 26 and another 200 on Jan. 28, with no positives found.
Interesting Data from the WSIB
  • Construction represents 8% of Schedule 1 WSIB covered employment
  • WSIB covered employment in construction has increased 50% in the past decade (due in part to Bill 113 -> mandatory coverage)
  • In 2020, the Construction class/subclass with the most covered employment was Building Equipment Construction with 32%

LTI Rate
  • Construction accounts for 10% of all Schedule 1 allowed lost-time injuries
  • Construction’s LTI rate has greatly improved compared to 10 years ago, and the improvement has been stronger than for Schedule 1 as a whole
  • 2020 could be the first year construction has a lower LTI rate than Schedule 1 based on data as of December 31st, 2020. (To be confirmed once data is fully mature.)

Types of Claims
  • The most common types of injuries in construction are sprains and strains (33%)
  • Injuries to the upper extremities and the lower extremities are the most common for the construction sector, representing 25% of construction injuries each

  • Construction accounts for more Schedule 1 traumatic fatalities (32%) than other sectors over the past decade
  • The leading causes of these fatalities were falls (34%)
  • 25 traumatic fatalities occurred among young workers (under age 25) in the past decade 
Two More Construction Fatalities in January 
In the last ECAO e-news, we regretfully reported on the eight fatalities in the construction industry in December 2020. There have been at least another two construction deaths in January 2021.
One occurred on Monday, January 25, 2021, at a construction site southwest of Stittsville, which is southwest of Ottawa, when it’s reported that a collapsed wall struck a worker on Monday afternoon. The worker was employed by Bacic Forming and Concrete Ltd, and the builder was Grizzly Homes of Ashton. The second took place on Thursday, January 21, 2021, near the corner of Cawthra Road and Hyacinthe Boulevard in Mississauga. In that incident, it’s reported that something went wrong as a crew was working in a tunnel approximately 21 metres down. A man in his 30s is dead. According to the Region of Peel website, sanitary sewers are being installed in the area as part of a plan that started in November 2019. Leadership and Pandemic Holidays.
IHSA Safety Talk: Cold stress
When you’re cold, blood vessels in your skin, arms, and legs constrict, decreasing the blood flow to your arms and legs. This helps your critical organs stay warm, but you risk frostbite in your extremities. Cold-related illnesses and injuries can cause permanent tissue damage or death.
Read the IHSA Safety Talk on Cold Stress
Workplace Safety Posters Magazine, Vol 20, Issue 3
The latest issue of Magazine is now available online. It focuses on Apprentices and New Worker safety. This edition provides valuable information for new workers looking to explore different trades and career paths and focuses on the importance of health and safety at the beginning of their journey.

Articles include:
  • Safety Talk: Preventing infectious diseases
  • Trade schools in Ontario focus on health and safety
  • IHSA's COVID-19 resources: Helping workplaces stay safe
  • Safe trucking requires training, knowledge, and experience
  • Rejecting racism is an obligation for Ontario workplaces
  • IHSA and Cambrian College's PLTN and LCGS programs
  • IHSA's road safety campaign on distracted driving
  • IHSA staff speak from experience
  • Putting safety to the test
  • Did you know IHSA offers health and safety eLearning?

You can read the new issue online or subscribe and receive printed copies in the future.
Has technology and innovation in construction made sites safer?
Everyone in construction knows that digital communication devices, and machinery that uses digital technology, are being used more and more in the industry. Often overlooked, however, is that these same developments have had an impact on the health and safety of the people doing the work. Read more
Federated Insurance- Grant Program
ECAO Affiliate Partner, Federated Insurance is offering a $2 million grant program to assist its customers who have been impacted by the pandemic through their parent company, Northbridge Financial.
This program, a portion of which is open to Federated Insurance policyholders and which is administered nationally by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, provides a one-time grant of up to $5,000 to help eligible customers cover pandemic-related expenses incurred since March 15, 2020, including:
  • Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Renovation of space to adhere to re-opening guidelines
  • Website enhancements/development of e-commerce capabilities
  • Other expenses related to operating and sustaining the business during the pandemic
This is not a loan or line of credit. It does not need to be repaid and will not impact future insurance coverage or premiums. 
Any Association member/dealer with up to $3 million in revenue, fewer than 75 employees and property insured by Federated on December 1, 2020, is eligible to apply online at
We encourage applications to be submitted as soon as possible since funds are limited. Applications will be reviewed as they’re received, and approved grants will be paid within 30 business days of receiving banking information.

For more detailed information please contact Mauro DiTullio at
NETCO 2021 Training Conference
21st Annual State of the Industry & Outlook Conference (SIOC)
The Ontario Construction Secretariat invites you to attend our 21st Annual State of the Industry & Outlook Conference (SIOC) on Thursday, March 4, 2021. 

You won’t want to miss this event as they will be discussing the direction the construction industry is headed in 2021, what you can expect from Ontario’s economy, and how COVID-19 has affected health and safety practices in construction. 

Conference Details
Thursday, March 4 | 9:00 AM – 12:45 PM
Virtual Event | $75 per person

CCA conference set for March 23 to 25
The Canadian Construction Association has announced that registration is now open for the CCA’s 2021 annual conference, scheduled for March 23 to 25 with an online format.
The theme of the conference is Virtually Unstoppable. Early-bird pricing is available until January 31, 2021.

Announced guest speakers include (Retired) General Rick Hillier, whose keynote address will be on “adaptive leadership in the next normal,” and Dan Aykroyd of Crystal Head Vodka.
Start creating an inclusion culture by looking at ‘low hanging fruit’ options: Fasken diversity head
The firm’s new chief equity, diversity, inclusion officer featured at the Women in Law conference on Feb. 18

Trying to bring more inclusivity and diversity into a workplace can be a challenge that needs to be tackled on more than one front, but there are areas of “low hanging fruit” that can provide an excellent place to start, says the new chief equity, diversity and Inclusion officer at Fasken.