Dear Richard  Doughty
Our Music Goes On!
Despite our regret over Wes' impending move to North Carolina, Easton Choral Arts will begin rehearsals for its Christmas concert on August 23. A temporary director is in place, who will be assisted by several former choral teachers from within the group. A search campaign is underway to find our future leader. We hope to have our new director hired no later than the beginning of October.

The program is set and we think that our singers and audience will find it beautiful, uplifting and just the right blend of sacred and secular, familiar and new.

Look forward to old favorites like “We Need a Little Christmas” and “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and a choral telling of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem by Clement Moore, complete with illustrations on two large TV screens.
"Christmas Around the World" is the theme of part of the concert. These songs will remind you that Christmas is celebrated in many places and in many languages around the world.
You'll hear one of the earliest arrangements of “Stille Nacht” (Silent Night), an Austrian carol that turned from obscurity to a major classic, along with a traditional carol from Catalonia in Spain, “Fum, Fum, Fum.” You'll hear “Twas in the Moon of Wintertime,” by Michael John Trotta - one of the oldest Canadian Christmas Carols, circa 1642, which tells the Christmas story through the eyes of the indigenous Huron people.
Listen to and watch a performance of Brightest and Best in the American Shaker style with a Bluegrass feel, featuring a lively fiddle solo.
An outstanding fiddler will be needed for that song. As will other strings, oboe, percussion, French horns and more for other pieces.

The choristers will close the program with “Christmas Day” the rousing medley of Christmas songs by Gustav Holst. And that’s just to name some of the songs!
Many school systems are cutting back on music programs or introducing more required courses that make it hard for students to schedule chorus into their school day. Now our Choral Scholar Program is even more important to help nurture the choral singers of the future.
Students who successfully audition receive $1,000 for the season ($500 per semester) so they may have time to practice and sing with us instead of having an after-school job. Please consider donating a financial gift to sponsor a talented student singer.
We deeply appreciate and thank our loyal supporters who have made our music programs possible each year. Your charitable donations make a huge difference in helping us bring quality programs to our community. Gifts help with the rental of rehearsal and performance space, music purchases, salaries of our Director, Accompanist and other musicians, program printing and so much more. Yes, your donation to the Easton Choral Arts makes a big difference and we thank you very much! If you haven't made a donation this year to Choral Arts, please consider doing so right now. Thank you!
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